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Human Participation in the Evolution of Consciousness and Kienda’s Specific Assignment

Wednesday Morning, April 20, 2016 – Seattle Washington

“Good morning. Here we all are," said Edgar. "Let's get to it. It has been suggested, and I have contemplated the situation, and agree that there are creative solutions to waking up and creating a future life worth living. We must do that ourselves, inspired and energized by the higher hierarchies and beneficent extraterrestrial individuals."

“The awakening is happening in the political arena. Bernie* is speaking the truths needed to apprise people of the graft, lies, and betrayal of the principles of American justice and democracy. The pressure is so great and the deception so obvious that the masses of people – especially the young – cannot remain asleep. No one is unaffected. The breakdown of truth, trust, and hope is universal. In America, it is time for millions of us normal humans to protest and keep up a constant presence and observation of the illegalities indulged in by the elite. This is the last opportunity to peacefully change the system. We must hold the system accountable.”

“The destructive, irresponsible behaviour from the establishment is inexcusable and unforgivable, and people must demand their rights – they are no longer a given. If people can turn out to vote and be turned away, discounted, and their vote manipulated, they can take another day and a bit more time to unite and call, and speak to the newspapers, inform their friends, and rally in large numbers to let the perpetrators know that their behaviour will not be accepted or allowed to stand. Truth, justice, and fair egalitarian rights for all, is the only acceptable position and function of the government. Anything less will not be tolerated."

“This is where, not only individuals can speak out – but organizations dedicated to truth and human benefit could also take a stand. Have the Noetics endorsed Bernie? Have they spoken aloud to decry the immoral, unconstitutional, inhuman activities of the government and people in power? I, Edgar Mitchell, died, in part, because of the schism between high ideals and responsible personal action. From this side of death, I can see many things more clearly. I am not omniscient, but I have a broader view and I can observe the negative and positive spiritual forces and beings behind external events in life. The workings of the dark side are much more insidious and invasive than I thought on earth. And they are also more exposed and more vulnerable than I thought. Secrecy and darkness are their strongest protection and so, the light of factual truth and consciousness are our most powerful weapons against their illegal – from both the earthly and spiritual standpoint – behaviours.”

“If Americans don't take this opportunity to wake up and make conscious changes in government and the inhuman direction it is going under the unbridled agenda of the dark side in every area of daily life; while there is still time, then the amount of violence and imprisonment and enslavement of the high ideals and future reality will escalate. America will have sold its birthright for adamant ignorance, sloth, and fear – none of which are worthy motives.”Thus Edgar finished another eloquent rant.

Thursday Morning, April 21, 2016 – Seattle ,Washington

Edgar greeted me, who arrived a bit disheveled this morning, with, “We need to spend a few minutes each day on you, Kienda – tuning you up, affirming your good etc. You know that you must do the work yourself, but we will help and support your changes and coming into your own control and power, and succeeding in your tasks with us. It is important. You have a unique point of view and have been through unique experiences, and they are not just for you alone. Many, are the little stories that are perfect illustrations for the concepts we here work with and would like to bring to the awareness of the public at large. So you must be prepared to step up and out. No one is going to ask you anything. No one knows what you know. No one really cares. They are all too busy. So you must go to them. You must stand tall, speak clearly, unapologetically, and explain simply what is needed, and why and how. You can do this. You have been preparing for this all of your life.”

“You cannot fail if you take action. The possibility of failure only lies in not taking action – in remaining as you are, Kienda, and that holds true for every individual human being. Now is the time for you and everyone to step forward. Now is the time to speak up clearly and serenely – even proudly, with integrity – absolutely NO apologies. No downplaying – no false and crippling humility or unworthiness. Have you forgotten? This is not about you personally, Kienda. This work we seek to do is about human evolution and the health and safety of the solar system. This is about manifesting Christ's template of love and wisdom in freedom on earth. This only has to do with you as a child of the cosmos – a cell in the body of the divine creation. Be that now to the best of your abilities. There is a niche for you to fill. Fill it well and completely. Fulfill your program on earth. Be the best you can be – graciously, beautifully, nobly, creatively, and as effectively as you can. That is your task. That is the task of every human being at this crucial time.”

“You are not just our scribe. You are one of us and you are our face to the world. Please realize what a beautiful, kind, wise, face you are and move from that point outward – sending graceful ripples into the human minds, hearts, and souls that you share presence with."

“You have been guided and gifted with your meditations which have given you discipline, practices, and tools for safely navigating the spiritual dimensions. That was a gift to you which you are now invited to share. More people will be inspired to creativity in the realms we inhabit and receive more clearly and directly the inspiration we are constantly sending from these realms beyond death. The higher hierarchies from angels on, are constantly flooding love and support down to people upon the earth. They just need a little help from their friend – you – to be able to consciously and in a good way (protected and focused in the name and light of Christ) receive, comprehend, and appropriately respond to the higher benevolent influences.”

“A large number of people must and will awaken further and work in this way. There are many who will be able to hear and understand your presentation, when done clearly, cosmically, and engagingly. As, I said before, you have been born for this task and trained and inspired in specific ways to prepare you for the successful accomplishment of this needed – now desperately needed – task: the dissemination of knowledge of the presence and function of supersensible realms; the necessity for human participation in the evolution of consciousness; and the crucial part that plays in the health and safety of the solar system, galaxy, and cosmos.”

“So your assignment, should you choose to accept it (and I do) is to connect to key people – the Noetics*, Jean Houston*, the publisher of Beyond Words*, Robert McDermott of CIIS*, and any others who will come – and present the material. It will not at first speak for itself. You must refine your presentation of it. You must observe which aspects work more effectively on which kinds of people. This information that we gather in this circle can be presented in different ways and fall into many categories. They can all be explored and utilized to reach different groups of people. The fact of meditative creativity is an especially unique gift you have to offer, which will open people who are ready – which means they have a decent, moral disposition; are reasonably, personally secure – having done inner psychological work and so have an open mind and heart; and are motivated and have the will and self-discipline to actively respond. They are out there – those people. They can be reached by books, talks, videos, Facebook, etc.”

“Kienda, your voice is a gift. It carries overtones and harmonics of love, intelligence, dedication, devotion, and more. In itself, your voice awakens possibilities within those willing and able to hear. Your job is to simply speak. Yes, organize your thoughts, print the monographs and books, and present your self and your/our material gracefully, easily, and naturally.” Edgar was winding down. “And please come this afternoon so we can do the effects of meditation – at least get a start on that. It is the number one priority because it is basic to people having their own experiences and receiving their own inspiration more clearly."

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