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Meditative Practices – Consciously Changing Brain Waves and Dimensions

Sunday, April 10, 2016 – (Continued)

“All right, shall we continue on? Dr. Steiner*, are you ready to continue?" "Thank you, yes." And Rudolf Steiner stood to address the circle once again. "So my friends, my motley crew of diverse and unique individuals, whoI am so honoured to be a part of, we had come to the point of understanding the four bodies of human beings and what they do and how they function. Since Kienda's meditation was the impetus for this dissertation, I shall now discuss that."

“Meditation can take many forms and have many different aims, goals, and effects. We shall define meditation* as: the conscious act of setting aside time to experience supersensible realms – a time to withdraw from normal sense-inspired responses to earthly experiences – the usual beta brainwave functions. In the meditative time, one instead, engages in various practices or behaviours that change the brainwave patterns and the frequency of the various bodies, thereby opening doors of perception to other dimensions and their resident beings. One always moves up the ladder of vibration, but the speed with which one ascends is at once a will and a skill. As we know, there is a personal specified ether and astral body generally within the confines of the physical body, which can be explored. Healing of the lower bodies, including the physical material, can be accomplished by consciously stopping whatever one is doing, then,connecting and working with the beings resident within oneself. The etheric world holds the new template for bodily perfection, brought to humanity's access by the Christ through the accomplishment of the mystery of Golgotha – which, by the way, only remains a mystery until one explores in depth the experiences available in the Akashic record – one of the vibratory rates in both the etheric and astral worlds.”

“I have digressed – back to the issue of travelling through the personal etheric body where conscious healing can take place, and through the etheric body of the earth wherein is the collective unconscious of humanity. This is the realm of telepathy, remote viewing, spoon-bending; manipulating the physical world from the etheric realm and observing physical things with non-local, etheric eyes. The etheric world is the web of interconnected life – the field – the stage between the physical practical functions that exist as atomic particles, and the etheric wave. Both exist simultaneously – they are just being perceived in either the physical or etheric form. We are looking into quantum physics through a spiritual lens."

“To do so, to look into the higher dimensions and observe the nature of reality there, takes practice, skill, and functioning organs of spiritual perception. Almost everyone has heard of the third eye* which sees into the physically unseen worlds. There are also spiritual ears for spiritual sounds, a spiritual nose for scents, a spiritual tongue for spiritual taste, and the spiritual boundary like skin for kinaesthetic knowing in spiritual worlds. These organs of spiritual perception are being developed as a natural consequence of evolution and are honed by individual life experiences. We humans can also consciously participate in our own evolution by meditative practices which will speed the process. By being awake to the cosmic laws of each dimension, we can work in harmony with them to bring our bodies more quickly and completely into resonant harmony, which sharpens perception and can lead to actual communication, discussion, and interaction with beings resident in that dimension."

Rudolf Steiner concluded, "More this afternoon, thank you." Edgar agreed. "Thank you , Dr. Steiner, and yes, more. This is a fascinating exposition of a subject that was dear to my soul in my later years on earth. I am seeing with new eyes now. Thank you. Till this afternoon, then."

Sunday afternoon, April 10, 2016

I missed most of the social time today. People are all talking about the relevance of this material on meditation and practices which will hasten awakening and initiation.

“So let's continue," said Edgar. "Our scribe must skedaddle at about three. So we will close on time. We will continue this topic for a long while yet, as I'm sure others will have experiences and practices to share."

Rudolf Steiner rose to continue. "The effects of specific laws in each realm can be enhanced or destroyed by what a human being thinks, feels, and does. Let's start with the physical – there is a vast quantity of accumulated knowledge about the care and feeding of the material body – the efficacy of sleep, clean (now called organic) food in a balanced diet of necessary substances, moderate exercise and physical activity, etc.”

“Those who reasonably comply with accurate information on these subjects, by and large, have healthy bodies that do not deteriorate to death as quickly as those who do not follow reasonable advice. Illnesses often plague those who refused to allow moderation to be their guide but indulge instead, outside the reasonable limits. Karmically destined illnesses do not fall into that category. Free will has opened a whole new avalanche of diseases, handicaps, and physical, emotional, and mental disorders. In the physical world the results of our actions in this regard are apparent. Certain substances affect the body in specific ways – humans ignore such results at their own peril. It is clear, we can follow a path of balance in the physical world and minimize negative effects on our bodies, or not, and suffer the physically obvious consequences."

“In the etheric and astral worlds, the results of harmony or dissonance with the functional laws, are not so clear. Information is needed to be able to discern the proper activities to enhance etheric vitality and polish up our abilities to perceive there. The Elemental Beings of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth* reside in the four ethers. Their task is to reproduce the perfect etheric templates held in the mind and being of Christ, of all physically manifested existence on earth. Each Elemental has specific qualities with which human beings could align by conscious participation in their worlds: earth – stability and endurance, for example; water – fluid, flexible, flowing, accommodating, the repository of memory; air – light, flowing, uplifting, sounding, and expansive; fire – cleansing, metamorphosing, and transforming. “

“The human etheric body is enlivened by a rhythmic balance of all four elements. Those qualities can be incorporated in one's life and meditative practices. When such ideals are adopted in life they refine one's moral state. High morality is necessary to nurture spiritual capacities of perception. A strong moral sense of right and wrong based on experience and Christ's suggestion – that we follow him and love one another as he loved us, and as we would like others to love and behave to us. It’s really very simple and direct."

“When these qualities are taken into meditation they appear a bit differently. The earthly attributes of stability and endurance becomes self-discipline by regular meditation at specific times. The discipline of the body, mind, and heart to focus on the chosen practice for a chosen length of time is crucial. It need not be long or complicated. The regular rhythm itself is one of the effective transformative aspects. Yoga and physical movement, whirling as the dervishes do, free-form dancing, chi gung and tai chi – all regular rhythmic movement, entrains the physical and etheric bodies towards perceptions of the subtle movement of spiritual forces at work in the world, the cosmos, and within each human being.”

“I will close this afternoon session with a caveat: what I speak of here can only correctly and completely function within an individual who has done inner work to heal their past wounds, and balance themselves emotionally and psychologically. Residues of past imbalances, sorrows, pain, and all manner of negative experiences that have not been healed and forgiven will disturb the balance, harmony, and efficacy of meditative practices. Meditation is not an alternative to personal inner healing and growth. It can only bring one so far without it. Thank you." And Rudolf Steiner smiled around the circle.

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