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EVOLUTION – The Path of Conscious, Heartfelt Mastery of all Realms

Thursday Afternoon, April 21, 2016 – Seattle, Washington

“Greetings," said Edgar. "We are about to embark on an understanding of the effects of meditation and the how's and why's of creating an astral projection machine, to safely navigate the higher dimensions and the forces behind earthly existence. Who would like to begin?" Arihimsa* said, "I will begin and anyone with something to add, a story to tell, an example, or a question, must feel free to signal me and we will gladly digress. This is a complex issue and extremely important."

“As a foundation, we have gone over the various realms in which the various bodies or vehicles of the specific discreet qualities of each realm is incorporated into a living human being. I will just say as an aside, that Kienda has further elucidated this information in her book, Lucid Death*, which describes the resolution of each body's experiences in the after-life. Now we shall address the care and feeding of the bodies in life and their eventual transformation into higher vibratory states for further life experiences beyond the physical. The time will come when the spiritual Ego/I *will have transformed the astral, etheric, and ultimately, the physical bodies into their higher octave, and ascend out of the physical plane into only higher realms. That process will take place millennia in the future. Humanity should perhaps, keep in mind not only seven generations but seven millennia into the future in order to assure having a decent world to evolve on."

“One way to express the task of evolution is – the path of heartfelt conscious mastery of all the realms in which a human lives – physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual Ego/I. Since the mid-1400s, humanity has been developing the capacity for conscious penetration into self, others, and the world around them. This faculty of the 'consciousness soul*' is the ability to conceptualize and distill essentials from myriad input. This is a new or young, unrefined ability in most humans at this time. There are, however, many forces, institutions, and people who work in opposition to these naturally occurring thoughtful instincts."

“ Humanity is separating out, as all levels of the hierarchy have done, are doing, and will continue to do, at each evolutionary juncture or quantum leap. Those that have betrayed their individuality for religious, political, or other belief systems, will not be awakening sufficiently to take part in the new dispensation, due to vibratory disharmony and conceptual disjunct. Those who have begun the awakening process and are amenable to suggestion, guidance, and inspiration, will become ever more creative in their individual evolution and responsibility for raising the collective unconscious into the light of reason."

“So with all that as a foundational understanding of the trajectory of earth evolution, I will pause for any additions or questions and then continued towards meditative efficacy in the process.” Little Halo* raised her hand. "Does this process apply to hybrid grey/humans*, such as myself, as well? I do hope so."

Arihimsa then continued, “I think this will be affirmed by all present and knowledgeable. Yes, this aspect of mastery of each level, moving upward and downward in alternating cycles – is universally spiraling upward and ultimately expanding the range of consciousness. This is a cosmic law. There is room for digression, failure, and rebellion, but in the end, the forward evolutionary thrust carries every sentient being toward its goal of perfect self-mastery leading to cosmic mastery. So yes, dear Halo, you and yours, though newly created, have come from two races which have been launched on the adventure for a very long time. You have some issues unique to your group, but you are on earth so have entered midstream the evolution of the earth, humanity, and the whole solar system. You are blessed and fortunate – hopefully you and your mixed race will choose to manifest the best of both of your parent races. That would be a blessing to earth. Humans have been under the duress of dark temptations and interventions that have unbalanced the masses emotionally. You and yours may bring back a more emotionally centered state to the environment. When we, here on the Interstellar Team, work together to send our intentions, inspirations, and energy, to people on earth, your cool, emotionally unassuming vibration is a welcome component. You have much to give – tiny though you be." Siridon beamed at Halo who was glowing more brightly than ever before.

Garth-Majid* raised his hand to speak. "As one of the elders of the oldest races in the galaxy, I concur with Arihimsa. The pattern is the same in all star systems I have observed – self wisdom and mastery lovingly focused on community and the environment, accurately applied in all steps up the vibratory ladder. After the ascension – there is a steep learning curve and adjustment to the new state – then a good long period of lessons to be learned and mastered until at the conclusion of the phase, the majority of the beings on each rung of the ladder take the next step. Some stay where they are, a very few may fall back, but the majority step up. The reason none of us from higher up the ladder can tell humans what to do to ascend is because the inspiration and vision can only be manifest by the individual in their own unique way due to their karmic destiny, and the work they have accomplished on themselves in this lifetime. There is no law or formula that can be universally applied as to how or why. Each individual must create their ascension themselves. It's not a done deal. It must be created by the heart-felt intelligence of each human at this very time. Meditative practices and other suggestions can be made and emphasized, but the doing is for each one alone." Garth Majid smiled kindly at the human contingency as he withdrew. I felt encouraged and the others seemed to brighten also.

Edgar concluded for us. "Well, fellow humans, our work is cosmically cut out for us. We have been on an upward rise of more developed soul forces of consciousness, after the incarnation in the physical, etheric, and astral bodies. Now we are in the process of transforming the astral/emotional body and becoming responsible for the beings below in the etheric worlds. This is where the application of Christed love to our personal mastery and our relationship to beings in other dimensions, is crucial. The cosmic aspect of Christ* must become known to a wider audience. The information will be a wake-up call for many."

