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The Political Situation in America

Monday, November 7, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Edgar greeted me right away and said, “We need to do something about this election. It’s dire. Let’s move the Warriors of the Rainbow Light out into the fields. It’s time for people to feel safe, think clearly, and vote with their human conscience. No more party-line. Everything has been co-opted long ago. Now a new system of more effective and efficient checks and balances must be installed. It’s a huge undertaking –but if not powerful, far-reaching, and now – then it will be much, much later and at the cost of incredible human suffering and slipping into devolution. Many parts of the world are awakening and people speaking incendiary truths as well as prejudices. Will Americans awaken to take to the streets, or will they tighten the noose around the neck of freedom and commit political and social suicide? We must all work together on this. So let’s get to it.”

“A brief survey of the situation brings interesting facts to light. Many extraterrestrials are either gone from the planets or holed-up in a few dark places – Antarctica, the mountains near Denver, the catacombs beneath Washington DC, and a few other places scattered around America. They are definitely sending negative energy of fear and anger, racial hatred and personal self-loathing. The real issue as yet is: unredeemed human beings. They, out of fear and their own untransformed wounds and sins, are perpetrating the evil, disease, violence, and ignorant stupidity into the world through not only their own poorly conceived actions, but by the negative emotions they spew into the political, social, and cultural arenas. Human concern, compassion, and love are really the only things that can change the situation. So we humans on this team, supported by the beneficent extraterrestrials and hierarchic beings, must get to it with another notch of intensity.”

“We humans would like to ask the angels and archangels to help clear away the miasma – the fog – that is blocking out the light in the collective unconscious of humankind. From the extraterrestrials we would so deeply appreciate protection, security, and safety, so that people can have time and energy to tune in and find the beautiful, noble, and true within themselves once more. From the human dead who are so near in the Hallows Eve time, please remain close and support your loved ones in finding the truth within themselves. And the Warriors of the Rainbow Light – stand guard and protect humans from the unredeemed ignorant behaviors of other humans. Stand strong with Michael* against human recalcitrance, stupidity, and fear-based actions.”

“Thank you all. We have two days of extreme vigilance ahead of us. We are bathed – saturated – with Christ’s love. It is our shield and strength. May we prove worthy of it, and I trust we will. We can meet back here this evening and anytime necessary. Thank you all, today we help humanity decide and tomorrow strengthen them to do the right thing. It is the moment. It is the crossroad. God bless us, every one.”

Thursday, November 10, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Edgar opened the morning session, “So let’s debrief the state of worldly affairs. Humanity is aware of the global domination – mostly instinctively – but are now choosing to throw off the yoke of financial and government manipulation as it has come through the cabal* and the Dracos*. That is good, and just in time. However, the world stage is now being orchestrated not only by the cabal and Dracos under the tutelage of Ahriman*, but individual personalities are being tempted and swayed by the Azuras* – the soul-eating, Ego/I degrading beings who influence the base personality of a human – if they are listened to. Trump is a perfect example of that whole phenomena.”

“The New World order and globalism was premature. Most humans are not secure within themselves as individuals with a personal conscious connection and experience of their angels and the higher hierarchies. For many, the emotionalism of religious dogma has taken the place of the individual work and experience of true spiritual beings who rightfully work with humankind. The New World order is based on the obliteration of individuality and compulsory inclusion into a world-wide structure of domination, control, and compliant obedience to externally manipulated rules and laws.”

“When a sufficient number of individuals have achieved the inner security of a conscious connection to their angels*, the elementals*, Christ*, and the hierarchies*; they will gravitate together in like-minded communities and networks, and encircle the earth in a web of conscious human light. That will be the true new world order. To be able to accomplish that necessary step on the ladder of vibrational ascension, humans must overcome the ahrimanic temptation of artificial intelligence and the technological enhancement of innate, natural human capacities. Human potential is best fulfilled and expanded through human thinking, feeling, and willing, that has been developed and honed through human-scale practices, experiences and relationships. Only in that way will we rightfully achieve our destined evolutionary powers and become a benign force in the cosmos.”

“Trump is the flowering in the 21st century of a long line of narcissistic, megalomaniacal dictators from long ages past – the modern face of the Roman empire in decline. He has, however, broken the spell of the cabal. Now we shall see what happens next. The beings in the spiritual world are working with those on earth – offering inspiration and guidance. Christ continues to pour out pink roses of love. Humans need only open, listen, and receive. But that is still rare. As you are fond of saying, Kienda, ‘It takes two to tango.’ And that is true between dimensions – both parties need to be aware of the connection. Dreams, and un or sub- conscious assistance is ongoing. It is the conscious participation by humanity which is needed, but lacking.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

From the donut*, I see there is a shining from the heart of Russia – the Ringing Cedars* and the impulse for return to the heart of mother Russia through farming, organics, and music etc. I heard beautiful choir singing – men with deep beautiful voices, and many singing Halleluiahs in close harmony and in community of soul.

In America, there is a thunderstorm roiling across the nation with thunder and lightning, wailing and sorrow. The vicious divisiveness of the campaigns has torn America asunder – it is polarizing drastically since Ahriman has captured fundamental Christianity. There is no group large and united or strong enough to speak for the people and the earth. And money doesn’t talk – it screams, “destroy, use, pillage, plunder, me, me, me, $, $, $, money is God.” Already boils and cankers are festering. Red is spurting through the dark cloud covering America.

