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Telling It Like It Is – Straight Up

Saturday, August 27, 2016 – Castle Lake, California

I am at the Methodist Camp up at 7,000 feet, near Mt Shasta at Part 2 of the UFO summer conferences. I spoke to a number of people last night. R, an engineer who worked on the stress reduction app for iphone, and I, talked about the energy creation of the Caddy* construction, and this morning I made/received new realizations. The individual unit could be done in the physical world using the sub-ethers of magnetism and electricity. Yes, I think it could be made physically. And thinking about magnetism and electricity – could the ‘repulse’ pole be utilized in anti-gravity machines?

This morning when I awoke the second time, I heard a chorus of lovely, lilting voices saying, “We love you. We love you.” I asked who they were and they said that they were the muses. I put myself into them – traded places and felt that to be true. They are general angel beings and etheric and astral beings that inspire creativity. I asked them and they said, “Yes.” They are a consortium of beings of different realms that work together to inspire humans on all planes – emotional, color – etheric, life forces – mental inspiration and imagination – and encouraging the will to practice and do and present and express. “We want Kienda to tell a story or two in true, old Bard, story-telling fashion. We are loving her up and encouraging her to do so.”

“Thank you, Darlings.” I joyfully replied. “I will do it – one way or another.” And I did that night around the camp-fire.

Thursday, September 8, 2016 – Seattle, Washington

Edgar greeted me, “Finally, you’re here. Let’s get started.” And we began weaving rainbows like a maypole. I was trying to figure out how to see and relate to everyone, when one of the blue spheres said, “Just go with the flow. We are all doing fine and will continue to satisfaction.” So I did.

I asked, because of a conversation with my daughter M and her partner C last night around the kitchen table, “Are we going to make it?” meaning, will the human race awaken to the complex realities that are impressing life on this planet, and act for our preservation and our own best interests?

Arihimsa* said, “The noose is tightening. The net is being pulled in. So many are still comfortably asleep – even you, Kienda. The call is becoming fainter. Urgency must be kindled individually. You, Kienda , must awaken and do your deeds – storytelling cosmic truths. Do get on it. Do move out into the social media and offer stories and truths. If any part of your life could be used – do it. What else is it for? Why else are you living? If necessary, do it alone. ‘Very well,’ said the little Red Hen in the children’s story, ‘I’ll do it myself.’ And she did. That has been your way and should continue. Thanks for asking and thanks for doing it. We will, of course, all work together on this project. It has cosmic significance. Sleep now for a while and then awaken and do.”

I will do this and carry on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 – Port Townsend, Washington

I, Kienda, want to connect again with Christ* and the New Jerusalem* so we went upward, after the meditations. Christ and others are laughing at me, very kindly, and I am fine with that. He said, “Keep at it Kienda, its all fine. Give it your best go and tell it like you see it if anyone is interested in hearing what you have to say. It seems most people are not. And maybe it’s just better to speak one-on-one. Last night was fun but no one was ready to settle down and listen.”

“It seems to be time for confusion and not knowing what to think or ask.” I said, “yet everyone has their own ideas and opinions. That’s probably the reason it’s better to talk individually. Is that so?” I asked.

Christ said, as I was being shown in image of the roses and petals being carried hither and thither on water with many eddies and currents, “Yes, people don’t know what to do with the love and energy we are sending down to earth. The water is moving inexorably to the sea but the individual drops are bumping about in response/reaction to different factors and colliding and pushing and straining and struggling. As the river widens and deepens on its journey, it smoothes out and you can see that the petals move in comparative harmony. Human thoughts will be like that in time. Yes, it’s a bit rough and rocky now but eventually things will smooth out. Your job in this respect, is to remain positive and conscious, taking opportunities as they arise to the best advantage. Continuing your work is imperative! And enjoy the ride.”

“Thank you, dear Christ,” I replied. He was still chuckling at me. “Humans are so innocently ignorant, and you are right there in the midst. But let us go on. Let’s join the team.”

So we went down the hall to the spacious room where everyone was assembled. The team is the inner circle surrounded by many larger circles of different beings in differing states from many different star systems as well as humans both living and dead. This is not the Galactic Federation* assembly, but individuals from many places who are monitoring earthly evolution. These are all highly evolved themselves and wish the best for humans because they have a cosmic overview of the galactic history and evolution, and know the importance of the proper development on earth for the whole of galactic evolution. Many of them have seen and participated in successes and failures of planets over unfathomably long periods of time.

