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Monographs by Kienda Valbracht

You may choose to read CONCEPTUAL MATRIX first as a context for understanding most of Kienda's work. 


Conceptual Matrix

To understand the answers to profound questions involving the meaning of life, death, birth, and infinity in the cosmos, one needs a large overview of human evolution – a context for all the myriad facts. 2012            30 Pages PDF File

Image by Mick Haupt

Native American and Indigenous Adventures

A collection of journal entries from 2009 to 2015. Communications and research questions in spiritual realms.

35 Pages  PDF File

"Evolution on earth can be described as the progressive materialization of the spiritual, cosmic, supersensible thoughts of the ground of creation – God. Everything is evolving, increasing in complexity and consciousness, or just plain changing. There is a pattern to earthly evolution.The "wheel of dharma” or the “wheel of life” is a great, huge, cosmic vortex. Everything within it is spiraling upward and recapitulating the old, in new (and hopefully better) ways. The fundamental tension between unity and separation is infinitely elaborated as creation expands and contracts through rhythmic pulses between the two poles of every duality.There are fleeting moments of eternal cosmic balance midpoint, and 180 degree transitions at either extreme. Life fluctuates between evolution and involution.

Image by Marek Studzinski

Christ, the Elementals, and Radiation

A series of journal entries from Holy Week, 2011. 

31 Pages  PDF File

"Palm Sunday in San Francisco, April 17, 2011 This morning I saw that I and all humanity must get in touch with the rhythms and cycles of nature by watching the sunrise and sunset, and by consciously uniting the Christ within, with the Christ in the etheric body of the earth." When we consciously align our thoughts with healthy rhythms for the earth and our lives, then we can heal all the ‚jangling‛, disharmonious thoughts and rhythms and angst and suffering of humanity, and mitigate all the poisoning and damaging of the earth – a tall order, but we have to start somethere.

Ignazio set the question: "What are the karmic consequences of how we, of the white race, treated and exterminated the Native Americans?"

When I closed my eyes and opened them on the other side, I was greeted by an elder Native American wearing a feathered head dress‚ "Just for effect." he said, smiling, referring to his bonnet. "I'm glad you asked that question. We are glad because with the answer to that question, you will know what needs to be done and what you can do." "It is going to be like a story," I said, as I heard his rich, mellow voice begin......

Image by Sean Sinclair

Warriors of the Rainbow Light

My first adventures as I discovered the Gray Plane and the souls trapped there by their own beliefs.


21 Pages PDF File

During Holy Week of 2009, only a few years ago, during the act of Consecration of Man, celebrated at the Christian Community in San Francisco, an angel took me up onto a dry barren hill overlooking a vast circular plane. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions of souls were sitting silent and unmoving on rows and rows of chairs that stretched away for miles and miles. They were wrapped in gray cloaks with hoods pulled down over their bowed faces.  I asked the angel who they were, and he answered, “These are the souls who believe in nothing – very little meaning to life, no meaning to death, nothing to do and nowhere to go. Some are materialists that only believe in the physical world.  Without being alive in a physical body, they do not know that they exist.  They have chosen to sit here for eternity. ”..........

The Extra-Terrestrial Issue

An astonishing "Indiana Jones" style adventure with the Galactic Federation and an assemblage of Extraterrestrials and humans - both living and dead - as well as possible defectors from the secret space programs.

June 2011 – April 23, 2014

43 Pages  PDF Download

“Not many will survive the coming changes.  Some may be air-lifted to safety, but most human ETers are gullible fools, in that they expect saviors and they are not ready to work individually for the new influx of technology and the creation of the new world.  They are still thinking in spiritual materialistic terms.  Know that like in “Peralandra” the dark side will continue on in the New World.  It’s just an ebb and flow – a contraction and expansion.”

Books by Kienda Valbracht

Lucid Death: Conscious Journeys Beyond the Threshold

Paperback – August 31, 2012

by Kienda Betrue

Paperback: 217 pages $17.95 

Publisher: iUniverse (August 31, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1462061176

ISBN-13: 978-1462061174

Ready or not, everyone dies. How does one prepare for this inevitable transformational journey? In Lucid Death, author Kienda Betrue presents a guide to the possible afterworlds. From the religions of the world to original hypnotherapy research into the landscapes beyond life, she offers maps to the spiritual places and events that may be encountered after death. Lucid Death places religious beliefs of the afterlife from around the world and throughout time into a context of cosmology and the evolution of consciousness fit for the twenty-first century.......

Tulku Tales

from India:

Changing Patterns of Reincarnation

This story tells of my first “Major Mission” through the cracks between the worlds and in multi-dimensional time/space

1989 44 Pages  Manuscript PDF  Download    

"It began a long, long, time ago. When, I don't even know: somewhere in the forgotten mists of perhaps even antediluvian times. Anyway, it all caught up with me a few years ago, or at least, that's when I can chart it from. The trail of unfolding karma stretches away forever, behind us at least. I think the future is different, or has the potential for a new way of being, a new way of playing the game of life. .".......

Lessons from Mount Shasta and

The New Jerusalem

Most of my spiritual research, recorded in the journals, tracks the changes and the messages from the super-sensible realms on a number of different subjects.

2009-2015 75 Pages Manuscript PDF 

This manuscript is a collection of journal entries from 2009 to 2015.  I have gathered up the entries on specific subjects, with an introduction and biography, for those interested in particular areas. There has been only a bit of editing and additions to clarify, otherwise, the information is as it came.  I have left it in this form so that the Gentle Reader may experience the progression of the thoughts, insights, and inspirations. The spiritual world is unfolding, even as life on Earth is changing and evolving.

The Dragon Quintet:

A History of Dragons in the Universe

From the Black League of Aldebaran,To the White Dragon of Sirius B, To the Red Dragon in the White Garden of Eden, To the Redemption of Lucifer, To How to Incubate Your Dragon Using Quantum Biology

2010  142 Pages      Manuscript PDF  

All this to say, Gentle Reader, that although the Dragon Quintet may be classified as Science Fiction, it is really galactic fact. It comes from experiencing the Universal Akasha and then translating it by human thought into English – American 2012 style. In other words, I did not simply “make it all up.” It’s not fiction: it’s truth. It is, however, only my personal perception of the vast reality of existence, only seen through my human, spiritual 3rd eye, and only understood through my personally extrapolated concepts, so I am well aware: it is only a miniscule part of the whole picture of life and death, infinity and eternity.

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