”Thank you friends. We continue tomorrow morning. We are headed still, to the meditative practices and their effects."

Friday Morning, April 22, 2016 – Seattle Washington

“Welcome all," greeted Edgar. "Let's get to the effects of meditation. Arihimsa, will you continue please."

“Yes, thank you. The normal development of evolutionary forces is a long process – brought to each individual by their own experiences in life. People grasp the fruits of their lessons according to their own temperament, disposition, mental and moral faculties, etc., out of what comes to them through their karma from past lives. But there are ways to accelerate the learning. There are practices* and specific things a person can do that facilitates greater awareness and a firmer grasp of life's lessons. When one has persevered in these practices over time, actual physiological and anatomical changes take place within the physical and etheric bodies, and the astral body comes into a stable, balanced vibratory rate as well. How does this happen? What occurs? And why? These are important issues to understand in order to expedite the process.”

“By setting aside a regular time to concentrate on the appropriate activities that consciously stir the etheric and astral forces into designated flow patterns, one en-trains the energies of the etheric and astral bodies into spiritually perceptive organs and abilities. The purpose of meditative practices is to moderate and enhance the positive effects of applied focus in a chosen area of human activity: thinking, feeling, or willing. By disciplining one's activities in these three areas, one raises the vibrations and transforms the physically focused sense organs into awareness of the spiritual, higher vibrational beings, energies, and functions behind human consciousness and the processes of life. One must consciously decide and then go out in thought to apprehend the spiritual relationships to normal physical life. It could be simply described as creating conscious bridges between the realms, and developing super sensory organs to perceive in those different dimensions. As we know, each vibratory dimension is governed by different specific laws and so the meditative practices are designed to enhance and transmute normal human capacities into specific organs tailored to the parameters of the different realms."

“Well, that is rather abstract, so let us take examples." said Arihimsa as he looked around the circle invitingly. Christalina* and Regalis*, my, Kienda’s two twin flame angels, stepped forward. "We would like to speak for astral transformation," they said. "Emotional balance and moral fortitude are the ground of our existence. We guide our people in the transubstantiation of the astral forces into the Spirit Self *(Manas in the Hindu tradition*), the higher stable octave of the volatile emotional reactions of normal everyday life. Although, experiencing extremes of most poles of each emotion is a necessary part of life, the ability to moderate the expression of such extremes is a valuable skill. The astral forces and colours can be whipped up into intense frenzies in all sorts of situations, but the expression of wild extremes is not the goal. The astral goal is to acknowledge what is happening emotionally as a necessary response to experiences and as a validation of the information it offers; and then to consciously choose a balanced, harmonious, and centered expression as appropriate. Often, an internal adjustment is all that is necessary. Humans don't really need to be spilling their emotional guts out all over the world. By banking the fires of emotion, inner strength is achieved. The goal is not to eradicate emotions, but rather to understand, accept, and then balance them within.”

“That in itself is a meditative practice – being aware of one's emotional response to life experiences and consciously bringing them into balance and reasonable bounds. Thinking is the tool of choice for this activity. Observation of one's self and one's emotional state begins the process. When the feeling is defined and named, and its relationship to the event that triggered it is discovered, what at first was an unconscious, instinctive reaction, can then be consciously examined. When reflecting in this way, one comes to understand a formerly sub or unconscious aspect of one's self. The light of conscious knowledge broadens the scope of view and a different way of seeing the relationship of the emotion to the triggering event is possible. By seeing a situation from multiple sides, one has a variety of responses available. One needs only choose the most effective towards fostering the goals of emotional balance, clarity of thought, and expeditious application of will, to do whatever is necessary in each situation."

“You see, dear humans, that although we are speaking of disciplining the astral body especially, it is a matter of the cooperative interaction among all three bodies and forces – astral, etheric, and physical – guided and directed by higher, self activation through this spiritual, conceptual thought process. This meditative practice can be applied to any and all emotional responses in life. A simple slow deep breathing and intention is helpful to bring the thinking to bear on the emotion – an intention as simple as the inner statement: 'in the light of Christ, I would understand this (describe the emotional response)' – which is both a statement of intent and a request for divine assistance to reach your goal.”

“You can take just seconds or a few brief minutes to transform emotions in this way. One can be clearly conscious of many of the reasons– past life and present – that an emotion can become enflamed by; or it can be sufficient to name and acknowledge it and the rest can work subconsciously. The desired result, in any event, is a moderation of the original excessive or negative emotion and a shift of feelings to the middle way with a positive spin. If physical action in response is appropriate, one can then do so, knowing any action comes from a consciously informed feeling so that it will be moral, fair, and effective. Actions taken in the heat of excess emotions are usually not effective and often create confusion and chaos. So, breathe deep, seek balance, remain in peace."

“Thank you, Angels," said Edgar. "Are there others who wish to address the astral aspect?" Shushila rose to speak. We had come to the endof this morning’s meeting, so it was decided that she would begin the afternoon session.

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