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The Fifth Element = Love

Saturday Morning, April 16, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

We all have our ways of working. The meeting was beginning, but I said to Edgar, "I would like to restore trust." He replied, "Trust is a moot point unless you yourself are trustworthy. The only real trust is in one's higher self – Christ in you, the Christ within. From faith in the solar Logos and oneself as a vehicle of Him, comes trust that one is dedicated to, and has resolved on the good and true evolutionary path. Also, in this case, your case, Kienda, where you are functioning in the spiritual world and are in the company of a group dedicated to Christ, the solar Logos*, and because you have learned discernment and continue to practice and refine your abilities and skills, and because you center in Christ each day and are in remembrance of him – so in conscious alignment; it would not be easy for a demon or negative spiritual

entity to invade your space, no matter what form or costume it might adopt. That being said, vigilance and constantly renewed resolve and dedication to your higher self is always appropriate. And tuning in to any 'other' and clearly acknowledging your inner experience is also good. As a last caveat: one must always give one's best and most conscious attention to every experience in life. It's the least and most we can do."

Sunday morning, April 17, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I have been thinking of Edgar's past lives. We must get on that. And we will. "Edgar,” I asked, “shall we read from the Akashic Chronical for information about your past incarnations?”

"Edgar said, "Yes, Yes, in good time. Right now, meeting come to order. We have heard from the four ether’sElementals*. Little Golden Love* is just a newborn spirit being of the fifth ether. She is the embodiment of the fifth element – love. She is too young and on a very steep learning curve to have much to say at this time. Would anyone who has evolved beyond, and whose fifth ether is well developed like to share?"

Arihimsa* rose to speak, "We have a well developed fifth ether – a functioning Life spirit*, as well as an operative Spirit Self*, or quintessence of our evolved astral bodies and we reside on our home dimension in our Spirit Man* aspect which is the transformed physical body, so I will gladly share. When Kienda visited Garth Majid’s present home planet, she observed their transparent domes with delight. We also live in such homes. They are not constructed as things on earth are of matter, but are etheric forms of the utmost transparency and inviolable strength. They are malleable but we enjoy their stability, and prefer to maintain a certain form. This fifth ether in our world results from the synergy among the original four. In the beginning of our universe in the time of undifferentiated potential, physical, etheric, astral, and higher spiritual realms were homogenize – totally mixed. The Bible creation story chronicles the precipitation out of the primordial super-solution of each different element of etheric manifestation. The four originals are always fire, air, water, and earth. The fifth element of love heralds the beginning of the third phase – the refinement of the original state of matter and the beginning of the transformation of the original state of all manifest existence.”

“This process is the polar opposite of atomic annihilation. In atomic destruction, all aspects are forcefully separated. The particles are shattered and torn from their divinely ordained patterns, and the etheric forces – the waves – are released from their inclusion in the divine creativity of maintaining their template of perfection, and so, rampage in linear trajectories of destruction. The appropriate transformation is not to break the four basic elements apart into unintegrated forces which are beyond our power to guide and motivate, except in small part, leaving damaging radioactive residue which will destroy the fabric of life on the planet.”

“Instead, it is the synergy of the exponentially accumulated energy of the successful working together of all the four elements that ultimately accumulates and coalesces into the vibrant substance and function of the fifth element – love. It is the beginning, as I said before, of the third phase of manifestation. The first phase is the creation of the fundamental building blocks – the atoms being formed by the sympathetic resonance and attraction of particles and waves – the higher vibratory substance/realms – separating and rising into stratified fields. The second phase, once the ground had been created, was the development of more and more complex structures and interactions among the physical matter, the etheric, astral, and higher vibratory realms; to create appropriate vehicles for sentient life forms to descend into, from the dimensions of their origin. That whole process, leading up to the present time, has spanned billions of rotations around the Sun star. The complexities of form and function have reached the point necessitating metamorphosis on a massive scale. Complexifying cannot continue eternally. A quantum leap to the next order must occur.” “The synergy of the four elements to create a fifth, to which they all aspire, is the beginning of that transformation in the etheric world which in time will impact the physical. The Elementals have accomplished their task within some human bodies. It is consciousness that is the transformational force. Within the microcosm of each human being, the opportunity is now presented for metamorphosis and the next step up the vibratory ladder of evolution. This third step is a further refining of all the substance, material, and functions inherent in each realm. The individual human ego is responsible for the successful metamorphosis – death of the old and rebirth of the new – of all the three bodies they inhabit – physical, etheric, and astral.”

“Another term for this stage and experience, is – ascension*. It is the conscious ego/I that is the initiator of this change and the aspect that ascends. To become as Christ, and do as he did and does; each individual must take personal responsibility and become co-creators and conscious participants in their own unique evolution. Our individual destinies lead us to the lessons we need – the information, experiences, and people that will move us along towards conscious sovereignty in all realms – the mastering of the laws of each dimension, and the creative cohesion and interaction among them all.”

“This next step is to become apprentice creator gods. The fields of such human endeavors are the created physical world of matter; the etheric world of the Elementals, manifesting the original divine forms and patterns of the original creating hierarchies; and the volatile astral world of emotions, which each human must learn to subdue, balance, and harmonize. When a human achieves a stable emotional state, resonant with Christ's divine love, the vibrations created in the astral and etheric worlds result in overtones and harmonics which become the vehicles and home of newly born spiritual being. These higher, more perfectly harmonious beings, are called the spirit self – the higher metamorphosis of the original astral body, created and refined by the inner spiritual and psychological work of each individual human being in their own lives.”

“The fourth and final step – which on earth is a long way off – millennia yet to go – will be the ultimate transformation of physical matter. The earth will become a star – perhaps many stars – 144,000, as mystically expressed in the Bible*. Each human being is a discreet cell in the body of the archetypical human. At the end of time, as commonly known on earth, when the solar system has evolved to its next step, and humans have achieved Christed consciousness – mastering love in all the dimensions in which they reside – the cosmos will be ready for a new universe to be born.”

It was time to close our session. Arihimsa smiled graciously around the circle, blessing us all.

*Biblical reference to 144,000 – Revelation 7:1-10 and Revelation 14:1-5

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