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The Blue Sphere Alliance and the Ashtar Command

Friday, August 19, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“Get up here girl, before you go off into your own world again.” Ed said to me as I finished my meditations. “Let’s go. Let’s get to it.”

“For the interstellar Civic Summit* (ICS) you are going to have to become more efficient. Let’s try observing someone else and their group of ET beings. But who? Oh, I know, let’s go meet the Blue Avians* and Corey Goode*.”

“So we did. Edgar and I held hands as we travelled to another spot in the spiritual worlds. We met the Blue Avians as smaller human-sized spheres with penetrating eyes. I realized they didn’t need beaks because we communicated telepathically. They exuded a sense of serenity and kindness. They never take physical form. This astral phenomenon of blue light is their favoured collective state. They can be so big it would be like walking through star systems, as though they were stepping stones in a shallow pool or for crossing a shallow stream. And they can come down to human scale as well.”

They know Garth Majid* and they happily chatted for a while. Then Garth Majid briefed us on what they had said, “The Dracos* had planned to come in massive numbers to solidify their grip on this solar system. However, for cosmic destiny to unfold, humanity must awaken to its task in the cosmic scheme. Since humanity is a little slow in awakening and the opposition to appropriate evolution has been so effective, the quarantine was set in place and it is very effective, as well, now. The Draco battalions cannot enter the solar system, and those here on earth are being rendered impotent.”

“Humanity must awaken to play its part in the great battle of evolution or devolution of this solar system – planet Earth especially. To do that, there must be an increase of conscious transparency. Love is a substance – a substantial form of light and consciousness. These are tools for healing the dark, wounded places within each human being. Each one must choose to become healed, clear, and transparent.”

“Corey is now working on this. At a certain point, the implants and sequestered wounds and locked subconscious areas become obvious and apparent and then they too can be healed.” So I looked at Corey Goode and said, ”Let’s meet at the conference. And let’s find others. And let’s get the ICS going.” We shall see.

“This new world that is coming is full of such activities and brightly glowing people are a result. This is the destiny task of humanity: to awaken to the positive within themselves individually and to choose to become, each, their highest best. Now is the pivotal moment for those who can do so.”

“That’s pretty much what they conveyed to me,” Garth Majid told us. “That’s true,” said Arihimsa*. “I understood their communication also and concur. It’s what we already know, although expressed in a particularly clear blue slant of light. And it’s very encouraging. Archangel Michael’s gift to those humans who can receive it – the sword of light, clarity, strength, support, and augmentation, for the expansion of each one’s individual gifts, can be put to good use in light of the Blue Sphere Alliance’s* explanation of the needs of the time.”

“The alliance is not a consortium of races, but is an alliance – a freely, individually, self chosen group – of their racial dimension from all over the universe. They are creator gods close to the ‘Ground of Existence’ – the originator of this universe – hence their ability to quarantine a whole star system. Humanity must work hard on themselves while they have this precious time made especially for their awakening and evolution.” Arihimsa was in his form as a sphere of light also, as he spoke to us, but he is golden with lights.

“What do they think about the ICS?” I asked.

Both Garth Majid and Arihimsa nodded. “Yes. They would never call such a gathering together. It must arise from below.”

“We will not speak or participate, but create the space and hallow it with our love and protection.” communicated the Blue Spheres, and there were little white sparkles like laughter and joy inside of them.

To seal the deal, we in our group join hands in a circle, a couple of the smaller Blue Spheres joined us, and the large ones were in the second circle behind us. We all sent love from our hearts (or center of our astral bodies) and thoughts of a kind, evolved earth and all upon her. Then we tuned into the humming of a vibration surrounding us. The Blue Spheres were singing. One by one we all joined in with a note or a melody. We are creating a positive, beautiful, constructive wave of energy and it has been wafted around the earth.

Even though they may be here on earth or in the earth or moon sphere by genetic right, or because they can’t get away, every living being is being affected by this loving wave of energy. These powerful energies are a little hard on the hybrids of all races. These are the kinds of energies – and there are millions of such creative thought and feeling forms – that are realigning the vibratory rates of all thoughts, feelings, and actual physical substance.

And this is me, Kienda, speaking now, “Come fellow humans, open your hearts and minds to receive this new impulse of energy and let it flow through your body in joy. Dance, my dears. Sing, beloveds. Live. Do. Be.”

It can get pretty silly wonderful up here in the higher dimensions sometimes. We all did a meld – merge – love – hug, sort of thing and then returned to ourselves; the humans, both dead and alive, laughing like crazy – crazy happy.

Time to return to earth and daily life for me. I can return in a thought to anything else going on up here, as needed. All is peaceful and still in the higher planes and that flows and glides down to earth all the time. There is always a still, quiet place to go to. From that place, gather strength and fortitude for the happenings on earth – insane though many of them may be. We can each be a little focal point of love, light, compassionate action, and even joy. So say I, Kienda, because I have experienced it so.

