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Healing the Earth and Standing Rock

Saturday, October 22, 2016 – The Ranch, California

Christian Alexander* is speaking, “We are all doing our best here in the spiritual worlds – sending love, support, and inspiration. It glows with such here. Your task as living humans is to receive. And it takes a secure Ego/I* that is well grounded and balanced to do that, without flagrant emotional responses of egotism of the low sort, or fear, or too much humility and submission of the necessary faculties of discernment and intelligent review. What people need now is an inkling of the majesty that is possible; and tools and practices for balance, keen observation, discernment, and true information of the cosmic laws and parameters that apply to all realms of human activity.”

“So, how shall we do what is needed?” I asked.

Christian responded, “Of course you will and do – do it now in your daily lives – each in their own way. That affects all people and ripples out into the world. As more and more people awaken and feel the call and desire to live their destinies more clearly, completely, and consciously, they will respond to the ripples. Each one must stand out and give and share more and more to reach more and more people. And of course, you must pray, sing, and dance new energies out into earth’s ether’s* together. In gathering and acting together, you strengthen the ripples. The tide is turning and soon there will be a tsunami of light and love from the cosmos, stepped down by Christ* to earthly applicable energy. You will have formed and sculpted the ethers already, to be able to receive it more readily by humans. Do that, please. Mould, pattern, and sculpt the etheric forces with love, movement, sound, and even electro-magnetic help. Doing so assists earth and all on her in receiving the new influx of Christ’s cosmic love.

Thursday, October 27, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“Good morning, sweetie,” Edgar said when we came up. “Yes, time to do something for Mother Earth and all upon her. She is being polluted so badly. The dark design is still running over all common sense on the world stage. We must model a better way – a nonphysical way. And what better place than at Standing Rock*.”

Otiah* stepped forward, “Oh, yes, I concur. It is an excellent platform and direly needs to succeed. Protection of the water, air, and soil of our own planet is paramount at this moment if humanity is to have the needed time to achieve the evolution of the majority of the people. The destruction of our planet and vital ecosystems is a threat to human evolution at this precarious time. There are many lessons yet to be learned that are physically based and that are expedited by a deep relationship to nature and our Mother Gaia. We must love the physical world for what it is, and as it is, and work together to elevate her and ourselves. ‘We all go together when we go,’ as Kienda is so fond of saying. And it’s true. We humans are the keepers and caregivers of all below us – animals, plants, and minerals – this whole planet. We, of course, are guided and cared for by those above us.”

I returned to Otiah speaking to the interstellar team. “Theoretically, that is the pattern – those above take care of those below. We must take into account, however, the influence of others who are set in opposition to the rightful flow of love, energy, and care. Those come in all levels of existence that we humans can perceive. Only complete immersion in the love of Wakantanka*, Christ*, Manitou*, which is always available (but can only be sustained for limited human amounts of time) is an unfolding of all aspects in love, balance, harmony, and equality.”

“So, how do we apply this wisdom to Standing Rock and the protectors of Earth and water?” And Otiah stood silent for a moment. “There are many layers to this problem both physical and spiritual. It would be valuable for us here to work in each and every area. The legal illegalities must be addressed. There is a native man who is doing that work. Are there are four Warriors of the Rainbow Light who are willing and able to accompany him?” Four Warriors of the Rainbow Light* worked their way through the many concentric circles around the main team members. “We will,” they said. “We will accompany and protect him and all those working in the legal and political realms.” At that, many other Warriors stepped forward. “We will inspire people in the political realm – from presidents and governors to county and city officials.” More Warriors stepped out, saying, “We will accompany and inspire the police and military who are involved in this immoral situation.”

Arihimsa joined Otiah. “What we here in this smallest circle shall do is inspire the higher self in everyone involved in the confrontation – both on earth and in the spiritual worlds. The redemption of the dark is in progress and we will do our part to shine the light of compassionate consciousness on all, stimulating everyone’s higher abilities by sympathetic resonance.”

