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Meeting a White Royal Draco

October 5, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

The first meditative practice* I do is to center in ‘Christ in me*’ as the essence and meaning of my existence both spiritually and physically. Secondly, I put on the armour of God with the ‘I ams*’. It creates a pyramid around me from above my head to the ground – a pyramid of overlapping scales or plates of armour – I am the soul, I am the light divine, I am truth, I am love, I am will, I am ener-chi, I am fixed design, I am destiny divine, I am service, and I walk the white path of peace – all dedicated to and activated by Christ.

Next the 12 chakras are stimulated through a series of colors and movement visions with further colors completing the return in an overall torus, or inwardly spiraling donut movement. Then on to creation of “the Caddy*,” my three-dimensional astral travel vehicle. The calling in of my guides, spiritual family, posse of Warriors of the Rainbow Light*, the Native American contingency*, and the Interstellar Team*, concludes with the integration of my thinking, feeling and willing into a functional whole Then I’m ready for meditation.

On this day, after finishing my meditations, I went upward to meet with the team, but came instead into the presence of a White Royal Draconian*. We were fine in one another’s presence, despite his fifteen foot stature. When we first met, there was a long telepathic download of his history and his race’s state of evolution and how they have not changed or evolved for eons. I said, “Same old, same old, same old.” to him, about the constant millennia of warrioring and conquering and living off of the physical work, etheric and astral forces of the populations they subjected, dominated, and controlled. They are stuck in the physical world but do not have pleasure, just etheric aggrandizement, astral atrophy or exaggeration in a negative mode, and technological supremacy.

I saw that they are not very evolved and cannot overcome even angels*. It is only in the physical that they can dominate. The mind control they wield is of a physical nature – through the physiology and anatomy of fear. I, personally, am not susceptible because of my conscious experiences with Siridon* and Shushilla* and the golden egg. (Refer to The Dragon Quartet.) So we could meet without the fear factor distorting our experience.

He wept when he saw his life from my point of view. Usually they do not allow such thoughts or feelings in. They dominate and control and destroy beings who might influence their minds with such compassionate thoughts. Things are changing for them now, however.

He lifted me up to his face and I said, “Kindly, do not eat me.”

I also had tears in my physical and spiritual eyes and I blended our tears together. I whispered to him, “We are now ‘White Blood Brother and Sister.’ Tears are the white blood of compassion. The red blood is of passion and physical action. Tears are the spiritualized, astralized blood of empathy, joy and sorrow, as well as pain.” The Royal and I feel a very deep and loving bond which makes us weep – it is a mutually beneficial exchange.

We had conversed when we first came into one another’s presence about him being here on earth at this time of change with such a magnificent new influx of Christ consciousness as in the second Pentecost*. All the Royal Draconians had wanted to leave before it happened, but were stopped and contained here on earth. They are softening and opening – even against their wills – and this Royal wants to understand.

I asked him his name and he said something that sounded like Willy Wonka. I started laughing as I thought about and watched memories of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in my mind. He saw them too and also laughed. I said, “Perhaps you need a new name now, one that expresses the new you.” His new name is Wanrrra, with a long rolling ‘r’, which means “one who desires to run (or fly) into the arms of the divine.” Perhaps he will join the team. I’m not sure of his status as living or dead. We will explore more later.

I just checked in with Edgar and he said, “We have been watching and supporting from a distance. Yes, he will join us. He is an individual now – a new ‘man’ in relation to humanity and Christ in the future evolution of earth and the solar system. We have other 12 footers in our group and we can all shift our shapes and sizes as needed – even me.” And Edgar smiled proudly. We are all learning new things.

Included here are further memories of the download from Wanrrra.

Because they have not learned a variety of lessons in life – but have continued the warrior path and the subjugation of many planets and peoples, they have not had the necessary variety of experiences to evolve further, nor have they done the inner work necessary. They have lived off the work and etheric and astral forces of others rather than develop their own inner resources of emotion and creativity. They are stunted in their development. Since they do not procreate through union with another, but are cloned, they are not evolving their individual selves but are only a part of the race, tribe, hive, or caste – or the ‘Borg’ in Star Trek parlance.

In being trapped on earth, and having come under the care of Christ, they will now learn to evolve as we humans do and be transformed – like it or not. They will individualize as Wanrrra has already begun to do.

Thursday, October 6, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I am communicating this morning with Wanrrra and the team, and I am saying to him, “You don’t really know what brother and sister mean because your race, your people, are all male warriors who have been cloned. You didn’t hatch with a clutch of eggs and grow up in a nest together as brothers and sisters. You do not know the joys and challenges of siblings and parents. The lessons of family have not been available to you for an infinitely long time. Family is the karmic crucible that teaches emotional mastery. Perhaps these are reasons the White Royal Draconians and your cloned race of warriors has not developed empathy and compassion, although they have learned how to mind control those that do have such emotions.”

“In human parlance, you have fallen under the spell and domination of Ahriman* or one like him, or perhaps a precursor being of the negative, contracting, technological replacement of balanced, awakened, spiritual powers within each individual persuasion. The White Royal Dracos have not evolved their spiritual side to be able to rise into spiritual dimensions in a conscious, harmoniously functional way. They have been minimized and because they do not have an individual connection to spiritual sources, must conquer, dominate, and live off the stolen life forces of other races.”

