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Meditative Practices – The Chakras and the Torus

Tuesday Afternoon, April 26, 2016

"Good afternoon, folks." Edgar began. "Let's get to it as we are all here now. Are there other comments or additions so far?"

Siridon* and Gregor*offered some insights. "We would like to address the issue of movement and space in regards to Kienda's meditation practices. The use of three-dimensional images in a multidimensional realm encloses a specific space and a bit of the energies and substances of that realm. In this case, Kienda is working with etheric and astral realms imaginaly, creating boundaries and perimeters, and closing a specified volume and shape. In a way, this is a magical activity of intention modifying time/space and ascribing consciously chosen attributes to the interior. In her case, it is Christ and consciousness, with intent to heal and energize; and also for her, a vehicle for spiritual research – to contact spiritual beings, read the Akashic Records*, and travel within this solar system or to other star systems on a quest of comprehension of the beings and forces at work in the universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the planet, and the behavior of humans. By isolating a little etheric and/or astral capsule, one can more easily limit the inner sensory intensity and impress one's individual will and intention to exercise free choice of experience where it is possible. A deeper understanding is available and other subtle ramifications of sacred geometry can become known."

“The second issue we would like to add is the effect of the movement of the two interlacing pyramids. On the physical plane, two objects cannot inhabit the same space unless they are dissolved in water or are in the air state. Solid physical entities cannot actually exist in the same space at the same time. However, in the higher etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual realms, such exclusivity does not exist. Multiple entities, forces, and movements can simultaneously exist in a single space at the same time – and do. The two interlacing pyramids exemplify that fact. When coexisting forms move in opposite directions within a singular time/space, there is an intensification of the resident energies and forces. This energy, as Kienda indicated, can be utilized – directed and focused by a disciplined moral will, feeling, and mental intention. Depending on the realm or realms in which the sacred geometric shapes are created, and the power of concentration of the human being actualizing the forms, a number of realms, dimensions, and vibratory fields can be impacted, affected, utilized, or changed. This is a wide area worthy of exploration by scientists of the earth. These are forces that are willing, able, and eager to be put to good use and fuel creative positive feeling and beautifying work on earth.”

“Please, Kienda, bring this to the attention of the Noetics and Ignacio. It is time to create and work consciously in the higher realms – especially the etheric planes in alliance with the Elementals. Thank you." And Siridon and Gregor sat down. "Oh,” and Siridon jumped up and added, “there will be more to say when you describe the Caddy* also." "Yes indeed, that is coming soon." I replied. "Thank you for the greater understanding. I can see the possible experiments to actually experience the variety of possible effects of different movement patterns."

Wednesday Morning, April 27, 2016 – Seattle Washington

I was up late telling the whole story to Max* and Gnome*, so I'm a little/lot tired, but here. Edgar said, “No problem – just carry on. It was a good telling last night. My group heard it all for the first time and appreciated it. And yes, it seems to be a pattern with variations in all star systems and the galaxy. So, if you are ready to continue. . .”

So I began. "The first couple of practices have been described and validated by the experiences of others in this circle. I would now continue describing the next exercise which is a complete 12 chakra activation. I finish the triangulation at the point above my head. The energy then sweeps down as the clear white light of the central channel* down to the soles of my feet and then like a torus, moves out and upward in a sphere to return to the point above my head. As the energy is guided by my imagination into the central channel again, it weaves back and forth as it moves downward, like the caduceus*.”

“This process began years ago as two individual lines of energy weaving back and forth from head to toe. The caduceus is the two intertwining snakes upon a central staff – the symbol of medicine – the representation of the Ida* and Pingala* – the left and right energies of the breath, and the staff which is the path of the kundalini* energy from the base of the spine to above the crown. This is an ancient pictograph of the chakras – the Nadis* – the etheric energy nodes along the spine. Again I have found 12 chakra points from above my head to below my feet. At first, I visualized two lines of the Ida and Pingala weaving down my spine. Then one day, I said to myself, 'if I can see two lines, I can probably also visualize four.' So I did. I then imagined and then saw spiritually four lines of energy weaving down my spine. The forces all crossed in the centre of the channel and carefully danced through each chakra. I perceived the classic seven chakras in the beginning which later became nine and has settled now in the last few years at 12 chakras."

