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The Death of Wanrrra the White Royal Draco

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

In my meditation, during the calling in of my spiritual family, I tuned in to Wanrrra. His physical body is dying – his bodies are separating one from the others. He is here with us in part of his etheric and astral bodies but his physical remnants and the bound aspects of his etheric body and the physically enmeshed astral body, are with the other White Royals in their stronghold in Antarctica. He might have been wounded or ill, but is now actually dying. One of the other White Royals* plucked the eyes out of his head and ate them. It is what they do so that no other entity inhabits the body. In this case, so that Wanrrra cannot get back in either. Four Warriors of the Rainbow Light* will protect the body until the etheric is completely disentangled and bring it up to the healing room in the New Jerusalem*. It is similar to what happened to Siridon*, and Wanrrra will be re-integrated again as well. (Refer to The Dragon Quartet for the complete story of Siridon’s adventures.)

Another reason they eat the eyes is to hinder the etheric visual memories from being gathered and retained by the rudimentary soul of the person or being who inhabited the vehicle. Wanrrra is being taken up to Christ now and we will do our best to gather the etheric forces and all the memories for him. If we and the Warriors of the Rainbow Light cannot succeed totally, there is the earthly Akashic record and the cosmic record of his planet that Wanrrra can read and learn from, and resolve his part in the karma of this life and of his race. That process has already begun with our experiences when we first met.

Thursday, October 13, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

The four Warriors of the Rainbow Light, who are Wanrrra’s companions, have gone to protect his physical body and make sure all his etheric force is allowed to withdraw from the physical in the correct way as happens for humans. His memories are important to his new learning and potential further evolution. They protected his dead body with the force of their rainbow shields. Some of the Royals wanted to desecrate the body and harm the etheric and astral, but four more Warriors of the Rainbow Light arrived and they are in back-to-back pairs. Then eight more came and they created an egg shaped cocoon for the etheric and astral forces. They gathered all of Wanrrra’s ether body and the little bits of his astral and brought them up to where we are in the astral world – in the New Jerusalem.

The Warriors said to the Royals, “You are now on earth. This is how things are done here. You would be wise to submit sooner to Christ and his ways rather than later. We humans are conscious now, in spite of everything and so we, in the name and power of Christ, can assist as we choose. Since you are here with us, in time you may also choose to move on, forward, and upward – Wanrrra has. We go in peace and we bless you. Receive it, please.” Then the rainbow egg holding Wanrrra’s etheric and astral forces rose up and disappeared. It was the woman Warrior, Susanna, who had spoken to the White Royal Draconians.

I am seeing this after it already happened yesterday. I was kept from meditating all day long. I think it was because I would have been in the way and in danger if I had been there in real time. Now I am seeing it from the past – removed from the actual events. I am reminded of Shushilla’s warning to me a couple of days ago. I am glad I followed whatever inner promptings I had not even to meditate yesterday.

Some of the events I missed are brutal, but I do not have to see everything. Suffice it to say, there was the beginnings of a feeding frenzy on Wanrrra’s etheric forces and physical body. Some Greys* joined and tried to grab and bite some for themselves. They had manifested teeth for the occasion. But they were held at bay by the forces of the rainbow shields of the Warriors of the Rainbow Light. I can understand so far with what I have observed already. I don’t need more.

The whole team is now in one of the healing rooms in the New Jerusalem. Everyone is sitting around the bed Wanrrra is lying in, sending him love and support for the process he is going through, which is the reintegration of his whole etheric and astral bodies since they have totally withdrawn from the dead physical. He is having to come into a new relationship with them which he has never done before. The after-death experience of the lower White Royals, of which Wanrrra was one, was a quick turnaround into another cloned body.

There seems to be a question of what to do with his physical body – the particular molecules from off-planet. There are a number of issues to be considered. One is that Wanrrra will have to make a choice later about where he wants to continue living and evolving. We all think and feel, and in my case, hope that he will choose earth but the choice in time is his alone.

The other issue is the handling of ‘toxic’ material, in that the sentience of the formerly residing entity does impact the bodies all the way to the molecular level. Atoms, so far, are generally free from the taint of lower consciousness, though they are impressed by the most high, refined, cosmic emanations of profoundly evolved celestial beings. But once individual atoms come into relationships and enter duality through bonding and repulsing, on the molecular scale, they become amenable to conscious input.

So, the physical molecules of Wanrrra’s material body have White Royal Draco consciousness subtly embedded in them. That is why the bodies of those Reptilians and Royals who have died in the battles on earth, are packed in rose petals and waiting to be off-planeted when all the Royals have died which will not be very long from now. There is a planet being prepared for their new life.

They will have the choice of entering the Human stream of evolution, but only through “genetic right.” Wanrrra, as tear brother and sister with me, gives him that right. The usual definition is through physical genetic tampering.

That is why the Draconians and many other violent races cannibalize their own dead. They want the power and etheric forces, and the extra added support of physical matter already aligned with themselves and their values. This explains their stature also. The largest Royal is the king.

During all of this, I caught a glimpse of the Draco hive mentality that needs the support of a sterile, technological environment, and why they work so hard to destroy the nature of the planets they conquer. It is the AI – artificial intelligence – insinuated and implanted by Ahriman* or his cohorts in the galaxies. I think Ahriman is the head honcho for this quadrant of this galaxy but that there are many Ahrimans and negative higher beings above him. The thrust of this stream of devolution is toward rigidity and paralysis – static form and undeviating obedience to contraction of mobile nature into a rigid technologically bound world, created through the coldest, most materialistic intellect and forceful will to conquer, dominate, and terminate every living thing. It results in a mechanistic cosmos devoid of life.

Such a worldview and goal is antithetical to human evolution. We cannot let this happen. That is the battle right now. But life will survive on earth. I would personally like to see life thrive and blossom. I am glad and hope Wanrrra will join us.

I just had a flash of the future. I will have an orphanage or childcare in a future life where children who are souls just coming onto this planet can be reared in a proper and positive way for their adjustment and flourishing on earth. It looks like very lively fun – like Kindermeadow* was. I enjoy being a cosmic mama. Or, maybe it will be a hostel for extraterrestrial travelers, or a little ‘bed and breakfast’ for diplomats from other worlds. Any or all – whatever.

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