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The History of the Fall of the Draconian Reptilians

Friday, October 14, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I am at the donut* looking down at the earth. I think we are in the last days of Rome in America. We are having to vote between Caligula* and Nero*. The population is fearful yet sated from responding to bread and circus and the decadent elites continue to pile it on.

So up to the team. “Greetings” Edgar said. “Here I am. Let’s get to it, please.” “Great, thanks, yes. Let’s check the status of Wanrrra and Lucifer in the healing rooms.” I suggested. So we will. “Good morning group,” Edgar said, “let’s together visit our friend Wanrrra.” So we did.

Wanrrra is sitting up and smiling. He is almost human-sized and his wings are larger in relation to the new body – they are not just vestigial remnants but fluffy wings. “I have been reading the Akashic Records. They deliver it to me in installments almost like a newspaper. I am here for protection and healing and it’s working. I feel wonderful and am learning many things. It may not be such a difficult step for my people to awaken and change, after all. It will be a long process, which will take perseverance and grit, to accomplish true changes in our whole culture, society, and ‘science’, however. I put science in quotation marks because we are enmeshed in a science which has its own agenda – the enslavement of our Draconian race.”

“I see from here, now, that we ourselves are pawns in a far larger game with higher stakes that we had no knowledge of. And boy, did we fall hook, line, and sinker (ah, those translators*.) We swallowed the program whole, and never thought twice about it. In the records, I have seen how a force from beyond came to our home planet and messed with our genetics. These interlopers were invisible to us. These beings infected us with nanobots – little created sentient bits of matter. At that time it was a physical infection that overcame our rudimentary spiritual potential. By the time we would have developed and learned to balance our emotions, they were diseased, twisted, and stunted. There was very little for our forbearers to work with and evolve.”

“It was disappointing and actually excruciatingly painful. To avoid that pain and suffering, my people bred the possibility out of themselves. Without an astral body and love, my race lost the ability to procreate naturally, and since we had the science to clone and create life, we did so. We created a whole society and system of reproduction, and a new culture of conquer and dominate other life forms. We could live off of them vicariously through the externally incited emotional responses we solicited from them by our controlling technology.”

“It has worked fabulously, but no one is happy – neither us nor them.” Wanrrra continued looking sad. “ It’s time for change. It’s time to break the cycle. Having been given this time and opportunity to read, learn, and think, I have perceived the logical end to our own way of existence – I can’t call it life – and it is not very pretty. I see how we are underlings and minions of a force so much larger and more powerful than even we, Draconians, ourselves. We mean nothing to them. We are only the means to their desired end which is a dead universe. Somehow, and I don’t understand, this force is antithetical to life itself. All created matter, all life, all change and movement is anathema to it.”

“Perhaps it is immovable structure versus nature – the straight versus the curve, form versus content. Perhaps the balance between polarities is needed in every form of existence – except within the mind of the ultimate encompasser of all. Perhaps that is who God is – the Encompasser of All. All being existence and nonexistence – all and nothing.”

“Just knowing these things is a bit abstract and does not really help us on earth or anywhere else in the inhabited galaxies. Being aware of the situation – the playing field and who the players are – is valuable. But, once that is perceived, there is need of a response. Then, going about one’s life making anything and everything better or more in alignment with one’s values is one of the simplest, most direct things we can do – Humans, Reptilians, any and all races.”

“We, who come from a physical planet and have any connection to any physical matter from any Galaxy, have tasks and deeds to do. I realize only now, that my race has been hindered from accomplishing the main tasks of evolution: expanding consciousness, emotions, and physical abilities toward higher, more refined, kind, loving, creative, innovative, ever-rising states.”

“I so sadly (and that is a new emotion for me, a White Royal) see how we have stayed the same for millennia – for millions of millennia. We have done the same things over and over and over again – almost since the beginning of our time.”

“Well, new friends, acquaintances, and companions, it’s time for change. I see how we have continued this negative pattern. It’s time for a revolution in consciousness, in emotional response, and in responsible action.” And Wanrrra leapt out of bed, grinning. “At least for me.” He added somewhat sheepishly as we all cheered and clapped.

Edgar said” Thank you, profoundly, Wanrrra. Now let’s create our circle and send this proclamation forth into the worlds. This understanding – this world view – this consciousness is of value to all.” So Christ came and radiated his love through the inspiring insightful thoughts, intentions, and commitments to cosmic truth, we all were thinking and feeling with our own individual style of love and joy. The energies swept around the many circles that encircled our team, rose up and poured through the open centre down to envelop the earth, then drifted out into the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe.

The battle of polarity of every dimension is being waged in every human soul at this time also. Achieving a balance and harmony of each opposing pair is the goal which must be expressed in outer action to impact the physical. Neither thinking nor feeling is enough. We humans must DO. We must create an external manifestation of what we think and feel inside.

“We humans are kind, loving, creative, social creatures who live best in a respectful symbiosis with our natural environment.” say I, Kienda Valbracht. That is what I am sending in my intentions for earthly evolution.

Saturday, October 15, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

It was a deep and satisfying meditation this morning. I know that everyone on the team is on week-end holiday, so I did healing work on myself and sent love and healing to my daughter, family, and friends.

Then, I thought of flying with Shushilla, but she is busy with Wanrrra right now. They are talking about their Reptilian/Draconian history and future. This is important. I’m delighted.

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