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The Evil Men Do and Its Redemption

Saturday, March 11, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

From the donut, the earth is in chaos. There are very bright swatches and very dark clumps. The dark spots are smaller and very intense. The bright swaths cover larger areas. People are separating out into two camps – the dark is smaller, but ruthless, violent, totally dishonest, and out of touch with most human qualities of love, respect, kindness, largess, and generosity. Instead, they are under the sway of anti--human forces of evil, and the negative extraterrestrial beings trapped on Earth at this time.

The people in the brighter areas have grown tired of the lies and deceptions and the pressure that’s been placed on the masses of humanity.

They are awakening to the loving human side of themselves. They want to be happy. They want to spend time with their children and their loved ones. They want the simple things of life again. They are realizing they love and appreciate the earth and nature. And they want time to experience that deeply. They want meaning in their lives. And they are beginning to find it in communication with like-minded folks. Hopefully, in time, they will awaken to grassroots action to create the lifestyle they desire.

After the viewing, we went up to Edgar and the team. They are all working with the Solar Logos as He sends down unconditional love to the whole world and a great upliftment for humankind. The highly evolved members of the team are sending strength and support to people who feel strongly the desire for the proper lifestyle of loving, respectful human relationships and compassionate community.

They are looking for people who can receive inspiration for clean technology and not go over the deep end of greed or power. A number of very young teens have received such inspirations for cleaning up the garbage and recycling etc. those simple technologies should be actualized by many individuals in thousands and millions of small ways and places. Life must become human scale. Humans must become wiser, more proficient in thinking and feeling, and develop fully their human potential. Every individual has creative possibilities in any and all areas of human endeavor. We must all become the best person we can be.

Saturday, March 18, 2017 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

From the donut, I see that a part of the web of evil is being unraveled. The pedophilia rings of the elite are being broken up and the souls who have been trapped, and whose anguish (louge) has been lived off of by the elite themselves, the Draco Reptilians, and negative Greys, are suddenly free and fleeing Earth. I stopped one wild-eyed, shredded wraith-of-a-soul and asked where it was going. It screamed, “Away.” I suggested it go to Christ and that it would find healing with Him in the astral world of kamaloca.

I had my whole posse’ and spiritual family with me at the donut. They began to gather the fleeing souls and we said to them, “Follow us; we are going to Christ now. Come with us.” So they did.

There were many angels and human dead greeting them at the astral threshold. Cannibalized babies were gathered into the arms of their true mothers or Mother Mary embraced them if their mothers were not there. Everyone was welcomed and loved and then taken to the healing places.

There are many hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of souls who have been trapped in living situations of evil. The souls of those who died were also trapped in corrals and milked of their fear, sorrow, and anger. They are released now by the destruction of the rings of evil and are finding their way to Christ since they are fleeing and escaping outward from the earth. The astral plane in the moon sphere completely encircles the earth, so the wraith souls must pass into His realm. They are mostly just running and flying away from the pain they experienced on Earth but when they enter the astral sphere they are stopped and greeted and helped by their angels and the dead from their families.

I am watching as the tattered grey souls are becoming who they really were or could have been – babies, children, young boys and girls, teens, and young men and women. They have been through terribly hard lessons and are now being given the opportunity to live a healing lifetime in kamaloca. They are already preparing for a strong, positive life in the future. This is one way human souls learn to polarize to the good. And enough humans have been through these horrendous lessons that we are healing and changing the world now. I am aware at this moment, of my own experiences in the Holocaust.

Their release is also changing the etheric and astral bodies of Earth herself. This moment is a cleansing and healing of the earthly etheric and astral realms, as well. No longer is the collective unconscious saturated with the pain and sorrow of these souls. Their louge, their suffering, is purged. We humans who are alive and awake right now need to fill the spaces with love, positive thoughts and intentions, and imaginations for a joyous future world and a golden age of human-scale community and lifestyle.

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