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The Conclusion of One Year (and a Little More) of Work with Edgar Mitchell and the Interstellar Team

Friday, February 10, 2017 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Yes, get your work done. Yes, get up here, girl.” Edgar called to me as I was waffling around in my meditations. “There is work to do and serious questions to be answered. Then we all can finish up this past phase of our work together and get onto immediate issues such as: who or what are the unseen spiritual forces behind contemporary issues.”

And I saw hosts of luciferic, ahrimanic, and azuric beings clustered in the ethers and astral layers of the earth. So I asked Edgar and the team, “What is the purpose of understanding this – of knowing who is behind current events and influencing people and life?” Then I heard, “the truth will set you free.” And I saw that where we humans do not have correct information and so do not know the truth, there are dark and unconscious areas in our mind and heart’s.

These dark spaces are filled within our human psyche and feelings by astral ahrimanic and luciferic beings. We have no control over them because we are not aware of their existence. They control us in our thinking and feeling. We experience the effects of the dark ahrimanic and luciferic beings as our own thoughts and emotions, because they work in the subconscious areas of our lives that we have not brought to clear understanding, and therefore have not taken responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and the resulting actions in the world.

Once again, this points to the necessity of doing inner work. When one has bravely and carefully searched inside one’s self and into one’s past, and brought the clear light of conscious awareness into all aspects of oneself, one takes responsibility for those thoughts and feelings and can respond to life experiences out of choice rather than dark unconscious influences of fear, greed, and other deadly sins.

Worse yet, there are falsehoods, lies, and deceptions, which obscure reality – twisting and distorting truth. When we are not in sympathetic vibration or empathy with the positive evolutionary spiritual impulses of our time, we experience dissonance – dis-ease and dis-comfort in our bodies, souls, and spirits which causes physical illness, inappropriate behavior, and unconscious instinctive reactions to life’s experiences. Most often, these responses to life are fear-based, because when the perceptions of reality are skewed, there is an unpleasant resonance set up within us. We can’t understand what is happening – feel attacked – and so respond violently and fearfully towards anyone and everything that approaches us in such manner.

After a long time of behaving from such distorted motives, it becomes habitual and then people work to legitimize and institutionalize such negative and inhuman behaviors. We are in the midst of such a crisis right now.

Sunday, February 12, 2017 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Looking back at the Earth from the donut, I see that the general color of the fog or miasma that has covered earth for a long time is beginning to clear and become white. It is been varying shades of grey, often very dark, for as long as I have observed from here, and it is becoming lighter and brighter over all, because more people are awakening and thinking about a new way of living – a new lifestyle.

Women are awakening to the need to engage in creating a world that will support their children and grandchildren. If we women do not make the changes, the men will continue their domination and destroy the whole earth. It is time and it is happening. And we can and will do it – save the world.

Thursday, February 16, 2017 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cohesion but no relevance – just a phrase inspired in my mind. Little Golden Love, an Elemental* of the fifth ether, is the first manifestation of “Life Spirit” – the transformed ether body and the higher self/octave of the working together of the four ethers. We are not just working on transforming the astral body to “Spirit Self”, but are concurrently actively incubating the “Life Spirit” or transmuted ether body as well.

I am having a challenge in settling down after the preliminaries. It’s been a while since I have been consistent. I am taking that on now again with renewed vigor and dedication.

“So, Edgar,” I asked, “what is going on in the spiritual worlds right now that is affecting my concentration?” He replied, “The collective unconscious of America and all humanity is been shaken and plowed. The lies and deceptions are so blatant that it is shaking everyone’s grasp on reality. Awakening to a new world view due to the shattering of closely held beliefs is hard for most people. The lower thought worlds are a complete mess and it’s happening in large and small measure all over the globe.”

“This fracturing of the mental realm makes it a little more difficult to rise to clearer, cleaner dimensions. You, Kienda, just need to withdraw from conscious participation in the melee. Get off Facebook. Cultivate your personal connection to clarity, light, and love. Remove yourself from the mud and the mud slingers. Clay-crusted feet won’t get you up here. Time for a positive break-away. Let those involved duke it out without you. Send love, clarity, and support to the world in general, and carry on your tasks: blog, ICS*, books, monographs, etc. The time is coming when more people will be receptive – needy, in fact, for the Conceptual Matrix.”

“Everything has been said and revealed so many times already. It is not NEW material that is needed – it is presentation that needs polishing and amplifying. Videos are good – not everyone reads anymore. Telling stories and videoing them will reach many. Also, focus in on the crux and heart of the information. Now it is a matter of too many words and too much time. When the blogs are up to date, which they are now, it will become a matter of distilling the essentials and presenting them in a precise, cohesive way. Of course, there will be new bits coming through and there are always questions to be researched spiritually.”

“One of the most important things to continue with the team is the energy experience. That is good for everyone in the whole Galaxy. So come on up and sing and dance – circle up and experience joy, sending it down to earth and across the cosmos. That’s the best thing we here can do.”

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