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Back Again with Edgar and the Interstellar Team

Monday, February 20, 2017 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

After the preliminaries, I went up to the donut. It’s not only grey and white now covering the earth, but colors are beginning to shine – green, red, and blue. People are becoming invested and even passionate about their lives, their needs, and their desires. That is good. People are trying to clarify their thoughts and beliefs in the face of so much deception, lies, perversions, and corruption in high places.

Then up to the New Jerusalem. I threw myself into Christ’s arms. He soothed me, saying, “There there, it’s going to be all right. All is good. God is love. Awakening is occurring. Life will go on. You just need to take care of business – your business. Everyone has a part to play in the unfolding drama. The world stage is full. The players know their parts and are ready. The music is about to begin. The last pieces and the last people are taking their places. The conductor has entered and will soon tap his baton and a hush will fall over the earth – a momentary hush will hover in the heavens and on Earth. Then the stately, majestic music will begin to ascend the scales. There is time for all to transpire in good order.”

“So, beloved,” Christ continued, “run along to your friends now. All is well. All good.” So I did. I ran down the hall to our meeting place. The energy in our room was glorious. They are sending down inspiring clarifying energy on a daily basis. They don’t need me, I join when I can.

I went around and greeted everyone since I have been earthly busy recently. Everyone is joyful today and glowing. Of all the beings who have joined us or been asked to, only Sokatos is not here. The inner earth people have been isolated a little too long and are in hive mentality and have difficulty acting individually – just a phase.

I asked about the I CS (Interstellar Civic Summit) and they said, “We must plan, clarify needs and desires, and imagine future goals. We can work on this for a while. Each individual here must have the opportunity to speak their ideas and tell the history of their race in relation to interstellar cooperation, so that we know the needs of this time and also distill wisdom from all of our pasts.

Edgar said, “For me, it is a matter of transparency and communication between the multiple dimensions of earth existence. When all the interpenetrating realms are held in clear consciousness, then humans will individually make wiser choices and the earth can and will be renewed in a good way. We all from the higher planes can assist in that work. We are creating bridges of conscious experience between different dimensions and states of consciousness, evolution and differing planets and star systems. We can create a network of consciousness and/or join the existing ones across the galaxies.”

“Wow,” Edgar exclaimed. “I just blew my own mind. That’s what we would like to do – create a conscious network of individual beings from many different star systems across the galaxy.”

Friday, March 10, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have arrived in the New Jerusalem. I greeted everyone with a hug because it is been a long time that I have been ill and not able to think straight or concentrate. I have carefully been doing my practices for a week now and getting back on track.

Edgar said, “Well, yes. It’s about time. Let us do a brief review of what has happened in the last couple of weeks. Time is moving along – the Earth and all upon her is moving along towards clarity and cleansing. Humanity is separating in the pressure to grip reality. Many are contracting extremely and will shatter before too long. Many others are feeling new hope and sometimes incredible joy. There is a wild longing for freedom and an engaged lifestyle.”

“The theft of life and energy is pulling too many down into depression and desperation. If people have sold their lives for money, then they are losing their joie de vivre and have no roses in their cheeks. The struggles are wearing folks down and people must awaken to the real meaning and value of their lives, and regain an appreciation of themselves and one another.”

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