A Blue Sphere stood up and said, “We will surround the whole field so that the humans will be shielded from negative influences from outside. Now it becomes only a truly human experience. Now the people can redeem themselves should they so choose – the police and security, the politicians and owners of the pipeline, and all the workers. They have a chance to find their hearts.”

The Blue Spheres communicate telepathically. I cannot hear their voices except as a gentle tingling in my ears like the sound of the wind dancing through autumn leaves. The other Blue Sphere joined its partner. “And we will protect the camp – wrapping each ‘home’ in a mantle of protective warmth when the souls within are truly aligned with the good.”

The Elementals* then spoke. “We will protect the Water, Air, and Earth.” Ondene* said, “My waters have run red with blood, white with tears, and black with oil. These do not belong to me. They themselves are unprotected and not in their rightful places. Return the blood to healthy young men – war no more. Return the tears to the eyes and hearts of women and children – love the people. Return the oil to the darkness of earth where its rich substance nourishes the alchemy of transubstantiation – turn to the sun.”

“If humanity will not stop their immoral activities, then our mother and all the elemental families will have to do it, at the cost of much sorrow and pain for the humans who could have fixed it themselves, but didn’t. Once again, humanity has created enough rope to hang themselves – thinking they would bind the earth instead. There is time yet, a little while, but points have been reached and passed, so with every succeeding day, the backlash becomes stronger and more powerful. Awake, awake for mercy’s sake.”

Friday, October 28, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Humanity – every race – is indigenous to earth. The corporations and power structures are not indigenous and have no right to ownership of land, commodities, or resources. The corporations and power structures of the world are ensouled by forces and beings beyond humanity and the positive evolutionary plan for the ascension of earth and all upon her, ever upwards into finer, more compassionately intelligent states of consciousness and life. Their plan is to destroy the earth so that there will be no resources left for humanity; and poverty and the need for money and technology are all that is left for survival.

We are at the last crossroads for the choice to stand for humanity and the earth or to sell our heritage and future to soulless corporations and governments.

I was contemplating Standing Rock, and was immediately pulled there with the thought. I was so moved by the feelings and energy which is indeed peaceful and harmonious and although there are spies and plants in the camps, they are few and are being won over to the good way, plain and simple.

A long meditation ensued in which I saw the workings of the Warriors of the Rainbow Light and the Star Elders* and all the other spiritual beings who are there helping. I called on all the beings in support of this stand – the Buffalo, the Hawks and all flying creatures, the four-leggeds and even fish to come and make their presence known. We shall see. (As I Dragon Speak* this on Tuesday, I see that Buffalo, Eagles and Hawks have come. The animals are answering the call.)

Saturday, October 29, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

After a rich experience of the preliminary meditations, I am once again at Standing Rock encouraging the police dogs to “Go home, good dogs, go home.” I wish to pacify them and release them from the bondage of hateful human commands. They will arise in time also and this way of being bestial is not good for their evolution. They need to be redeemed also.

The protectors, of course, are being watched over by the Warriors of the Rainbow Light and inspired by them. The Blue Spheres are encircling the protector’s camp and also encircling the police lines. There is a boundary between them which will be moved and permeable as needed.

I wanted to move a labyrinth to Standing Rock or create one there by asking the gnomes* of the ground there to send telluric, or earthly forces upward through the soil in the pattern of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth and for the air to move as the one at the ranch does. It was accomplished and there now is an etheric generator at the top of a little rise of land not far from the main camp. People will come up here to meditate and pray and have a little walk away from the heat of camp, and find peace and solitude in the spirit.

Monday, October 31, 2016 – Halloween – Marin Valley, California

We went to the labyrinth at standing rock and realized that we must work on it a bit. I was reaffirming the request for telluric energies to be aligned upward which caused a movement down below of crystals deep in the earth.

The main camp at standing rock looks like a Galaxy from high above – all those little teepee circles in clusters and light coming up from so many.