We must work together to heal and balance all this negativity. We must raise our vibrations individually and come together as secure, compassionate individuals into spiritually-aware working groups that can send vital spiritual forces into the melee. We must gather in peaceful expressions of calm reason and loving energy to support ourselves in large numbers and to raise the vibration of humanity and the earth.

I began thinking about the eEementals* and how they are feeling about the degeneration of their substances and about the fifth element comprised of light and love. The fifth element is like the Spirit Self* of the transformed astral body of humanity. It is a transformation of the element of fire. It is the external metamorphosis of the quality of fire in etheric force into an astral capacity. If we continue to do the inner work of self-conscious enlightenment, the evolution of our bodies into their higher vibratory states will be accomplished. With the development of the spirit self from the innate astral body, to the development of four new etheric members from the transformation of the elements of our etheric bodies; we will be prepared for the transformation of the matter of our physical bodies.

Every aspect of earthly existence is polarizing – humans, angels, archangels, and elemental beings. We humans are the centre point of the activity. We must purify our bodies as well as our thoughts and emotions in order to redeem our personal elementals and raise them to their next level of higher development – the fifth through eighth ethers which will, in the end, be the catalyzing forces for the ultimate raising and refinement of physical matter into spirit man.

Saturday, November 19, 2017 – Marin Valley, California

Arihimsa stepped back, after speaking about the work of Amen Togu. Rudolf Steiner entered the centre of the circle. “Thank you, Arihimsa, for your considered analysis of this little piece of work now manifesting in human consciousness and activity. Since I was alive on earth, the changes have been dire. Spiritual cosmic truth, however, is ever firm and centred in evolutionary thrust, reality, and experience. Human beings must choose love and understanding at the highest level, to be able to manifest proper, positive evolution on earth. It was always my hope, desire, and goal, to bring the information, tools, and experiences to humanity that would further conscious evolution in individuals, communities, and the world. That the impulse for this work is now moving among a few people is validation of its need, and blessedly, now is the time.”

“It will be a long process for the present generations, but once enough people are cleared and working consciously with the appropriate spiritual beings, the younger generations will flow more easily and the innate metamorphosis and gifts of the times will be ever-more accessible, effective, and efficient. This process will help in creating communities and working groups of secure individuals. One can only participate happily and effectively if one is secure and self-aware. Inner work to cleanse, heal, and thrive is a desired prerequisite for effective, self-less work with larger questions beyond the personal.”

“Everything is moving towards new harmonious communities of like-minded, but individually self-actualized people. That is the next evolutionary step around the world. The political, religious, and financial debacle in America, which is infecting the world, is a vicious example of the last gasps and dying throes of the old deadened order of thoughts, feelings, and atrophied will. When the sclerotic forces of Ahriman contract cultures so tightly, it often takes explosive forces from within and without to break free into the next stage of life. The death throes of the old evils are rocking the world now.”

Rudolf Steiner went on, “It is important to remember that there are valuable lessons to be learned and cherished from the old which has now become evil because of excesses and being out of its proper time. Once the lessons are learned and the wisdom gathered, it is time to move on. The moving on has not happened, unfortunately. Some of the forces and spiritual beings want to continue the same old lessons and begin to manipulate and control through them. In the end, institutions and edifices, laws, rules, and regulations, become hardened and impervious to human thoughts and feelings. Within these systems and organizations, immune to human love and reason, evil breeds and damages or destroys the souls of all involved – both on the inside and through control, violence and domination of the general populace in the world. That is a sadly apt description of the present situation in many countries. America has just dropped into that abyss.”

“It is only by individuals awakening to their true identity as conscious spiritual beings in a physical human body, and do the inner work to detoxify the body, heal the soul of past trauma, and experience love and forgiveness for one’s self and others, that we can learn the lessons and move on. From such a healed place, humanity can gather together to work spiritually to heal the world. This process, which Armen Togu has clarified, can be applied individually and also to groups and to larger planetary issues. Thank you. As you work with it, Kienda, we will all assist as appropriate.” Rudolf Steiner smiled slightly and stepped back.

Sunday, November 20, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

During my meditations, I caught a glimpse, with Rudolf Steiner, of the evolution of humankind. There will always be a few who are conscious of the future and active in multiple dimensions. Those folks are ahead of the “bell curve” and are the bushwhackers of new paths of perception and the cutting edge of consciousness. The rest, the majority of the population, will in time, receive the abilities appropriate to human evolution and express and manifest them in daily life. That is why not many people are drawn to Lucid Death* or the Cosmic Odyssey*. It is too far ahead, too conceptual, and not yet easily applicable to daily life in our crazy times.

The ability to perceive glimpses of the spiritual worlds is upon us now, but the opposition is distracting, obscuring, and denigrating most attempts to make sense of it or integrate a wider spiritually-based view into human relations and daily life. Right now my personal job is to continue my work and writing to the best of my abilities, keeping the integrity of the product as high and professional as possible, and a simple keeping of the faith and modeling how to do so.

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