Sunday, August 21, 2016 – San Francisco, California

So, Edgar said, “Will someone help this poor slobbering woman get a grip?” meaning, of course – me. “Ok,” I said, “I have had an hour of personal time. I helped my daughter to the best of my ability and healed my body as well. Now I am ready for the team. I am just realizing now that I need time to do personal things and personal work. I’m not here just for the team or anyone else’s or everyone else’s needs and wants. I must validate my own existence and do my own work. And I don’t want to feel bad about doing it. I want to feel supported and empowered. Or at least nominally approved and accepted for who and what I am and what I need and want to pay attention to. Right now, it is my daughter. I want to do what I feel the need to do – well and efficiently and effectively. Then, from a place of completion and power, I can move on to the next phase of the team or the blog or whatever.”

“I understand and agree that I must and will become more efficient and effective in time management and self-discipline. I am working on that. And I must learn to discern the times when I should set myself aside and join the team in a moment as needed. It goes both ways.”

So that was my rant to Edgar. I can now join the team again. Before I got off on this rant, Descu*, a 12 foot human male had strode magnificently into the team, followed by Rondolle*, a 12 foot tall human female. These are beings from the Ashtar Command* and contacted George Van Tassel* as well as the folks at the Tunesian Sanctuary* on Mt. Shasta*, who channeled Sutko* of the Saturn Council*. There are millions of organizations, alliances, governmental bodies, etc. in this universe and many have dealings with this solar system. Within the solar system itself, there are spiritual beings who support the evolution of each planet in a hierarchy of consciousness that is a whole functioning organization.

And then, under Christ*, the Solar Logos*, there is an inter-planetary organization. There are also all the various alliances and consortiums of differing groups of either one race that is spread across the galaxies or of different races who form coalitions for one purpose or another.

So Descu and Rondolle are Nordics* and the height aspect is more discomforting to me then shape. I was more at ease with the shrimp people* then these. So we all sat down around a very large table and that feels better. Descu addressed the team, “We have been to earth many times in the past and had anticipated been received again as the godly beings that we are. However, when the atomic disasters overtook earth, we and many like us who had spent time on earth realize something was seriously amiss. Many of us had anticipated that our DNA would triumph, however, very few of us and others who had planted our seeds in the ancient times did not keep sufficient track of the struggle upon earth. The manipulation of time by Arhiman*, who is a cosmic force, took many of us by surprise when the atomic disaster occurred. Multiple timelines, multiple dimensions, so many factors are at work that we were not able to keep track. The dark oppression has been snowballing for millennia and humanity has been damaged almost beyond recognition.”

“We came as quickly as we could after the disaster and strove to communicate with the powers that organize and rule the world – governments and religions, etc. However, it was absolutely clear to us then that many issues were irreversible: the institution of war, hatred, inequality, and greed. Almost all institutions and organizations were already antithetical to proper human evolution. We were only safely in contact with a few individuals here and there across the globe. And soon strangers overwhelmed those people and everything we worked for was suppressed. Only little under-currents carried the light of open minded communication.”

“We have been called back again. We are glad, and ready to do whatever is necessary and appropriate at this time. We bow and greet you all and are honored to join this team.”

Arihimsa smiled at them and said, “Welcome, Travelers. You are welcome as two individuals. Here we are not representatives of any organization. Earth is in a crisis of individualism and we can only assist as individuals ourselves. If you wish to join under such a condition that is fine and you are welcome.”

Rondolle replied, “Yes, we come as two individuals. The organizations and alliances we belong to can only relate to other organizations and governing bodies. That is not possible on earth because all governing organizations are held by the dark forces of opposition to human and earthly evolution. Therefore we can only relate one to one – small group to small group – team to team. We are happy to be here. Thank you for accepting us.”

The formalities are over. Everyone is talking about their individual connections and mutual experiences. I’ve got to run to church. We will meet up again later.

At the Christian Community*, in San Francisco, during the Act of Consecration of Man*, two Blue Spheres joined the team. The feeling was so incredibly joyous that I was in an altered state for hours afterward.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

The Blue Spheres that have come to grace the team are named Ahyeeeee* and Willowah*. Ahyeeeee is spoken like a song – a note this glide upward into stratospheric heights. Willowah is like a gentle wind moving through millions of tiny leaves – it is all air and fluttery movement.

Another milestone has been passed. Last Sunday in the Christian community, the blue spheres, the team, Descu and Rondolle came and it was incredibly powerful and so profoundly joyful. I was lifted up so high in so many facets of my self, that when it finished, I asked a friend to give me a big grounding hug, bringing me back again to the earthly physical plane. Otherwise I would have danced and sang myself back into this new integration, new heights, and understandings, right there in front of everyone at church. I did the integration quietly within. Thank you, Friend and Halleluiah.

Then I went to my daughter’s house to water her plants and did tarot meditations for her and her partner and sent the messages of love and pink rose petals.

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