“You and your people came here to earth to continue this pattern for yourselves – for physical resources and for milking the etheric and astral life forces from the populations. But you have arrived at a crux in earthly evolution. The ultimate destiny of this planet is to express love in freedom and you have been caught in a web stronger than survival, domination, and control. On earth, freedom and love will have their way and you all are mandatorily invited to join the party. I am very glad for you, Wanrrra, and honoured to be your tear sister and to love you as my brother. We are all part of the family of sentient beings.”

This all took place in the circle of the team. I was setting the context and describing my understanding of the situation. Then everyone came and introduced themselves to Wanrrra and said a few words of welcome.

Then Christ came and we sent love and energy around the circle. Wanrrra stood between Garth-Majid* and me, the two beings he felt closest to. Ahh, Bey, and Tsey* are in awe of Wanrrra like they are of Garth – but with a tinge of unease because of past history. When we finish in the circle of the team, Garth and Wanrrra will spend time together.

My dragon Shushilla came to Wanrrra and introduced herself as an evolved White Royal and I as her surrogate and soul mother. He was astonished and since we are in a transparent or at least translucent realm here, we were all aware that Wanrrra felt a stirring of love and desire. He, however, does not have the functioning organs for physical love making. They have been bred out by the genetic manipulations of the race to increase the intensity of the bloodlust of battle and dependence on external sources of vital etheric energy. This was done to his race and a number of other Reptilian branches a long, long time ago. It was done by the wicked inspiration of the forerunner of Ahriman millions of years ago, who came from a hole in the fabric of the newly developing universe – a backlash from the past incarnation of existence.

Friday, October 7, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“The White Royals are the ultimate control freaks.” Shushilla said to me. “Don’t get carried away, mum.” “Okay, sweetheart. Thanks for the warning – the heads up.”

As I was saying the verse at the end of my meditations,

Morning Balancing Verse

{Oh, Christ, my Angel, Archangel Michael, . . . . . . . and my Spiritual Family,}

(Call upon your guides, and inspiring Dead from the after-life.)

I ask for guidance, clarity and strength,

as today, I warm my thinking with heart's compassion,

as I inform my feeling with clear thinking;

And as I thus,

with living thinking and living feeling;

motivate, activate, integrate and engage my will

to initiate and do the good that is mine to do,

For the health of my body, soul, and spirit,

For the fulfillment of my mission,

For the unfoldment of my destiny;

For the evolution of humankind,

And for the highest good of all concerned.

In the name of Christ, so it is.

In the light of Christ, I am.

I called on Wanrrra to hear especially keenly. He came and I spoke the words carefully and clearly so that he could ‘grok*’ the meaning. As a cloned individual he does not experience karma and reincarnation which are the spiritual tools for evolution. They only have the control of their hierarchy and social structure as means and boundaries for action. These boundaries have been very narrow – confined to physical survival, control and domination of others, and a strict limitation of acceptable behaviors for most Draconians of the working and warrior classes. The Royals have a greater leeway and scope for deciding where and who to conquer, and they have dabbled in peripheral sex and sado-masochism at Dulce* and other such places, but there is no freedom in their worlds. They have no individual destiny – no personal meaning.

Sunday, October 9, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I suggested that Wanrrra might like four Warriors of the Rainbow Light* as companions, but he said, “I can hear them now – the Royals – saying, ‘Here comes Willy Wonka with his new hippie friends.’ They are as prejudiced as humans about differences of any kind. Just the colors will set them off. I know because I used to feel that way as well. Besides, I am not returning to them until much later – if at all. I will need to know that it is safe and that there would be a purpose for my returning. Right now, there is so much confusion in the ranks. They need to sort it out, as I have, before I could be effective in communicating with them. They certainly don’t care that I’m gone. I request permission to remain here with my new acquaintances and my four companion Warriors of the Rainbow Light. I have come too far to go back.”( and at these words, I heard a deep knell in the spirit world.)

Ignacio and I discussed the first meeting of Wanrrra and I. The expression of emotion and the tear he shed because of seeing his life and his race’s state through my human eyes during the first download, was a new experience for him. Because emotions were bred out of their race, their astral bodies are very small and undeveloped if not totally atrophied. Because they are cloned, their souls are immediately placed in another body without any intervening time in higher dimensions for an after-life experience of learning the lessons from the past life as stepping stones to a new and better incarnation next time. Karma has been avoided by their genetic modification and method of procreation-cloning. Hence, they have not evolved except mentally and technologically. They experience no after-death resolution of their bodies, etheric, astral, and Ego/I* and no kamaloca* (resolution of the emotional body in a higher dimension after death) or the journey to Galactic Centre*.

I was asking myself what I can do to help, and thought of inviting Wanrrra to join me when I die and go through my own kamaloca in which he will be a part since we have now met. But Ignacio said, “This emotional experience which resulted in a tear and greater understanding of himself and his race is like a kamaloca experience now.”

And, of course, as we look over our day in the evening, and balance our experiences by gratitude or remorse, and the desire to correct the wrongdoing or omissions; we are accomplishing karmic tasks in life rather than waiting till we die and experiencing them in kamaloca. So perhaps the Warriors of the Rainbow Light can work with Wanrrra in this way. There are three men and one woman in his new posse. She will gently add the feminine perspective for him. And he and I will relate also and the other females in the team.

Now he is learning that size does not matter so much. He is able to become smaller here and more in proportion to all of us who have different sizes but nothing too extreme.

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