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Preparation for Edgar Mitchell’s Memorial at Earthrise

Saturday Morning – April 2, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Today is the memorial for Edgar at Earthrise, the Noetic’s* retreat. I saw Jupiter Ascending* last night with Rosie* and T*. When I did my meditations all was well, up there. Some of the images came up. Edgar asked why I dragged them along? I realize because I need to be aware of who the infinitely human people I may be speaking to, really are. If I say anything in a group, it must be very general. 'Before my mouth the threshold be guarded. All evil be taken from my words, and good will pour into them. So live your words worthily upon my lips and borne by thy spirit, oh, Christ, reach unto those to whom it shall be proclaimed.' (Passages from the Act of Consecration of Man*)” So shall I go to the memorial, aware through the movie of the frailties of manifest life-forms including physical human beings.

Edgar did a little waterfall spring cleanse for me. Arihimsa* sang the most beautiful song which re-settled my vibration into peace and serenity – yet focused and clearly aware. Shushilla* put the glow back in my medulla oblongata, with 'no fear' and sovereignty in my own body. The meeting began with Edgar's usual welcoming. I am still going through a process of cleansing and now dedication. I affirm that my will and Christ's will be one – Christ's will and my will are one. I asked Kuthumi*, the ascended master of psychology to be with me, since I may be speaking to people to whom psychology and parapsychology are important – and their bread and butter.”

Edgar said, “Let's get to it. What are our goals? What do we want to accomplish at this memorial gathering? Who are the contacts to be made with? If we can be clear then the angels can position their people. Kienda, you must be fluidly aware of the situations you find yourself in and remain in communication with us at all times. Be ready to adjust and speak of different aspects as appropriate. We will help you discern what is appropriate for whom. The truth is always appropriate.” And again, there were little laughs and smiles from the group. We all catch the absolute cosmic truths spoken (purposely) in an off-handed, light and playful style. “Yes, truth is always absolutely necessary!!!”

“What people need to know:

  • Communication with the dead is possible and occurring with Edgar now.

  • How that happens can be explained and understood through a conceptual framework that includes the spiritual worlds.

  • These facts need to be available to people who are ready to understand.

  • There are many such concepts available – there needs to be a correlation among a number of diverse fields – a Ken Wilber*-ish sort of a brief history of everything.

  • Added to this comprehensive view, will be the Extra-Terrestrial aspect, that I, Edgar was and continue to be aware of and involved in.

  • With the needed information and a mental grid or framework, we humans can better understand our role in cosmic evolution and the specific tasks we need to perform for the protection of Earth and all life upon her.”

Edgar continued, “Now what, if anything do we want from the Noetics? I began the institute to do consciousness studies, however, I soon came to realize that this scientific approach was too rudimentary and slow, and would not succeed in proving anything. There are way too many individuals in the scientific fields who are bought and sold by the opposition to progress, who would refuse to accept the few facts that were proven by methods incompatible with content of the study.”

“Wow” (I just looked up from my meditating and writing. An absolutely blood-red sun is rising. I hurried outside, but it had slipped into the clouds. 'Red in the morning – sailors take warning' and the team is sailing uncharted etheric waters.) I pray for guidance, clarity and strength to fulfill my mission in the most efficacious way.

What is needed is a conceptual matrix that integrates diverse areas of knowledge. That will take a small team in each area, working together to gather facts and information, then extrapolate the pertinent essence and in the end, relate it all in a comprehensible form. It may need to be in 3-D, virtual reality that can be viewed from many sides, or like mind mapping. With this kind of relational grid, each individual can insert their personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, and see relationships with beings and forces formerly imperceptible. It’s a quantum leap in the scope and complexity of human thinking, leading to an expansion in perception and the inclusion of our world and us humans in a much larger, more complete galactic and universal context.

Kienda’s final statement is, “My goal is to connect with as many people there who are open to hear and if appropriate to make appointments for the next couple of weeks.”

“OK,” said Edgar, “we are clear on our desires and goals. Let's circle up and empower the energy in that direction. So we did. I received a blessing hug from everyone there and Edgar dismissed us, saying, “Go in peace and goodwill.” With an aside to me, “Give it your best sho

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