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Shushilla’s Dissertation on Grey/Human Hybrids

Saturday Morning, May 21, 2016 – San Diego, California

Up to the New Jerusalem* at last. We all went to a meeting room down the hall and Christ came. He said we on the team are doing marvelously. He showed us a living video (or perhaps it was a hologram.) At first I was not able to accept it – because I was speaking to groups of people who seemed to look at me like a guru. I rejected that, but then it was made clear as the vision went on, that the book, An Interstellar Odyssey, had opened people up and we could go deeper and synergize together. Mutual appreciation, respect, and love were the key points of contact – information and the experiences of meditative practices put everyone, by their own inner work, into sync. I can see a time when we take groups on journeys. Each person in the group will take the others on their own personal trips into their own aspects of meditative practice, meeting their guides and spiritual families and seeing what they do in spiritual worlds. That way, the network is expanded in the community, and intimate knowledge of one another in etheric and astral dimensions, grows

Sunday Morning, May 22, 2016 – San Diego, California

After the preliminaries, we went up to the New Jerusalem. I want to understand the status of the team, where it is appropriate for us to meet, and what is rightful for us to do.

I asked Shushilla* if she can come up and she said, “Yes, just don't hold so hard to the definitions of planes and spaces, mother dear. Just as earth is one single entity seen from space – no boundaries, no borders – so also are the higher realms, seamless. All of us on the team except the four Elemental* exist in many levels and planes just as you do. The Elementals in your body, though usually confined to work in the etheric worlds, can rise to the astral level through and with you, and also through Little Golden Love – the Fifth Element*. It is an important step in their evolution to do so, and they are grateful."

“The others of our spiritual family – myself, Siridon*, Ahh*, Bey*, and Tsey*, can come and go at will because of our connection with you, and that puts us in the category of 'evolutionary behest*' – not just 'genetic right*.' Genetic right is the lowest classification. Evolutionary behest indicates a conscious intent and benevolent goal, design, and plan. Edgar's people are being cleared now especially since he is in the astral world and settling into his kamaloca*. Basically, we are all free to move between the etheric and astral dimensions* – and of course many of us move higher when necessary or desired. Ahh, Bey, and Tsey, are almost always in physical form on their home planet. They come when needed through the higher planes and step down into the astral to meet us here.”

“Arihimsa's* consciousness encompasses this galaxy so he can be everywhere at once. He takes a perceptible form in whatever dimension is best for the other beings he relates to – such as the motley crew of our team. For us, he becomes etheric or astral, however, for Arihimsa and Garth-Majid*, the astral realm is preferable to the etheric. So, we will all do well here in the New Jerusalem. We all have clearance and the blessing of Christ wherever we are, but in being here in the astral world, we can work from love more profoundly. Oh, and Little Halo* received a special dispensation to continue working with us. It's a bit rarefied for her up here and her grip on consciousness is a bit tenuous, but she is a plucky little thing and game for adventure.”

“So," Shushilla continued, "about the hybrid race on earth – the genetic mix of Earthling and Grey*. Because the program was initiated by the Greys in order to improve their race physically as well as etherically and astrally, the soul is primarily a Grey soul with an Earthling oversoul. Their race had evolved into 'beehive' or ant mentality, because they destroyed the surface of their planet and were exiled to the interior before their evolution had fitted them for such a dramatic change and difference in environment. They had not individually developed a strong enough Ego/I* – not to become mere ciphers in a pyramid of power. They became unconscious members of 'the Borg', in Star Trek *parlance. Their astral bodies had withered and shrunk, so they were easily manipulated into virtual non-existence without a whimper or fight.”

“Yet, they had succumbed to the ahrimanic*temptation of technical advancement and mechanistic materialism. They achieved interstellar travel and sought ways and means for genetic upgrades across the galaxy. Resident species of differing planets related to them very differently. On earth, they came in on the tails of the Draco Reptilian's* due to pacts in past ages by some of the Greys. Those kinds of unholy alliances were further exacerbated by the deplorable state of earthly affairs, being under the sway of Lucifer* and Ahriman*.”

“Humanity is not on schedule for awakening and conscious evolution. Of course, many will learn the lessons and master the physical plane eventually, but many more may not. It will take a number of runs at ascension before a majority will succeed."

