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Beginning Meditation Practices – Triangulation and the Merkaba

Monday Morning, April 25, 2016 – Steamboat Island Road, Washington

“Well, here we are, ready to work." said Edgar when my meditations were finished. "It's about meditation today. Kienda, take it."

“Thank you," I said. “It's a constantly growing experience. Each day that I spend placing my attention in full focus on my practices which have evolved over the last 35 years, they still come alive as a fully valid state of existence which is mutually created and a collaboration between the many facets of my self and living forces in other realms. I will describe what I do and what happens and how I feel. Then we can all look together for deeper meanings, relationships, and effects on my various bodies."

"I begin by settling myself comfortably and warmly, sheltered from bright lights and external physical stimulus (if possible.) My old cashmere sweater, silk scarves at my neck, and a cotton bandanna across my eyes which can be raised slightly to see the page for writing, and a shawl to swaddle everything; and the physical environment is set. I breathe slowly and deeply a few times coming to the centre point of my heart and soul in the middle of my chest and gently radiate outward to fill the auric sphere around my body with the energy of devoted awareness. My physical senses are protected against extraneous intrusions from the outer world and are directed inward. I then begin with a downward sweep of my hands from head to toe, saying, often aloud, "Be still and know, I am God. Christ in me." (This first phrase comes from the ancient mystery centers of initiation. The last phrase is the first person expression of the declaration spoken by the priest in the Christian Community Church*, as he faces the congregation. He says, 'Christ in you.' In my own soul, I say, ‘Christ in me’, acknowledging His presence and power, love and protection, and that Christ is the very meaning of my existence.”

“Then I sweep my hands upwards from toe to head balancing the energy flows between heaven and earth, saying, 'This body is a temple of the living Lord. Christ in me*. This is a daily dedication of my body and life to Christ, and acknowledgement of the fact that my living is the result of the deeds of the Cosmic Christ*.' This opening practice places me upright between heaven, the spiritual worlds of my origin; and earth, my physical home. The vertical energy flows are consciously affirmed. I have moved from the centre point of my being outward to a radiant sphere and then enhanced the dual vertical energy flows.”

“I now place my hands on my knees, and only imagine internally, the rest of the meditation. To imagine or use the faculty of imagination – as in creating an inner image of my own choosing, and through the application of my own will to direct my focus and attention; thereby creating forms and patterns of sound, color, movement, and mental concepts is the practice and discipline. In the beginning when I have decided on a new practice or a variation of an existing one, I begin with a simplified form and work towards complete complexity over time, sometimes for years. It is the steady daily involvement with the task itself, which strengthens the will forces, sharpens the inner visual acuity, and expands the range and clarity of auditory sensations in the microcosm of my inner being.”

