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An Interstellar Look at U.S. Politics

Tuesday Afternoon 2:30, March 1, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

At the 2:30 meeting with Edgar, we looked at Super Tuesday, the primary presidential race in many different states. We sent uplifting love and cool intelligence to everyone concerned. It's true, the people – the grass-roots people, young, working, families, poor elderly, are all inspired by Bernie's* message which is so forthright and true. However, the Illuminati want one of their own, Hillary Clinton,* to win. That is why Trump* is winner over all the other young upstarts, because they know he will not win, and even if he does, they can manipulate him, whereas, Bernie is not so easy for them. They want to keep the status quo – Clinton. It may prove positive for the state elections. Reason may play out there. Whatever. It was a half-hour session, looking at politics.

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