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Meet the Ground Crew 

Kienda (Betrue) Valbracht 


It is almost impossible to describe by outer circumstances, how an individual, of any sort, becomes clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient; but I will try. The book of my life has been lived in discrete chapters, all pushing me towards perceptions of spiritual worlds in one way or another. A difficult birth in 1944, culminating in a near-death experience, was followed by an idyllic early childhood in the far away, wild nature of the Superior Quetico Forest of northern Minnesota. It is clear to me that my lifelong relationship with the Elemental Beings – the gnomes, fairies and nature spirits – began then and there.

As a child, singing in the choir, amidst the beautiful colored windows of the little church, awoke a reverence in me for the mysteries of the divine and a longing to understand them. The flash of angel’s wings in the dusty slant of light, cinched the deal. Subsequently, I have wandered and inquired in spiritual worlds, my whole life long.

There was, of course, the ubiquitous lapse of consciousness in my late teens and early 20s, when alcohol and sexuality were prime; but mercifully, that did not last long, before I was back again to wandering and inquiring into new avenues of exploration – health, yoga, music and dance, Tai Chi, community, deepening relationships, and esoteric wisdom.

During the late 60s, I was in San Francisco at the heart of the new Renaissance of consciousness. However, I was not involved in drugs, except as a sacrament, and then, only rarely. I already was aware that substances dulled my own perceptions of other realms.

I lived in the communes in southern Oregon, after the city exploded with the hard-drug mafia. Many of us went back to the bosom of Mother Earth and an idyllic life of gardening, making our own violins and instruments, spinning, sewing our own clothes, canning, raising horses, chickens, sheep, and goats, and building houses etc.

By the time I had Mariko, my first daughter, in 1972, Peter, her father and I had left the commune and gone off on our own. We separated; and then, David and I, had three children together, D’aria Rose, Christian Alexander, our son who died of SIDS at a year and one month, on the anniversary of his christening day, when I was already three months pregnant with Athena, my last child. David was in graduate school at Harvard and we were fully back into mainstream society.

When David left in 1988, I and my friend Dorothy, raised the girls for a few years, before she left also; at Kindermeadow, a rambling old house on 4.5 acres in Olympia, Washington. The Kindermeadow years, 14 in all, were a wonderful, stable, Waldorf, Anthroposophical, Secret Garden sort-of-world, with music, song, violins, dance, stories, costumes, love, friendship, and a wide extended family with freedom to

live and learn. We all loved it, and treasured the strength and self-reliance that blossomed there. Kindermeadow is memory’s Golden Age for everyone who participated.

Sometime during the Kindermeadow years, I became personally creative in my meditative practices – I turned like the Dervishes; did mudras and eurthymy gestures; danced, sang, toned and ohmed. I began visualizing simple sacred geometric forms in my mind and elaborated on them until one day, a particularly complex form became a vehicle for entry into spiritual worlds and landscapes. The spiritual research began in earnest from that day on.

At the end of the Kindermeadow chapter, I had earned my Masters degree in Thanatology. The girls all left home, travelled the world, earned various degrees, and accumulated lots of exciting life experiences. I realized that I could no longer stay at Kindermeadow alone. It was time to move my spiritual experiences out into the world to be of use and inspiration to others. I took up Gypsy ways of traveling, with many friends and stops along the route from Washington to California to New Mexico and back again.

During my studies at Rudolf Steiner College in 1977, and ever after, I have been aware of interacting in at least two worlds simultaneously. My meditations evolved and my connections with spiritual beings, discarnate humans, Christ, Angels and Archangels, and a number of Extraterrestrials, grew clearer and more meaningful through the years.

I have gained extensive experience in multiple realms, along my life path which has included: Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Institute of Cultural Affairs Facilitation Training, Interdimensional Consciousness Training, Minister of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards (SHES), Multi-dimensional Cellular Healing, Spiritual Scientist, SIDS Grief Counselor, Hospice, Tai Chi Chuan, Firewalking, Omega, Tarot, Subud, Sufi Healing Order, International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), motherhood, Rites of Passage, Costume Design, Theater Production, Singing, teaching Waldorf Education, and Anthroposophy.

In February of this year, I met Edgar Mitchell in the spiritual worlds – two days after his death – and now things are really moving. The work with the Interstellar Team of both Edgar’s and my Extraterrestrial friends, on the Cosmic Odyssey, has created a cohesive context for the esoteric work of my life. As Edgar invited me to join the interstellar party, so I invite you to join this blog and the cosmic journey we are all on.

Please visit me other

Susan Todd

I have always being a truth seeker. I have been a self employed designer, manufacturer and artist my entire adult life. I combined my artistic skills with a keen sense of business, this combination of talents has brought me success commercially as well as an award winning place in the arts.

I am also a writer, a traveler, a wife and mother and a devoted friend. 

I was born in NY and moved to Ireland as a teenager. Then I attended Boston College where I studied French and Italian Literature. I left college at 19 to open a vintage clothing boutique in Vermont. When I was young my mother died. My father, step mother and 5 five brothers and sisters moved to Ireland to live in a castle. I completed My secondary education in Ireland. I attended another year of high school in Monaco where I studied (in French) for the French Baccalaureate. Suffering from loneliness and grief I sought out comfort in studying esoteric healing modalities. I became deeply connected to the spirit world. Through my marriage, my mothering and my career life I knew my true soul job, channeling truth.

I have made this website so that interested people can read the Messages that Kienda has collected.

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