“With four lines, a sphere was described at each chakra, and in time, the lines were sometimes perceived as ribbons and it became apparent that the two sides of the ribbons alternated as the inside and outside of the sphere. Colors began to spark into existence at the centre meeting point of the four lines in the centre of the central channel which was the conduit of the pure white light of Christ love from above. Then later the enclosed spheres also took on color. Later, I decided to add more lines of energy to the eight, and then realized that I could see the whole shaft of the central channel separate into hundreds of lines that wove at the centre and expanded to create a complete sphere. Then the spheres began to change shape – they elongated and became like flower petals, delicate and fluttery and in gorgeous hues. All this time, when the weaving energies reach the soles of my feet on the earth, they opened up to trace a huge sphere upward around my whole body which was transparent but had color. The downward flowing central channel which is a hand-width wide, and the outer upward moving transparent sphere have a constant flow like a torus – with the added chakra petals fluttering on the inside of the torus* donut shape.”

“The chakras begin at the crown of my head where the white light pours into my bodies. At the third eye the lines converge in a violet flame. At the base of my skull, the alta major*, the color becomes a periwinkle blue. At the throat the color is intense royal blue. The thymus gland behind the sternum is turquoise. The heart chakra is green. The solar plexus is golden yellow, the tan tien, orange, and the root chakra at the base of the spine is flaming red. The chakra at the knees is fuchsia, the ankles, magenta, and the soles of the feet are purple. The channel opens out to move upward and en-sphere my whole body through indigo which becomes a clear peach blossom – lighter and lighter until it reaches the white light above the crown."

“At first these colors and lines of energy moved in the vertical up and down directions, but once I mastered that complexity, a spiraling motion was introduced. Now it really was a torus which moves in a spiraling tubular shape. The next step was to visualize a flow of energy coming up from below. Now I experienced two flows in the opposite but harmonious directions. It was a richly textured, complex sacred geometric pattern of the etheric and astral energy flows. I became the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.”

“This exercise disciplined and intensified my focus and concentration, extended my faculties for imagination and inspiration – seeing and hearing in the spiritual worlds. Then, when this practice was fully incorporated into my meditative life, I listened to a recording of Tom Kenyon's* – 'the Halls of Amenti*.' Each of the 12 chakras now had a perceived task and function. The white of the crown was the energy source from Galactic Center* through Christ our Solar Logos. The ajna – third eye – became three streams of energy - one from the third eye to the base of the skull and from each eye, crossing in the central channel to the occipital lobe on the opposite side of the brain. The eyes, like the brain and hand coordination, cross the midline central channel. The three eyes crossing point is in the pituitary. The alta major is the collection point of all the other senses. Hearing, taste, and smell all converge there in the medulla oblongata, the reptilian brain stem and give us our instinctive reactions to external stimuli. When the reptilian brain stem has been metamorphosed into the higher Dragon consciousness*, the sensory input becomes conscious response rather than unconscious instinctive reactions based on Lucifer's* hard-wired agenda. We are taking back our responsibility for our responses.”

“The throat chakra appeared as a beautiful, royal blue, curling wave. The thymus chakra looked like a little turquoise brain – the directing organ for healing and health – the brain of the physical body. The heart holds the whole earth. The solar plexus became a rotating circle of golden hands which can heal, remove obstructions, and accomplish many tasks. It is a part of the next two – the orange tan tien which is a crucible, and the flaming red root chakra which is the cosmic flame – a spiritual Bunsen burner. The dross, errors, idiocies, etc. – the intruding memories and thoughts etc. – all can be gathered by the golden hands, placed in the crucible, and transformed by the cosmic flame. All this is dedicated to Christ from the first moments of my meditation. The last three chakras are: the knees of service, the ankles of mobility and ease of movement, and the purple grounding of my feet as I walked the white path of peace. When this gift from Tom became apparent and was integrated at the end of the chakra meditation, my mental faculties were included and honed, and deeper thoughts on the significance of the interplay of the many realms of my existence became clear." I paused and looked around the circle. Everyone appeared satisfied, as I concluded, “We will adjourn until this afternoon. Thank you.”

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