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Channeling – Communication – and the Higher Self

Saturday, February 18, 2017 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

This morning I have been thinking about a friend’s video session. She believes she is communicating with her Higher Self and she says that she is not “channeling” even though the entity uses her body and voice to express its message.

However, there is a difference between channeling and communicating with entities other than the day-conscious self. Channeling is the physical take-over of the voice and body of the individual, by the expressing entity. The normal voice of the individual is not used. Accents and specific language patterns of another personality are apparent. Gestures are not the norm of the individual, but are different and, again, specific to the channeled entity. In channeling, there is a speaking entity using the individual’s body – one external consciousness and one body.

When simply communicating with spiritual entities, the individual is merely in a dialogue with a supersensible being. The person uses their own voice and their normal presentation for the material that has been transmitted. The individual may augment or modify the information received as appropriate, as is possible in normal conversation. In spiritual communication, there are two conscious entities – one human and one from spiritual realms – and one body, which is used to express the content of the conversation between the two, by the resident human being

The Higher Self of humanity – of each individual human – is the Cosmic Christ. And Christ Consciousness does not need to possess the physical body to inspire and enlighten. That is one of the laws of the higher dimensions – that a being or facet of a higher vibrational level will not possess, use, or unfairly influence a lower vibrational being or aspect. This is a free will planet. The higher more evolved beings and aspects will not trespass the autonomy of the individual. Only lower, less-evolved entities or aspects will do that – which includes one’s own unredeemed shadow. The sanctity of the individual is never co-opted and used by higher evolved entities or Christ Consciousness which is the Higher Self of humanity.

There are many benign and wise entities and facets of an individual who are willing to share their knowledge, and with the permission of the individual, are willing to use the body to express. However, these aspects and beings are not the true Higher Self.

The true Higher Self is a premonition of the future evolution of humanity. It is that higher vibrational, higher dimensional, infinitely wiser and more evolved aspect of humanity which calls us forward into the future. It does not devolve and step down into common parlance of the present. Its function is to raise humanity upward into higher dimensional consciousness and it does not do so by dropping down into our present issues, dilemmas, or language. The Higher Self calls us to higher evolved states through sympathetic vibration and higher states of consciousness beyond words, beyond personalities, beyond the limitations of present consciousness.

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