“The next practice is called 'triangulation' and I discovered it in an old book in the 1960s in Joshua Tree, California. It was a simple two-dimensional visualization of energy in a line from above the top of one's head downward in an angle out in front of the body to each of the chakras with an accompanying phrase. Then, one sends the energy into the body and the chakras to the spinal column and then up to the point above the head again. As one can see in the diagram,the pattern of energy visualizations look like one side of a child's drawing of a Christmas tree. Over the years the number of triangles has increased – originally there were seven – now there are nine. From the point above the head, the line moves downward at an angle as I say, "I am the soul” the line moves straight in to the crown chakra then up to the starting point"I am the light divine" the line moves in to the third eye and up"I am truth" the line moves into the throat chakra and up"I am in love" the line moves into the heart chakra and up"I am will" the line moves into the solar plexus and up"I am ener-chi" the line moves into the tan tien, just below the belly button, (this phrase is a reflection of my tai chi days) and up"I am service" the line moves into the knees and up"I walk the white path of peace" the line moves into the soles of the feet and up.This practice clears and enlivens the chakras, stimulating the energy flow into movement in three directions. It extends beyond my bodies into the outer world, yet firmly anchors all activity in the highest vibratory realm. Once this linear pattern is firmly established, the colors of the chakras can be added, or when one has made the practice their own, as it were, the colors may present themselves. Then, a living exchange between oneself and spiritual beings of the astral world who express themselves as color, may occur." Tuesday Morning, April 26, 2016 – Seattle, Washington Edgar greeted us, "Okay so here we go, on with meditation. Take it Kienda." So I am taking it and running. "Yesterday, I described the triangulation meditation in linear fashion. That is how it started out. However, I have developed a very complex three-dimensional form since the 90s. During the late 70s and early 80s, I spent the summers doing a standing meditation. I moved and gestured, spoke out loud, and turned as the dervishes do. The emphasis was on the three primary faculties of thinking in the head, feeling in the heart, lungs, and chest, and willing or motive for action, in the solar plexus – down to the root chakra." “Then that metamorphosed to a less active meditation and the triangulation took on a life of its own. From a single linear – two-dimensional triangle – it evolved into a set of three-dimensional pyramids. While standing, I placed my arms at a backward angle to create a three sided pyramid. I felt myself standing in the centre of an actual spiritually concrete form. After a couple of years, one day, another three sided pyramid rose up from below and fitted itself with the pyramid I was standing in. Now I was in the centre of two interlacing three sided pyramids which appeared as the six pointed Star of David* from three directions. Once the form had completed itself and I was then able to visualize it clearly myself, it began to metamorphose and move and change. The colors blended into rainbow hues and I realized that the chakra system in the human body is the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth and that I had access to higher realms by consciously creating the bridge in meditation, and crossing the bridge into other dimensions. All this was clearly dedicated to Christ the Solar Logos, and Lord of Evolution* here on earth and the solar system.” “Then one morning, as I observed the pyramid I had just imagined into existence, with a delicate bell like tone, three triangular golden circuit boards snapped into place on the three surfaces. And when the pyramid from below rose up, I perceived that this sacred geometrical form also had a function. For weeks I played with movement of energy up and down the circuit boards from one pyramid to the other and back again. I visualized the shape of the interior without the points of the three-dimensional star of David. Then I tried spinning the pyramids, like tops, and discovered that unlike in the physical world, in the spiritual world – shapes and forms can move in opposite directions within the same space. I spun the top pyramid clockwise and a fully interlaced lower pyramid counterclockwise. And then I reversed both. A very gentle, but palpable energy filled the chamber in which I stood. I began to direct that energy for healing myself and sending it out to others. Further transformations included a cube rising up from below instead of a pyramid, and a beautiful large seashell rose up and interfaced with the top pyramid when I was in Hawaii." “I finally realized that this form was a spiritualized energy generator and utilized it as best I could for health and healing for myself, my daughters, friends and family, and the world at large. Not as much as would be best, but having created the form, I believe it gave vitality to all other things I did in the rest of my meditations. This form of sacred geometry is known as the Merkaba* - I found out later and is a vehicle for astral projection – for spiritual time and space travel. I will stop here for now – more this afternoon." "Edgar said, “This is all very fascinating. This is all very interesting. My meditative life was very different since it was based in the Eastern Traditions*, which are more static. I didn't have the content available that you work with. I headed for a passive, peaceful, no-mind, from which I later dipped into reserves of patience and discipline for thinking about my projects and activities in the physical world. My meditations gave me access to a deep well of peace from which I could draw as needed in all aspects of my life." “I understand and agree," I said. "Such discipline, patience, and perseverance as you describe, are also the foundations on which all my more elaborate visualizations are based. That state of peaceful focus on one's chosen intended activity, be it no-mind and the void, sacred geometry, or any number of other practices; discipline the thinking, feeling, and willing in their native realms." Edgar asked, "Does anyone have anything to add?" Halo* tentatively raised her hand. "I think that it is in meditation that I work to consciously bridge the gap between the two races of which I am a hybrid product. I mentally knit and weave between the differing capacities and abilities I have, to create a feeling of balance and interplay between very static, locked-in parts of myself, and other more mobile inventive aspects.”“At times in the past, the two sides were at war within me, but by meditating and gaining mastery over my inner states, I evened out and could choose which aspects of myself I would apply to which tasks and functions – both inner and outer – when I was alive and spent considerable time in the physical world. Meditation saved my life – more than once – and gave me access to spiritual resources I might never have discovered for lifetimes without it. With meditation and the consciously given love of my mother – which afforded me my first experiences of inner peace, love, and joy, which was for me that deep well I could draw from – I found myself.”“ I understand meditation as a consciousness of multiple realms and the personally gained ability to give and receive energy and information in the various dimensions, and apply such experiences as appropriate in all realms and vibratory rates. I am personally grateful to have had such opportunities: for me and my hybrid race it is the path of our evolution. We have been created and placed in the midst of an already evolving planet in a system far along the cycle of return. We must consciously integrate into the system because we are really bringing in foreign elements that must be modified to succeed. Inner work in a clear field, in conscious cooperation with the guiding spirits of this solar system, which can be manifest spiritually in a meditative state, is the only way we will be able to understand, accept, and integrate with the flow of earthly evolution. We are on a steep learning curve, as you say.” “I so appreciate the loving thoughts and compassionate feelings of humankind. My mother was a blessing that not all of us received in full measure. Any compassionate thoughts sent our way are greatly appreciated. Thank you." Christ appeared in the centre of the circle in an aura of radiant light. “Dear little Halo," he said, “My love pours down into all the planes of earthly existence. You and yours are welcome to receive and utilize to the best effects for your development. Just know, the goal of sentient life on this planet at this time is to choose love in freedom at all times, places, spaces, and situations. I send more than enough such love to all dimensions in the solar system – receive freely and bountifully." Edgar bowed deeply and said to Christ, "Thank you. We will all bear this in mind and access and utilize your gracious love in all we do.” And to the team, “Remain in peace – till we meet this afternoon."

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