“But, back to the evolution of the Grey/human hybrids on earth. There are many different hybrid Grey races all over the galaxy. When the Dracos and Greys returned to earth, welcomed in by the atomic bombs, they knew then that humanity had fallen totally under the influence of Ahriman – the dark inspirer of technological destruction – and that they would find willing cohorts and slaves to their desires, with whom they could make deals and control the planet."

“It was open season on Earth, her resources, and inhabitants. The ancient, blue-blood, illuminati, genetically-modified rulers of the world were ready to sell and bargain away everything. The negative Draco Reptilians – distant relatives of our beloved Garth-Majid – stepped into the power elite to possess them and the world. The Greys got carte blanche for genetic material – hence the abductions, experiments, and the degraded finale of Dulce in New Mexico*.”

“Extraterrestrials are also influenced by the energies and vibes of the planets they enter. The potent mix of their own negative, self-serving agendas and the ahrimanic and luciferic dominance in the cultures of earth is, plainly, bad news. So, to wrap the state of affairs for human/Grey hybrids; they have a Grey soul and a human oversoul. It is not an easy mix – but many who have received love in the early years, as Halo did, are doing reasonably well."

“Their after-life beyond death, however, is new and different. They are under the aegis of Christ, but do not yet have enough to work with in higher planes. They journey out only as far as the sun, before returning to earth to see if there is another assignment for the two souls again. Things have settled down a little since the quarantine. They, of course, are here by genetic right – so Christ has created a new task force for the evolution of the hybrids. Anyway, mother dear, we will all do our best to include Halo and help her and her new race to evolve, gain greater consciousness, experience more love and emotions, and integrate as a worthy contributing part of creation on earth."

Sunday Afternoon, May 22, 2016 – San Diego, California

Shushilla continued this afternoon, “The hybrids have a new and different after-life. In the ancient past, on their original planets, they had regular souls and a patterned after-life that furthered their evolution. When they succumbed to the ahrimanic influence, and material science became the dominant, almost exclusive, worldview, and complicated, super-refined technology had superseded and replaced their spiritual abilities; they lost consciousness of the spiritual worlds to the point that they could no longer take the journey into spiritual worlds after death. Then the Dark Masters engineered the destruction of their civilizations on the surface of their planet, and they descended into the close quarters of the caverns beneath the surface for millennia. Finally, the souls lost their individual identities and when the bodies cease to function, the souls were stacked like cordwood, to be recycled when new bodies were cloned.”

“They would like, as a race, now that they are out in the galaxy, to expand their life experiences – hence all their genetic activities, experiments, and the many hybrid races they have spawned. They have, for so long a time; lost their emotions and responses to life, that now they have to begin all over again. On earth, in cooperation with human souls who have volunteered for a stint of oversoul activity, which is a new job opportunity for humanity, they will reawaken to multiple emotions, and experience the astral, agape, love of Christ – since the etheric crucifixion*, the second resurrection*, ascension*, and Pentecost*. Christ's cosmic deeds affect not only Earth, but our whole solar system and all sentient beings therein. The hybrids are included. Those extraterrestrial races who are here to push their own agendas, but remain free of genetic tampering and interbreeding, can turn away and avoid the loving influence of Christ - although, they must abide by His decrees in the solar system, His jurisdiction – hence the quarantine, in effect now.”

“As for the human souls who have chosen to work with the hybrids, they act as the guardian angel for their individual hybrid. They are highly evolved souls and have willingly offered time and energy to this project. Halos oversoul/Angel is a graceful, tall, beautiful, light blue and pink being who comes from the ranks of individual human souls very near achieving ascension out of the physical realm. Her name is Gladys*. She took Halo on, for a review of the human condition she left so long ago, and to try her hand at righting the many wrongs that have been perpetrated against the hybrids.”

“Most humans are in a crucial incarnation right now and would not have the time or energy available to assist a young hybrid soul. Gladys and a few others like her are willing to do so because they have mastered most of the physical lessons and are prepared to ascend later. They will have gained much that the majority of humans will not even have the option to gain. It is a gift and a blessing to both Gladys and Halo – humanity and hybrids.”

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