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Seek and You Shall Find, Ask and You Shall Receive

Friday Morning, April Fool’s Day

April 1,2016 Gram's 92 Birthday

I am thinking about what I read about the Procyons* and then the other history of the wars, invasions and planetary migrations. 'Seek and you shall find – ask and you shall receive.' I was just talking about this aspect yesterday, and here is a long and complicated history of the wars of one quadrant of the Galaxy.

I asked the team, “is this history of the wars accurate?” Arihimsa* responded, “By and large, yes, however, it is such a complicated affair that the rudimentary exposition is just that – ridiculously simplistic. Perhaps the young men have more comprehensive articles somewhere else. The stage was not set, so it’s like coming into the middle of a movie and not knowing anything about the characters. The particularities of the battles and the sweep of the action, however interesting, are not of primary importance. It would be more advantageous to understand specific aspects such as motive, mission, particular evolutionary thrust, and status in the hierarchy of possible dimensions. Understanding their goals, needs, and wants is a crucial factor for protecting oneself and one's planet. Those aspects need to be addressed. Mere historical sequence of actions, mainly wars, is NOT sufficient. It is a diversion and a fear-mongering technique applied by those who thrive on violence, pain and suffering.”

“The team that seeks to verify or refute the multitudinous, confusing array of fact, fiction, outright lies and obfuscations would have an impossible task. Instead, as you were inspired yesterday when talking to Ignacio*, the story of our team, told in a straightforward way with 'side-bars' of descriptions of the races, the pertinent history of contact with Earth, and their motives, stage of evolution, etc. Keeping a few threads of the story braided together by events would be a good image .”

“The veracity and complexity of interstellar war is only of value as it impacts Earth from an Earthling’s point of view. The open, all-out war scenario is not effective at the human stage of evolution or technical ability. In any such scenario including war against ET invaders, Earth would be destroyed, or at least most life on Earth. This is NOT advised.” We all laughed at his final comment and Arihimsa smiled sweetly and sat down. “Thank you,” Edgar said. “You know, I love my job – listening to brilliant, compassionate interstellar friends and thanking them and everyone. It’s fabulous.”

He continued, “Well, yes, a sense of human-scale proportion is a good idea when dealing with galactic history. I think we are 'grounding' our tasks and efforts in a good way. We seem to be able to discuss issues from many diverse points with many diverse individuals existing in many diverse dimensions, and I think we can come up with very effective projects – effective and doable – very important!! So, OK for now. We meet again this afternoon: projects, methodology, refining. Tomorrow we get ready for the memorial. What do we want to accomplish there? Who do we want to communicate with? How shall the connections be made? Etc. I'm excited. I wonder what they – the Noetics* have put together for me. We will all certainly be there.”

Friday Afternoon – April 1, 2016

When I came up to the circle, I looked around at everyone. The inner circle is the team and there are at least two circles outside and surrounding us. I recognized some individuals in the second circle – Angels, St. Michael*, the 'shrimp' person* I related to back in the day in Shasta. The outer circle I can't quite make out, but it feels as though they are there for protection, nurturance and support.

Edgar began, “Welcome Friends. Tomorrow is a big day – our first attempt at accomplishing something that includes 'maneuvering' the physical world. You will notice that we have been joined by a considerable circle of angels. They will be going between us and their humans. Our job up here is to clarify our intentions and create etheric thought-forms that we would like to manifest. In this case, my personal main objective is to communicate with Dean, Arno, Jose and Rebecca*. I would like them to be able to sense my presence and encouragement for opening up their minds to communication across the threshold. They, Dean and Arno are doing fine work, and for themselves. It would be of benefit if they were open to receive a little more exciting inspiration. There are spiritual beings, highly evolved humans and ETs who they could work with if they were to take suggestions from them – through me with whom they have a connection. The result is as important as the journey and vice versa.”

“So, will the angels of the people choreograph the dance of connection – the tango of consciousness – the spark of recognition? Can Kienda be open and guided to say the right things, to the right people, at the right time? Is there anyone there who can take in the impulse to work for the awakening of humanity and the goals of this team? Does anyone wish to join the ground teams of 'academic' research into human/ET history or the conceptual matrix? That might stir some interest. It would definitely benefit their psychology work. Perhaps the component of comparing religious and mythic terminology with contemporary psychology, Theosophy*, and Anthroposophy*; and then adding science, quantum physics and biology. That is a tall order, but it would be fantastic to have a cross-reference dictionary between a number of religions: Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu, and perhaps Jewish – for starters; Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology and possibly Celtic; Theosophy and Anthroposophy; psychology – Freud*, Jung*, Maslow*, Reich*, parapsychology – Tart*, Reginald*, other paradigms dear to anyone's heart, and Science.”

Rudolf Steiner* would like to add, “New and expanded patterns of thought will imprint not only those who do the original work – but will impact the collective unconscious of humanity, bringing to light relationships and connections that have lain unrecognized for centuries. The brain will be rewired in a more open grid that allows for each human being to organize their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, inspiration, and intuitions in a cohesive relational pattern. This is a correct understanding of macrocosm and microcosm, how they interface, and the spiritual beings, forces, or energies that create and manifest in the different dimensions – all from a human historical point of view. Another tall order, but doable and right up somebody's alley – hopefully a team of somebodies.”

Edgar made a wrap with, “Now Kienda has an outline of one of the teams and tasks to 'recruit' for.”

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