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Wrapping Up the Year

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

After my preparatory meditations, I went to Standing Rock. Many people need to protest at the police site, the capital of North Dakota, and the White House.

One young woman has died from hypothermia or been severely damaged and is living between the worlds. Her spirit crossed the lines and went to the police. She told them: “You have been on the front lines of war. This war has now moved into the souls of those involved. When you return home you will never be the same. You have severed your selves from the family of man. You have sold your souls for money and a job. Your children will suffer the effects of your deeds to the seventh generation. Your wives and daughters will fear your touch, since it has caused so much pain and sorrow, and degraded your fellow human beings.”

“I will be with you till the end of your lives – touching every living experience you have with the sorrow of my wounds and my death at your hands, your hearts, and your ideals. We have been killed for less than nothing in the past. Now we die for purpose. We die that life may flourish in time, and that peace and harmony be restored to earth. And, that you may learn the lessons of love and return to the family of humankind. Your beliefs bring death and pain – they sow suffering across America. The legacy you leave is barren, and you and your children and your children’s children, should there be any, will eat the bitter fruit of your crimes against humanity and the world.”

“Turn back while you still can. Lay down your weapons of mass destruction, return home to the heart and love of your family. Forgive yourselves of your deeds by realizing what you have done and experiencing the shame and remorse necessary to expiate your wicked deeds. Cleanse your souls and become human again. I will be with you, I will support you only in that.”

“If you continue, you must know that the coals of Hell and the ice of the abyss are being heaped and molded by your own hands. If you refuse the lessons of life, you will reap the lessons of death – alone and in the agony you have meted out to others in the deeds of these sad days.”

“While you are alive now in the prime of your abilities and consciousness, you may choose what you do. I would help you to choose wisely. Put down your guns, turn and refuse to harm your fellow humans. It is the only choice worth making. All else is compliance with the evil and erodes your soul, heart, and mind, and will only bring anguish and suffering to you as a result.”

“I am a White Buffalo Calf Woman, as all women are, who love and nurture life and who respect death. We walk in both worlds, guiding those who follow the noble human path, and standing as a reminder and goad to those who have slipped into a living hell of their own making. So, choose, my fallen Brothers. Choose wisely. The effects of choices in these dire conditions reach far and wide, and long into the future. Choose life. Choose love.”

Sunday, December 4, 2016 – Seattle Washington

Today is the day of prayer for Standing Rock. It is so amazing to me, how I feel instinctively/spontaneously about the police action there. I want to destroy them. That comes up for me. Then I deal with it and come to a peaceful place and pray and ask the Elementals* to disarm their weapons. And I ask the ET’s and Blue Spheres* to help them see the fallacy of their ways and simply put down their weapons and walk away or join the protectors.

I suddenly became aware that drugs and chemicals are put into their food which makes it hard for the police and National Guard and security forces to think and feel normally. They are not functioning as normal human beings. So, another realization, but people could’ve told me that.

There is so much confusion over – in – around – and through the issues and people and situation at Standing Rock. The dead are coming to help clarify – but the police side is so manipulated that they are almost impervious to reason, much less open to compassion. It is war from their side. All the way up the line of the institutions – police, county, city, state, and US federal level – the Empire of the dark side is entrenching and poisoning the minds and bodies of every person involved.

I am asking Edgar, “What about all this? “ And he is shaking his head. “I never thought it was this corrupt and despicable. I had no idea.” Everyone on the team says they will not intervene on the physical plane but that they will work towards clarity in the etheric and astral worlds. They are raking and clearing the ethers and the astral planes – making it clear and once again accessible for the dead to come close and influence their loved ones.

Clear lines for communication have been made between heaven and earth – the living and the dead. The prayers of the Natives have been creating such little lines of communication and access but it needs to be expanded and now it has been. The native prayers have accessed the ancestors and the star elders for the Native Americans, but the Western people need something more to be accessed by their ancestors and guiding spirits. That is now coming about with the help of the benign, positive Extraterrestrials.

We humans must learn to access the human dead and spiritual guides in the correct way, to be able to work together. The dark side is also run by higher spiritual beings and ET’s that completely subjugate the living human mind, feelings, and will to their own purposes – down to putting adrenal chemicals in their food, as well as brainwashing etc.

The positive spiritual forces only offer and respond to human requests when living humans take the first conscious steps in the right direction. The positive forces leave humankind free. We must take up the right thoughts and feelings and put them into action ourselves to receive assistance from the spiritual worlds. The impulses for noble, good, and true actions are always coming to us from our angels, the so-called-dead and other spirits, but we must make those impulses conscious. In agreeing with them, we living humans must then act!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I am back home in Novato and feeling happy and ready for another major round of work.

After the preliminary meditations I began to see the pattern of evolution – how we humans are at the top of a triad of consciousness in physical form – plants, animals, and humans. And then there are the three above us – angels, archangels, and Archai; and the three above them – Dynamis, Exusiai , and Kyriotitis. Christ the solar logos is a Kyriotiti. Above that triad are another three – Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim. These highest three are the creator gods of the universe. We humans are the acting planetary lords and creators. We are severely blowing it in that regard. We have a few thousand years to finish up this incarnation cycle before we all move up a step on the vibratory ladder – and we humans leave the physical plane behind.

So, the cosmic application of the hierarchies is: four triads that we humans can conceive of.

Planetary physical plant, animal, human

Solar/Star System etheric Angel, Archangel, Archai

Galaxy astral Dynamis, Exusiai, Kyriotiti

Universe devachan Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim

This is something to ponder.

Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25, 2016 – San Diego, California

G.P. is a very outspoken soul. He said when I greeted him during the usual morning meditations, “Christmas is not what it used to be. Too much has changed and so much more water has flowed under the bridge. Its original purpose is no longer applicable to most people alive on earth today. The deed of Christ*, the objective and meaning of that incarnation of the human Jesus to be the vehicle and temporary home/body of the solar logos* – the Christ consciousness – has either been understood and fulfilled within the consciousness of each human entelechy, the vital force that directs all organisms towards self-fulfillment.

There are further deeds and objectives of Christ in relation to human evolution. We must move on – come into the present – and progress into the future evolution of humankind ourselves.

The beauty, simplicity, wonder, and faith of the experiences 2000 years ago must, in the 21st century, be augmented by clear understanding of the multiple dimensions active in that experience. Our capacity of consciousness has expanded and we must apply our new abilities to understanding the deeper and higher layers of forces and beings at work in “Christmas.”

It would be ideal if each individual had, over the last two millennia, made the beauty, wonder, faith, love, joy, and peace an intimate part of themselves. If those qualities are the deepest layer of the human heart, then the exercise of the newer capacities of thinking, conceptualization, and present-day emotions, would be well and humanly grounded in the virtues of the first Christmas.

Somehow, that has not happened as completely as possible for individual people. Now there is no time left for the integration of the first Christmas into human culture and society. The second major deed of Christ has occurred and is being integrated unconsciously already. The desperate need of our times is to become conscious of the many beings and forces influencing culture and societies, as well as each individual human being.

Since there are few who are aware of the present experiences, and people are not willing to listen, it is incumbent upon every single person to awaken to the divine within themselves and behave accordingly.

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