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Earth has been a Prison Planet – Thank Heavens, the Times, They are A-Changing

Monday, August 8, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“Come-on up, girl. “called Edgar. I stopped in the main hall to see Christ in the old way, and sit on His lap – I needed comfort. “Silly, adorable, Woman.” He said, then continued, “Yes, earth has been a ‘prison planet’ – one of the schools of hard knocks. You have thought this a number of times before, on your own. It is true. Even I am a retarded spirit of administration and organization – a Kyriotete*. Still, I am high and divine and highly evolved – way beyond humanity. We all, in this little backwater of the galaxy, have done well under dire straits and insurmountable circumstances. We, who have at least persevered, are experiencing the fruit of our labors. We are being released from the pressure of unrelenting opposition to love, joy, and peace. If we all stand tall and ‘walk our talk’, nobly and compassionately, we shall attain the goal. The whole galaxy is ‘rooting’ for us. We are a part of something so much larger than we can see. The only way to accomplish our destiny is to do our best (clearest consciousness, loving feelings, strong, appropriate, compassionate action) in each moment – nothing more, nothing less.”

“Let’s join the team, “Christ concluded. I felt wonderful, centered, energized and appreciated. “Great, I am ready and thank you.”So, we, the posse and I, and Christ, went down the hall and into the Galactic Federation wing, and joined Edgar and the team. “Wait,” I cried, “I forgot to ask about the Ranch*. What shall become of it? What shall I do, if anything?”

What I heard in reply was: “Too narrow was the gate. Anthroposophists* are not very good team players. It would be a wonderful conference center, youth camp, biodynamic farm, and/or retreat center, but a group of harmonious, open-minded, inspired, friendly, easy-going, dedicated, intelligent, forgiving people would have to gather; and there are not that many around who call themselves Anthropophists. So it is not obvious who can do what is needed when the time comes – as it invariably will.”

“There could be a series of meetings about this with gatherings from many circles of people who can synergize from their strong points and create something that the land calls forth from the people. It’s time for people to listen – to themselves, one another, and the land, trees, sky and wind. It’s time for Mother Gaia* to speak. It’s time for people to listen. Clairvoyant folk can have insights, but that is not enough. Everyone must cultivate their own ability to hear, see, feel and respond out of their own perceptions. That does not mean that an individual will have the whole picture – just their particular point of view. Everyone will have something to contribute.”

“Then, people must work together among themselves, with their own individual perceptions of the land, and create something unique that belongs to the Ranch, the people, and the needs of our time.”

“So, gathering large and random groups of people to begin the process of coming in touch with the land and talking together about the feelings, ideas, and inspirations that have arisen – knowing in advance: no one person’s idea will be sufficient. It must and will be a process that will gestate the birth of a truly human and humane new way of being together on the land, and facilitate open interactions with others.”

“In this way, dedicated to Christ*, the evolution of humanity, Earth, and the spiritual worlds, including the Elementals; we can become very present and active. The Dead can be invited and join also. Questions such as: What does humanity need to experience at this time? How can people and the Elementals work together now? How can the human dead help us living daily life? What is the language of Gaia and nature and how can we communicate with her and her spiritual forces? These kinds of questions could be addressed.”

“There is much preliminary work to be done and started now. People from all over the country could be invited to come together for all sorts of gatherings and sharings and learnings about human relations in the 21st century; and human relations with the Earth, the Elementals and Nature; and human relations to Christ in our time – which will ultimately have to relate to the second deed of Christ*, the redemption of Lucifer*, and the arrival of the Azuras*, and all that means now in the evolution of this quadrant of the galaxy.”

“If the Ranch cannot embrace the realities of the present time, it will fade like much of the Anthroposophical Society* and movement. It will sclerose and contract to a few individual’s desires, like most of the rest of the world.”

“As yet, the Ranch is poised to become a model force in the new world. No outcome is preordained. Nothing good done here is lost. It would be wonderful if it could blossom as an example of true consciousness soul community life.”

Tuesday Afternoon, April 9, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Up to the team, and Edgar said, “Answering people’s questions might not be the right thing for you. We have work to do ourselves. I don’t want to be selfish, but we have things to accomplish.” So I asked, “Okay, what must we do? What’s our goal?” He replied, “Getting information out there. Validating what is true and right, and if necessary, refuting some of the purposely obscuring, confusing, and chaotic disinformation. Now it is important to validate what is true and expand on that. If you and Ignacio would work together, it would be so good. You could be a powerful team. Now, it’s each one for themselves. There is not a lot you can do for his work at this time but there is a lot he could contribute to the dissemination of your (and it’s not only your’s) and my, Edgar’s material. Now is the time.

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