A ‘glitch in the matrix*’ has developed – a disharmonious juncture or collision in time of multiple agendas. Since it is occurring in 3D physical matter, it results in a fight for space. Okay, I say to myself, this is another cosmic overview. Now what can we do about it? And I hear the answer. “Like the continents are loosening up to be ready to move when the call comes, so humans must loosen up from the constricted limited lives they have been confined to. You, Kienda, must answer the call to gather and speak and express and do. Standing Rock* is an example. Answer the call – join together with others to protect the earth and one another. Others will also come along.” (Just a little something to think about, for me.)

Edgar then stepped forward to address us all. ”It is so very different than I thought it was when I was still alive. It is so much more complex and there are so many more forces and beings with so many different aspects of consciousness, that I am grappling with new definitions of words and concepts I thought I understood on earth. And from the earthly point of view of physical reality, I did understand much. But from these realms – above and beyond the limitations of matter – there is a tremendous amount more to experience and know.”

“Time, in the cosmic sense of progressive evolution of complexity and expansion, is moving towards a certain designated point which is marked by the dancing of the stars of the whole Galaxy. Each star’s Logos* emanates their individual energy field out into space, as does the logos of each Galaxy in this whole universe. The patterns and configurations they form are sacred geometric dialogues and conversation. They tell the stories of evolution on all planes, from the galaxies to each discrete individual soul on each inhabited planet.”

“Right now, some of the stories are nearing their climax; some are simply setting the stage; and most are somewhere into character development and plot thickening. On earth, as I see it now, our plot has stewed and thickened until it is hardening into a cement-like consistency. Of course, at the moment before unmoving imprisonment, some of the larger more evolved players, some of the ‘deus ex machina’ interventions have been needed for the story to go on. And they have come. Earth will continue. Human beings will evolve.”

“We will not, however, be able to remain as we are now: we will change. That is the only alternative – the only option. Continuing in our narrow opinionated way, careless – selfish – adamantly ignorant – is not viable any longer. Never really was. But now it is detrimental to more than ourselves. It is blight in the Galaxy.”

“So. What to do about the situation? The most important thing is to become self-conscious. That is, ‘self,’ in the highest sense possible – each individual as a microcosm of the divine creative macrocosmic force or being. ‘Know thyself,’ the admonition on the portal of the ancient mystery centres on earth, is applicable today. Become conscious of your self in all the complexity and multiplicity of your facets, aspects, and abilities. Choose to utilize your talents for the good, the noble, the beautiful, and the true. Align your self with human evolution. Listen within and follow the suggestions you hear and the promptings of your heart. If we all listen within to the still small voice of conscience (which, by the way, is becoming strident in its need to be heard, or more melodious, or more evocative or persuasive – whatever will reach sleeping humans) we will know what to do about the issues we each individually face and the appropriate actions we can most effectively take.”

“As the verse and song go, ‘for everything there is a season.’ This is the season of listening – of hearing – of perceiving. Very soon, is the season of action. For some of us that time is now. For everyone else, it is nearly upon them.”

“The battles in the heavens are clearing the way. Those extraterrestrial forces that have other agendas for human evolution, have impressed and enslaved cultures, societies, and institutions for millennia. The lessons such experiences have to offer have not been very well learned by the majority of humanity. But the few who have not succumbed to the deadening influences are becoming stronger day by day, and more and more sleepers are awakening to their own desperate plight. The heavens portend the awakening by star configurations of personal power – only to be activated by clear consciousness.”

“Each must take responsibility for their own life and choices. Each must decide the value and meaning of their own lives. Each individual must create out of their intrinsic divine nature. Or not. Those are the only options. (Very, very, very few choose active conscious destruction of the divine plan of evolutionary ascension.) With the neutralization of the effects of negative interventions in human affairs and the external perversion of human truth, humanity can right itself; finding the balance between all polarities, bringing duality into vital conscious stasis; bringing harmony into multiplicity by a larger unity of inclusion and mutual respect; and the elevating consciousness out of mere 3-D physicality to include emotional, mental, and spiritual forces into the functioning parameters of human reality. So be it. Amen.”

“All of that is held in the single phrase – ‘Christ in you.’ ‘And may he feel your spirit.’” A powerful excerpt from the Act of Consecration of Man* celebrated in the Christian Community Church*.

“So, my friends, here in an elegant rant from me, Edgar Mitchell. It is the season of the rant for me. I am doing that to the best of my abilities and I thank my sponsors – Christ the solar Logos, St. Michael, the Interstellar Team, Kienda the scribbling scribe, and all the forces and beings dedicated to cosmic evolution which we all wish, hope, and intend to include, love, joy, and peace. Thank you for reading, receiving, and awakening, should you choose this as your destiny. Sincerely, Edgar D. Mitchell.”

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