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The Continuing Saga of America

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 – San Diego, California

Edgar greeted me with, “Whatever is coming, we can only be prepared through moment-to-moment consciousness. The many possible futures are all coming close. The split in humanity is not just a split into two but into many parts. As you know, Kienda, Rudolf Steiner* reiterated the 12 streams of human evolution for his times. That aspect needs an update. Understanding the prime motivation behind the many different forms of human activity, feelings, and thoughts – not to mention the luciferic and ahrimanic deviations of each – is crucial to intelligently and safely navigating the coming futures. That is why finding your people and your place on the earth is becoming crucial for individual survival as well as the survival of important and diverse aspects of culture at the highest level – music, art, literature, true science, etc.”

“It is not just about preservation of the old, but of the evolving old – the inspiring old which has led us to the evolving present and will lead us into a positive future. And of course, the evolving past is available to every human being in the collective unconscious. It is our job now to make the unconscious, conscious. And we each must choose which aspect to bring into the present and nurture into the future.”

“The 12 streams are each drawn to a different aspect of human existence – of human thoughts, feelings, and to certain of the 12 senses. The goal is that a few people in each stream will positively incorporate the qualities and values of their stream, plus be open to cooperatively relating with all the others. That way, we will become a cohesive unity which includes all the highest and best aspects of humanity. Each person is a cell in the great global body of humankind. We must freely come together in this way to manifest human destiny as the guardians of our planet and mother earth.”

“This is why each individual would do well to follow their true heart’s desire. That way, they give their best to the human collective. That way, they define for themselves the meaning and goal of their existence. And there are 12 streams with different goals which are achieved by different thought processes, feelings, and activities. These are not mutually exclusive. They are synergistic. The 12 streams are not antagonistic one to another, but simply differing aspects of the vast human potential.”

“And of course, in the end, we all embody bits of all 12 streams. We must find harmony among them within ourselves, first and foremost. Then, when we are whole, we can allow others the freedom to follow their own paths of integration, understanding, and allowing everyone else to follow their own path and destiny to completion.”

“For humanity to do all this in a timely manner, we need to make some major changes in the world. With the redemption of Lucifer*, we have a new ally and whole new aspects of consciousness opening up. However, there are still adversarial forces at work in the world with renewed vigor and a tighter death-grip because of the transformations now possible. Humanity has the potential power to overcome such obstacles as are in place now, but it will not be easy. I, Edgar, can see from here – where I am in the spiritual worlds – that there is so much unconscious human activity still around as to be staggering. I am aghast at the willful ignorance of my fellow human beings. Come on people. Rise up to your potential, please!”

“The possibilities are magnificent. The future could be so rosy and wonderful, and will be for some. It could be for many more, but that will mean awakening. There is a sifting and winnowing going on now. Awaken to your true value, beloved friends, and live your fullest out of free choice. The alternative is dire. Choose joy and love and life for all. (Oh gosh, we come to this point so often.) Please humanity; choose wisely how you spend your time and energy. There are karmic consequences for every thought, emotion, and action. Know that and choose wisely. Please. Thank you.” And Edgar smiled somewhat sheepishly at me, “It does come down to this, doesn’t it – what we do matters.” “Oh, yes,” I replied. “It matters very much right now. I guess we just keep saying it in many different ways and offering suggestions for better choices and reasons why, etc. I personally can always improve, at least. I am grateful for these exchanges, encouragements and the new information, always.”

Thursday, December 29, 2016 – San Diego, California

From the donut*, I see that there are waves of energy on a collision course with the earth. It’s almost like a ”thud” and a crashing and cracking that is coming. There will be telluric consequences because they have a high etheric vibration which will pass through higher dimensions with a cleansing effect, but if there is too much density, it will cause physical problems. These higher energies moving through pollution and lower vibratory material, will tend to break it up. In some polluted areas there will be telluric reactions and people who are toxic, addicted, and negative will also feel shattered. It is simply a matter of raising our personal vibrations – physically, ethereally, astrally, and mentally – to have the best experience of these ‘great waves of change ‘as M. V. Summers* says. Pristine places on the earth will be fine and remain cohesive. Areas of dense pollution and most cities will experience damage.

The energy is like pulsars – bursts of energetic vibrations which are coming from Galactic Centre*. It’s time for ascension of the Galaxy, but humanity is not really ready yet. The earth must go through a cleansing and uplifting – but perhaps not many people will be able to rise with her and so there will be destruction. We have so badly polluted the earth and it continues and accelerates to this very day. Those areas will undergo a severe cleansing which will take a lot of people with it.

They are etheric waves of life force. Only bodies that can bear the high, more vital etheric energy will survive intact. These are the energies the Blue Spheres* are trying to mitigate, to give us more time to awaken and evolve, in order to survive, thrive, and flourish under the impact and influence of the new waves.

I paused to breathe and look out farther into the solar system and saw the Blue Spheres. They are the vehicles for beings of the highest hierarchic triad – the Thrones. They even-out the waves into a smooth inflow of energy to the whole solar system and especially to the earth. They are giving humanity one last chance to voluntarily change. If we do not awaken at this time in large enough numbers and take sufficient brave and creative action, then. . .

This is another reason the Draco Reptilians* and their cohorts wanted to leave the planet. Coming in to earth in this slower and moderated way, the etheric forces of change are impacting them and they cannot escape. Because it is coming in slowly and consistently, the physical matter of the earth and all upon her as well as the etheric, astral, and mental realms are better able to adjust and metamorphosed towards of the noble, beautiful, good, and true. The Dracos absolutely dislike this experience but cannot escape.

