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Sweet Close Encounters with Extraterrestrial Female Friends.

Friday Morning, March 4, 2016 – Button Willow, California

Edgar said, “It is all about you, Sharon. (They, in the spiritual world, call me by my given name when they are serious and my given name is Sharon Ann Hammer. Mercifully they do not use the whole name. But I know that I’m in trouble when they call me ‘Sharon.’) We here can do lots of things when you are not with us, and we are happy that you come, as it is rare. We should make the most of it.” Then the meeting began.

“Not many people know what is possible in the spiritual world, or what is needed and what work has to be done by humans. Inter-species connection is one major thing, and it must be done on an individual and grass roots level. The 'big disclosure' thing is all about institutions, the military, and governments, and how we can overcome the influence at work by the bureaucracy in many places and in many worlds. It isn't only on Earth that Ahriman* works, but throughout this quadrant of the galaxy and more. He has mercilessly and systematically tyrannized this whole area, if not by himself, then by his minions and dupes.”

I got off into Star Trek at that moment, and Edgar said, “Yes, Star Wars and Star Trek are all true to some extent but let’s carry on.”

The meeting continued. The females are in the center of the circle: myself, Shushilla*,* Halo*, Ondene’* and Sylvie.* There is also a woman astronaut, a friend of Edgar's – in uniform, but she is dead – the schoolteacher, Christa McAuliffe,* the first civilian to be aboard a rocket to the moon. She and the whole crew died in the explosion of the failed launch, because they couldn't keep the information of the colonization of the moon a secret if any normal people knew. So they destroyed the program, the rocket, and the people.

“Information is not why we are here,” Edgar said. “It's to learn to work together because we know and trust one another. So, although we are not ready for 'trust games,' we are ready for personal interaction for a while. Let’s all put our hands into the center of the circle to call upon Christ to guide and bless us, and then let’s see what happens. Anything and everything is fine, just so long as it is done consciously.”

So Halo and Shushilla and I got to know one another's bodily configurations. Halo has sparse and super-fine hair on her head – like a golden glow around her face. Her body color is not so actual gray, but more warm pinkish, and she has roses in her cheeks. The usual beings of her race have a symbiotic relationship with their suits. Their skin is exceptionally thin and delicate and they have modified so as to not respond tactilly. Halo and John Doe, the Illuminati defector are interested in one another. When hybrid Greys mate, they will pinch one another in specific places on their bodies to manually stimulate hormonal flows that will culminate in coitus. So, what she and I can share is loving touch without sexual overtones. I sooo gently stroke her cheek and caress her hair. Their fingers are long with more joints than the three we have, and the 'little finger' can work as another opposable appendage as well, although it is delicate and almost as long as the other fingers. The flesh of the hybrids is softer and more moist than the original Grey’s muscle which is very cartilaginous and sinewy. Their race has never been farmed as a food source. As they age (and they live a long time) they become stiffer and less mobile and bendable, and the organs also become rigid and cease functioning. Mostly they do an assisted suicide when the sclerosis becomes too intense.

Then I had a short time to feel Shushilla's skin. It is of a pearly whitish hue with a green sheen. The scales are almost microscopic so it looks like human skin, but it is sturdier. Then it was time to finish and we will have to continue another day.

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