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Changes Coming –Hot and Heavy, Time to get in Gear – Ratchet it Up – Take it Down

Monday, January 9, 2017 – San Diego, California

I want to know if my perceptions of the second deeds of Christ and the redemption of Lucifer are correct and what I should do about it. So I asked Arihimsa* if my perceptions were accurate. He said, “Yes, your perceptions, understandings, and conclusions are basically accurate. You, of course, my dear, see everything from your specific individual human point of view, moderated by your specific individual human life experiences and your specific individual human karma from millennia past. Within these parameters, what you say, think, and feel is true and correct. There is no judgment on you and your experiences and views – just simply the reality of your experiences – as truthfully told as you can, and as clearly understood as you can manage.”

“From my observational vantage point, you are quite accurate and in harmony with the cosmic meaning inherent in the facts. As a matter of fact, it is well done. So, enough about you my dear. Now what shall be done with these experiences and this resulting information?”

Arihimsa continued, “As you know from your experiences so far, there are very few people interested or able to hear and understand what you have to share. That is their problem and loss. You, on the other side, could do well with improving your attitude about that and streamlining, editing, and professionalizing your material. This is the most important information of these times, and it is a tragedy that so few people are aware of the cosmic facts and ramifications to be able to consciously participate in the evolution of life on planet earth, this solar system, and ultimately, this quadrant of the Galaxy.”

“Times are dire, and the prognosis, although acceptable (barely) is not good, considering the potential spiritual power and vitality that is possible and needed to fuel the transition now in progress. So what can you do to help this along, you ask. Clarity, precision, judicious editing, and organized streamlined presentation – that is what is needed.

Thursday, January 12, 2017 – San Diego, California

From the donut, the earth is looking more evened-out. The very dark clouds are lightening and the dense places are fluffing up. Instead of the old heavy miasmas over so much of the planet, it’s like a white fog or cumulonimbus look to much more of the energetic substance that covers the earth. Even the cities are looking better. This holds true all over the globe.

As I look deeper I see that there are black snowballs or baseball-sized black hail precipitating out of the general psychic clouds in many capital cities around the world. The cabals* emissaries and adamant pawns in their game are conglomerating out of fear of the changes and new energies, and will be falling out of the general human collective unconscious and human cultures, down to the physical organizations of politics, finance, education, medicine, and all forms of social arrangements. It is just a matter of time before they have accreted and isolated themselves from the main stream to such a degree that they are simply no longer appropriate, tolerable, or viable. They will simply fall out of relevance and be discontinued in the newly woven patterns of life on earth. Much better, more humane things are coming – lifestyle, technology which is human-friendly, simple, and non--damaging on any level, expansion of consciousness, etc. The transition may be a little rocky, but in the end, as the I Ching* says, “Perseverance furthers.”

Sunday, January 15, 2017 – San Diego, California

As one is stimulated by sensory experiences in the moment – songs: music and rhythms of many traditions, sights: a certain slant of light or color, smells: enigmatic memories of primal times, taste: flavors of differing cultures of the globe – déjà vu’s of past lives can be brought to present consciousness. These arise in present time in order to be recognized, reclaimed, and transformed as necessary. The good of the past can be celebrated and the mistakes and difficulties can be healed in the conscious moment which works back through the past to the point of origin. When consciousness returns to the point of origin, the energy of contemporary intelligence, in itself, is transformative.

At this time in human evolution, we are coming into our divinity – simply, clearly, and individually defined. The aspects of the consciousness soul that are blossoming now are powered by “Christ in me,” the acknowledgement of the divine within human beings and human evolution.

So, today in church, hearing Janet, my beloved sister, and her singers and band performing a Hindu chant, I resuscitated the devotion, peace, and inner joy from a long, long ago time. Those feelings are a beautiful base and strong foundation for the intellectual, conceptual thinking processes of our times in the 21st century.

As growing children must accomplish each developmental stage appropriately – learning the lessons and gaining the abilities each stage offers; so evolving humanity must also cull and solidify the positive lessons and advancements of each cultural epoch – each stage of the evolution of humankind. We can reflect back through the ages, and cement in present day consciousness, all the good lessons of the past through music, artifacts, legends and stories, anchoring the good to the present through understanding the evolutionary thrust of life and the needs of our present time.

Friday, January 20, 2017 – San Diego, California

Oh my God, looking down at earth, I see demons dancing in frenzied gloating glee in Washington DC, the seat and source of the power elite. Now it has moved from being tightly orchestrated and completely manipulated from above and behind by the cabal, to each individual demon-possessed individual behaving out of their own shadow side. The Republicans and many Democrats have sold their souls long ago and now their possessing entities are being given free reign. It’s like an orgy of bloodlust is being fomented in DC – bloodlust for the death of human dignity and human values, and their replacement by rapacious greed, selfishness, and other such non--human actions and values. It is right, too, that women stand and march against this.

Congress is burning the Constitution and replacing it with the new values of “money over all” – “geld uber alles.” Anyone who does not have a firm moral compass is being swept away. All those in government who have already capitulated to even a small degree, no longer have a moral footing or point of reference. Without an inner basis of human values, they are doing unconscionable things – enacting legislation against humanity and against all decency. It is obvious to any human being still in possession of a conscience, that they are no longer human but have been possessed by demonic forces whose goal is the destruction of human evolution and the co-option of human energy and the planet.

Because of the chaos of our times, it is every demon for themselves. Among themselves, they are playing the game with new vigor as the cabal and Dracos* are going through their purging and downfall. Lesser beings are grabbing their unconscious host people and running towards domination, hate, fear, anger, and power. There is a paper trail of the voting records which shows quite clearly who is in charge within the soul of each person involved in government on all levels – national, state, county, and city.

Every human being is faced with the choice now. Individuality has gone viral – each person must master themselves, each must act. Each human must express and manifest their goals, needs, desires, and abilities. This separation into sheep and goats is occurring on an individual level now. Human decency is no longer a given. It is a choice which must be exercised by each individual. An ascendant new duality is: shame or pride.

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