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Even More Ideal-Storming – Siridon and Gregor’s Contribution

Friday Morning, March 18, 2016 – Marin Valley

In the preliminaries, I talked to Arihimsa* about the new fact from Suspicious Observers* about the planetary systems being formed by “standing waves” of sound. The central sun makes its own sound which ripples out like the Chladni forms*, creating planets in certain areas. And I thought of John 1:1, In the beginning was the word. Then I remembered that Arihimsa can create by sound and how he and a partner could create a new spiritual being. Each organ could be sounded in relation to the planetary spheres. The anatomy and physiology could be stimulated into resonant activity by sound. It is time for our meeting but I'll be back to that thought. Right now, my throat chakra is vibrating so pleasurably and beautifully.

Edgar said to me, “Yes, my dear, we need a team. You do have things you are working on and they are valuable too. I am learning new respect for you.”

“Now about this morning – are we still on ideals and intentions? I hope so.” Siridon* and Gregor* said, “Yes, definitely. It has been valuable to hear what we each bring to the table, as it were. (There is no table. We don't need to sit in the etheric world. We stand or simply are suspended upright in space, although there is a nominal floor in a nominal room. K) The two Leonine beings stepped into the center of the circle. I looked carefully at Siridon to see how he was doing and he is all healed after the ordeal he suffered when the Mother Ship was taken over and he was hurt and his bodies – sheaths, or vehicles – were separated and tortured. With the aid of Christ, because the disaster occurred in this solar system, Siridon has healed and re-integrated all aspects of himself. Seeing Siridon so clearly and remembering all of our many experiences over 25 years, since the 80s, I felt again the love that we share. I feel such profound joy and blessedness to be his friend.

Siridon is younger and slighter than Gregor, though they both are very noble, standing straight and tall, and are lean yet muscular. They exude the feeling of relaxed, powerful presence which imparts a sense of genuine self-confidence to every in the room. We all seem to glow a bit brighter. Halo, after her presentation yesterday, is now shining brighter and her coloring is become more rosy. Her suit has pink, gold and lavender iridescence. She is opening beautifully to these new experiences. I love her. And Arihimsa has taken an intermediate form between the hammer-headed humanoid and the radiant being of light. His aura of yellow and white light envelops the form like a mist – like 'trailing clouds of glory.' The Reptilian group of Garth-Majid*, Ahh, Bey, and Tsey* are as stolid as ever but their eyes are shining. The Warriors of the Rainbow Light* are practically dancing around the periphery.

At the same time in the physical world, the wild turkeys have raised a gobble, the coyotes are howling and the ducks have quacked open. I think a new wave of transformative energy from galactic center has hit the earth and us.

Siridon and Gregor are also very patient. I have been scribbling for quite a while now and they have just stood nobly and patiently in the center. Now it is time for their ideals and intentions.

Gregor began, “My young friend, Siridon, and I are ancient beings. We have, over millennia past, learned how to extend and repair the functioning of our bodies. When an entity is conscious through life – waking, sleeping, and death, and experiences the resolution of lessons learned in each of these realm of allotted existence, then the soul, or more accurately, the entelechy, or re-incarnating Ego/I, or as Kienda is fond of saying, the individual chip off the old God-block, or the spark of divine self-consciousness; remains awake and aware over very long periods of time. All the changes and metamorphoses possible through long duration, result in both the accumulation of a vast body of knowledge and the distillation of profound wisdom. So it has been with our people.”

“This presents a two-edged sword, one might say. Those of us who have to the present, gravitated towards the light, now have the ability to heal ourselves and others as appropriate and share positive technologies, etc. – many beautiful, life-supporting etcs.”

“However, others of our race, and mercifully they are few, have accumulated millennia of experiences in and of the dark side. As we know, there are aspects of duality in all created existence. It is only in the formless chaos of the pralayas* between creations that everything is 'all one.' As soon as any pattern arises in the formless, there is duality, and in any moment – multiplicity. Then the ball is rolling on its own and we, the created have the ultimate task of bringing the whole of the universe back into conscious unity – at which point and moment, all creation goes through the eye of the needle, the black hole, the ascension to a new level of undifferentiated mass, now more light and loving and free for the next round of creation. Ooh, that is a very big picture. The point which I am making is that existence has come an infinitely long way, but there is an infinitely long way yet to go. We are near the middle actually and so duality is having its hey-day.” Gregor said in an aside: (“these translators* are so funny and colloquial.”)

“Our race has seen millennia of change, and instead of observing a movement toward conscious unity, it seems that at least this quadrant of the galaxy is separating into wider spread dualities. That is painfully apparent here on Earth. “

“Our people and our planet, Sirius B*, our trinary star system, finally polarized towards the light and life side of the dualities by balancing both sides, and then freely and consciously choosing to move towards life-affirming activities in our world and in many other worlds as well. That has brought us here. “

Gregor bowed slightly and Siridon stepped forward. “Yes, that brought us here. We, Sirians, have been a part of the Galactic Federation* for eons. There are many alliances among many systems for many purposes. The Galactic Federation is one of the oldest organizations with a philanthropic mission. We have watched and aided many planets on the cusp of higher consciousness, much like Earth. The star/sun Logos or Lords, are mostly of a highly evolved status and are related to one another in each galaxy by their spiritual standing and their destiny tasks. An example that Kienda is aware of is Christ Jesus of Earth and White Dragon Shushilla of Sirius*, who greet one another as 'cousins.'”

Edgar broke in, “The time has passed fruitfully, but the scribe has reached her limits. We shall continue this afternoon at 2:30. Thank you for your patient understanding Siridon. Thank you all. To be continued.”

Edgar came to me and I started to apologize, but he said, “You are doing very well. I can't thank you enough, but this is not really a job for just one person on the physical plane. We need a team, and yes, it will be a book or rather a series of books – The Galactic Odyssey or The Cosmic Odyssey*. We will all be the authors and others will add explanatory parts as well, such as results and proofs of quantum physics and quantum biology. We need to get Bruce Lipton* in here, as well as Sheldrake*. And get him off the drugs. WTF substances? when we have minds and feelings and bodies and doings. Although not everyone does what you do, Kienda, they could with practice and if not in this lifetime, then the next or the next. By then everyone will and so much more.”

“So, go! Talk to the Noetics*. Don't let them get ahold of you. Remain free. It’s important for your destiny (though I don't know what that is. But I do know you don't necessarily want to get locked down to 'consciousness studies.')” “Thank you, Edgar. I said, “ I appreciate that very much. And I understand and agree. I am a sunyasin and a gypsy on the move in many ways. I may settle to do a piece of work ,but I am not looking to settle down permanently. I think that this work is incredibly important and far-reaching for the future, so I will work on this as long as reasonable and possible. I have had friends in these other worlds for many years, as Siridon mentioned. I am loyal and dedicated to this kind of work and community. I can participate wherever I am – just like you, although there are physical limits. So, yes, let’s give this a good go.”

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