New Year’s Eve – Saturday, December 31, 2016 – San Diego, California

Satisfy and fulfill – that is the secret of transformation of the dark to light. With Christ’s* love – the beautiful, palpable substance of roses and goodness – the dark, unfulfilled, unhappy, and wounded aspects of each and every being on the planet can be laved, loved, healed, and fulfilled in their true nature, desire, and destiny. The positive evolutionary goals of this lifetime and all lifetimes can be fulfilled through Christ’s love pouring down onto and into each being on and in earth.

Last night, Alex Collier* related that his Andromedan friend had said to him, “The love you withhold is the pain that you carry – lifetime after lifetime. ” I was so struck by that statement, that I began sending love to everyone – receiving it through my upturned left-hand and sending it out through my right hand. The pink roses of love were augmented by the brilliant clear white light which came in through the Crown chakra* in a huge beam. It moves down through my chakras to my heart and usually splits into two streams of energy through both my hands. But, today, the stream from above joined the received energies from my left hand and all poured out through my right palm. I sent love and this energy to everyone – at first one by one to all of my family and friends and from them I watched it pour out to everyone they also knew.

This experience of giving, channeling, and conducting the love of the Solar Logos* to everyone, ignited the love within each soul and broke the barriers to the flow. We humans can only be broken open by love. Only love frees the flow and powers vital life energy through all realms for all ages of time to come.

We lifted up the chalice cups of our woundedness and asked that they be filled with new love – Christ’s new love. Roses filled the cups – roses of love and gratitude.

My heart is like a cup, my love,

it brims and overflows.

Within its crystal bowl, behold

a pure and holy rose.

I fill my cup with waters pure,

with Christ’s own love and sacrifice.

And from its depths I offer you there,

the healing of compassion.

New Year’s Day – Sunday, January 1, 2017 – San Diego, California

Up in the New Jerusalem* things are bright and beautiful. The Warriors of the Rainbow Light are jubilating. We all – myself, my spiritual family, and all my guides and inspirers – went to the main auditorium to see what was happening. It was filled to overflowing, so we stood in the back. I heard a voice that said, “It doesn’t matter where you are in this room or anywhere, I am always there, right beside you.” It was Christ who then came to us and asked me, “Will you work with Lucifer redeemed?” And I replied, “Yes, in the name of Christ.” And I understood that the reason I am asked, is because I have already seen so much of the process of his redemption and have meagerly sufficient information and knowledge of Anthroposophy* to ‘grok’ his new wisdom and role in contemporary evolution. A crown was then placed on my head with great solemnity. But things don’t feel quite 100% right, however.

I went down the hall to the extraterrestrial wing and met with Edgar and the team then. The crown is too big for me and too heavy so I took it off. We shall have to see what this all means. Time will tell and further meditations.

Saturday, January 7, 2017 – San Diego, California

Edgar stood up straight and tall and said, “Everything is falling apart. It seems as though everything and everyone will be reduced to an individual and an individual thing – separating out to each smallest unit. That will break all the old alliances, associations, traditions, and affinities based on former values of competitive, materialistic, archaic connections. New patterns of meaning and value can now be formed, based on personally chosen reasons and qualities. And of course, life will put people in new situations that will call forth new responses.”

I, Kienda, jumped in at that point. “Yes, and that is why everyone must follow their own heart and mind. The old institutions – physical, psychological or religious, economic, political or social – will not furnish answers to the questions soon to arise in all areas of life on planet earth. We need to tune in to our true heart’s desires and learn to live from an intelligent, compassionate source within.” “Excellent,” said Edgar. “I agree. Now, interstellar friends, what say you?”

Arihimsa* stood in the centre of our large multiple circles. “It’s like this.” he said, “There are cosmic laws that humans could apply and work within. One such law has to do with overtones and even undertones.” Arihimsa began to sing one deep resonant tone. The sound was so filled with love that as it moved through me it brought tears to my eyes and my throat was throbbing in sympathetic vibration. “You see,” he said, “I love that tone. I worship that single note and through that one sound, I affect positively all existence.” He returned to singing the single note. As he sang on, harmonics began to resonate and I felt my chakras begin to open and vibrate one by one upwards till my consciousness rose up above my head at the crown and swirled around and around.

“Single acts of love move out and affect the whole world.” Said Arihimsa. “The law of attraction – like attracts like – can be employed in this way. Humans will sort themselves out by this law of sympathetic resonance. That is happening now and its scope will broaden as the chaos of the death of the old patterns and institutions are destroyed and dissolved. This is the time for releasing and letting go so that the new tones of love and cooperation can resonate in your hearts, minds, and bodies and humans can rise to a new and higher vibration and dimension.”

“I shall continue to tone to assist in this transformation. I am singing in harmony with Christ’s new love. In time, almost all creation on earth and in this solar system will do so. That is the definition of the goal of existence – to resonate in harmony with the higher divine beings. Thank you, beloved friends.” And Arihimsa glided back to his accustomed place in the circle.

“Oh, thank you for that gorgeous experience, Arihimsa.” Edgar replied. “We are all resonating together in harmony and sending that down to Gaia and all upon her. As we, the so-called-dead, draw near to our still-alive friends and family, we will be vibrating this love tone through our astral bodies and consciousness, and more readily inspire them. Thank you, again, Arihimsa.” And Edgar beamed at us all. “Well team, more good work to do till we meet again.”

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