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Understanding the Draco Empire

Friday, June 10, 2016 – Carlsbad, California

Earth is one of the planets in the Draco Empire*, taken over long ago – at the time of Lemuria*, with the intervention of Lucifer*. Many other extraterrestrial races came along and intervened in our progress at different times – the Annunaki*, the Titans*, the Norse* and Greek gods*, the Shalicos* and Kachinas*, the Hindu gods*, and more. They genetically modified humanity for various purposes and to achieve their own agendas often without regard for human destiny. These agendas include but are not limited to, being the source of particular targeted etheric fields and emotional energies; becoming a slave race to work in the mines etc. for the dominators; and occasionally, being a source of nutrition.

There is an evolutionary trajectory for the human race above and beyond the uses to which we were and continue to be subjected, however. That destiny is to become like the creator gods of the positively evolved hierarchies. humankind, as all evolving blends of physical and spiritual beings do, have the possibility to become non--physical, powerfully psychic, spiritual beings who go on to create new and better worlds in the future.

The races and beings that have chosen to remain embedded or attached to the physical material world, have other agendas, however, and seek to enmesh and entrap the unsuspecting physically incarnated beings and races into prolonged or eternal physical material involvement and incarnations. That way, they have a constant external source of energy – etheric and astral – for their own vitality, longevity, and the fulfillment of their mission and agenda – which is to remain the controllers and dominators of an empire subservient to their needs, desires, and whims in the physical realm. They have chosen not to ascend out of the physical, but to remain there – spreading their power and influence horizontally across the galaxy, rather than ascending vertically into the higher, finer, vibratory levels of existence.

So unfortunately, Earth has become a cog in their Empire machine of control and dominance. Through the many wars that have been foisted upon humanity, the most evolved, aware, and intelligent people have been repeatedly exterminated. The masses are mind-controlled by every sensory means possible – religion, education, media, drugs, chemistry, including fluorine and chlorine, vaccinations, medicine, finances, government. You name it – it has been co-opted by the alien agenda to enslave the populations. And if those don’t work – then fear of mere survival erodes noble human potential.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the situation has intensified. The human mind is fertile ground for implanting ideas and technological dreams. We are an innately creative species and can elaborate and embellish such inspirations from the extraterrestrials – which is precisely what happened during the two world wars – resulting in the Third Reich, the SS, and an alliance with the Draco overlords of the planet. The reptilian Dracos and other races of a negative persuasion had influenced many brilliant German scientists who responded favorably to their call for power and ego aggrandizing. When World War II came to an end, they migrated to America by the thousands through Operation Paperclip, where they infiltrated every aspect of the U.S. government and all the internal agencies from the CIA and NASA, to the military/industrial complex, to higher education, medicine, and big Pharma etc. The U.S. was almost completely under the spell of the alien agenda, packaged as progress and technological luxury, modernism and post modernism.

Mercifully, not everyone fell under the wheels of alien technology which aims to supplant human potential with artificial intelligence. The soul of humankind is resilient, and once awakened into activity, can overcome the control of the alien agenda. But we cannot do this by ourselves. Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps is not really possible. We need assistance to overcome the oppressive results of the interventions and manipulations of technically superior beings from higher levels of evolution than we ourselves are.

Mercifully, there are those. Many races have evolved over much longer periods than humanity. Numbers of them never stoop to interventions in physical matter. They choose to inspire from afar, or to work through the higher beings who are responsible for the evolution of the individual star system and each planet therein. Christ is the Solar Logos*, the highest evolutionary being in charge and the regent of the Solar System. Gaia is the leading consciousness of our planet, Earth. We humans should rightfully listen to and accept their guidance which will lead to the positive evolution of humankind through and beyond this phase of physical incarnations. The Draco agenda is the complete antithesis of the Christ conscious evolution of our solar system.

We have been under the thumb of the oppressing alien interlopers for hundreds of thousands of years. The Christ and other benign beings have guided our progress in spite of the opposition. Christ is a cosmic being who, in a series of actions, has continued to create opportunities for humanity to awaken to the multiple realities operating on planet Earth, and to protect the potential within the race for positive evolution, should we choose that path.

We are at the crossroads now – a turning point in time. The ET’s have been cleared from the planet, except those who may remain by genetic right. Now, at this time, a crucial deed of the Christ being has opened a new avenue of inspiration and influence of love, forgiveness, and cooperation. These experiences are available to any who choose to become aware of them. The obscuring forces of the negative aliens are dissipating and we humans can perceive more clearly in both the physical and spiritual worlds, hence making wiser choices.

Humanity must question and reject the many monstrous, though seductive beliefs, experiences, and compulsions of the alien agenda that have become physical and psychological addiction for the masses. Many human beings are awakening and returning to basic human values of kindness, cooperation, nurturance, equality, respect, love, and appreciation for all humanity and the earth. There is hope for a reawakening of wonder for the stars and the heavens.

The alien agenda is embedded in the souls of many humans through addictions to their negative stimulus. We are still enslaved to the residue left in the human body and psyche. When those who are awakening can act in concert to realign the cultures and societal norms once again with innate human values and morality, the addictive residues will be cleared, and we can work in harmony to create a world of our own choosing. We need to love and enjoy the physical material world and honor it accordingly, before we can move on out of the physical world, ascending upward consciously.

Now, Christ and the benevolent alien races that no longer need or want the pleasures and pains of the physical material world, are offering inspiration, guidance, and energy from the higher realms. We would be wise to tune in and learn to create our own true heart’s desire – heaven on earth.

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