Labyrinths and Earth’s telluric forces could be directed around nuclear power plants and oil spills and in many other ways. Human thought is powerful for requesting such specific elemental activity.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

This is a letter to the military, police, security guards, National Guard, state troopers, and all who are spending their life energy supporting the corporate destruction of the world in which even they themselves live.

“Turn, Brothers. Turn and go peacefully. We are unarmed peaceful people protecting your environment, your water, and ours. Life is a right of all human beings. Water is the basis of life. We stand here to protect the water, not only for ourselves and our children but for you and yours. The threat to the rivers in the heart of this land is too great to allow. We must all unite as living human beings against the mechanistic, non--human intentions of corporations and soulless entities that do not drink water or breathe air, eat food, live, or love.

When you don the riot gear and become a violent pawn in their game, you set aside your own humanity – your own thinking and feeling – and become one of the mindless minions of darkness. You engage in indecent behaviours designed to maim, humiliate, harm, and kill your sisters and brothers. And for what? I ask you. With blood on your hands, hatred and fear in your hearts, and shame in your souls, you will infect your own families and communities when you return.

It is not the corporations that will pay the price for this conflict. It is you – the men that have chosen to set aside your own decency and humanity – who have chosen violence, brutality, and dishonour in your actions. Once again, sadly, American men have shown the world the petty, easily bought, cowardly, indecent, brutish behaviour that is possible for a man to sink to. We Americans are bombing seven other countries at this moment, killing millions of unarmed brothers, sisters, children, grandparents, mothers and fathers.

And you have brought this despicable and unconscionable behavior home to American soil. In brutalizing your brothers and sisters in peaceful protection of our mutual Mother Earth – her water, air and land – you have withdrawn yourselves from the family of humankind. You have sold your souls to the forces in opposition to human life, love, growth and development.

This is not a conscripted army you are in. You, alone, are responsible for joining and for every one of your actions. You, individually, will pay the price. May God have mercy on your souls.

So turn around now. Go peacefully. Admit to yourselves that this is not the noble work of a decent man in the 21st century. Surely it is time to leave war and exploitation behind and choose life and love as the basis of your human relations.

So, Brothers, dear manipulated, misguided Brothers, take off the riot gear, turn and walk away as a true human being who is responsible for himself and his actions. Millions pray for your redemption. Receive their concern, compassion, and support. Choose peace. Choose humankind. Choose life and choose love. Turn and walk away, or come, join your family of protectors.

A second letter to the police, security guards, state troopers and National Guard.

Take off the riot gear. Rejoin the family of humankind. Reclaim and redeem your soul. Turn and walk away in peace or join your brothers and sisters in protecting the very world we live in, from non-living corporate entities. We should not allow ourselves to become pawns in the game of greed, deception, hatred, lies, and brutal, senseless violence.

Remain centered in your clear minds and loving hearts. Retain your humanity. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down into indecent, degraded actions that will tarnish your true human nature. The guilty sadistic pleasures of brutal power, animalistic adrenaline-driven instincts, and the subjugation of the higher self to the passion, hatred, and fear of the lower nature, will change your lives irrevocably. You will not return home the same man as you left. You are already the object of scorn, pity, and shame for millions of your own countrymen – not to mention the world which is watching the decimation of American values, as you engage in fascist activities.

The pipeline, the corporations and the banks that support it, are not America. The people are. The land and water, we are protecting, are. The government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” has now been bought by corporate entities; and many government officials, National Guard, sheriffs, and police forces are now “against the people.” America is no longer the land of the free. It has all been bought and sold, and you who are in riot gear and militarized against peaceful protesters are now the acting front line of fascism – bent on total physical control of America and the people.

It is time for each of you to choose – with whom and for what will you stand? We pray for your souls and your choices. We suggest choosing peace and love, respect and integrity. Take off the riot gear – the dog-collars of the ruling elite’s human beasts. Lay down your pepper spray, your rubber bullets, and the tools created to destroy human beings. Turn and walk away while you still have the consciousness, strength, and ability to do so. You are welcome to join us in peaceful protection of water, air, and earth, for all of us – for America and for the future generations of humankind.

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