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Preparation for the Interstellar Civic Summit and Clearing up Old Stuff to Go On Nobly

Wednesday Morning, August 10, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Up to the team in the Galactic Federation* wing of the New Jerusalem*, Edgar started off with, “Call me Ed, please.” He is tired of the Men in Black* pronunciation of his name – Egger. “Yes, indeed, Ed” I said.

He continued, “The messages have been given by many – the true messages. There is much obfuscation as well as outright lies and deceit, but the true message has been received by many individuals and disseminated to many, many others. The cabal* and their minions have mostly received the manipulative messages of the dark interlopers here for their own

purposes and gain. Fortunately, there are many awake individuals, who have done prodigious amounts of personal transformational work that the positive, highly evolved E.T. races can communicate with.

It would be good if many of the humans who are receiving information would come together before the big 2020 Interstellar Civic Summit*, and get a little more clarity and communication among the awake ones.

There are three questions and issues which might be addressed at the summit:

  1. What is appropriate human evolution, and how can that be protected and fostered?

  2. What does humanity need to know, feel, and do at this time – in this phase of evolution?

  3. How can humanity access the knowledge and skills to accomplish our evolutionary goal?

This will not be a disclosure conference but deal with the human side of awakening on-mass under the guidance of the true spiritual impulses of our time. Human thinking must be applied.

Wednesday afternoon, August 10, 2016

“You are little late, but it is so endearing in the infinitely human way. You have to put the chocolate in the fridge. Oh, and the goat yogurt too. So many ‘slices of life.’ So many little human foibles. God bless us all and somebody please protect us from ourselves.” said Ed when I arrived.

“Now about this pre-conference we talked about this morning… That might very well happen in 2017 – next Michaelmas*. Until then it is your job and Ignacio’s, to meet as many possible participants as you can and scope out the most likely folk who have a real and functioning relationship with ETs, who are grounded and balanced, and who are benign and positively oriented. It would be especially good if they had a relationship to the cosmic Christ and understood that aspect.”

“Have conversations. Bring up the questions and solicit their main focus and concerns. Make a database of who, what ET’s they are involved with, and issues they are relating to, as well as the usual. Right now, if you do this you will be well positioned to help organize and facilitate a worldwide event later in 2018 or 2019. That would be excellent preparation for the Interstellar Civic Summit in 2020.”

Others are receiving the same inspiration and will elaborate upon it with their own thinking, interests, and style. The more communication among us all, the better. Perhaps there will be a website or chat room for potential participants and an open sharing of important messages and thoughts.”

“So we have three on the ground now and the plan. Do others have offerings?” asked Ed as he smiled around the circle of the team.

Garth Majid*, Ahh*, Bey*, and Tsey* came forward. The three young ones said, “We have a fourth member of our group who was also on the Galactic Federation ship* with us. He is in contact with other living people. We would like to contact him and see what transpires.” Garth Majid just beamed.

Ed responded, “Great idea. We can all check in with friends and family and see what might possibly manifest at the perfect time.”

Then Arihimsa* entered the centre of the circle. ”This is a powerful idea which holds great promise. We must all do our best to see the potential realized. When Kienda and Ignacio meet with the potential participants, it is an opportunity to not only discuss the questions and issues, but also the glossary, dictionary, and the conceptual matrix of cosmic laws that apply to the various dimensions of earthly existence. A clear and precise document will be invaluable for setting the foundation for communication during all the conferences. We in the higher dimensions understand telepathically, and we have cosmic translators for many dimensional expressions. Humans have not yet developed those skills, nor have many nurtured their inner capacities of perception of such. For them, a glossary, thesaurus, and conceptual matrix will be a necessity. In time they will move beyond, but until then and as a point of mutual reference, such a document is advised.”

“Oh, thank you, Arihimsa,” I gushed. I also have been wanting to move the conceptual matrix and dictionary along. With the team’s blessing and participation, I am ready to do it.” “Yup,” said Ed, “the Cosmic Odyssey is a massive project. But what else are we doing that more important?”

Saturday, August 12, 2016 – Marin Valley, California – The Latest from the New Jerusalem Amphitheater

“Do come in. Your party is down centre left, waiting for you.” In such manner was I greeted at the door to the auditorium in the New Jerusalem*. Everyone was there and I slipped into the seat they had saved for me. Christ was speaking.

“Welcome, Beloveds, to this wonderful moment – as every moment is. Each instant is an opportunity for, if not joy, then creative intensity. Billions of things are happening in each moment on earth – as many activities as there are people and spiritual beings. Each one of you here, whatever your origin or most comfortable dimension, can align with any other being on any plane that you exist in – physical, etheric, astral, or higher mental*. When humanity can unite in this way, in sufficient numbers, the energy of earth will change.”

“When the energy shifts, war will no longer be possible. The mindset that upholds evil – the mental framework held in the human mental realm – will no longer exist and no longer include war or the luciferic deadly sins. Those evils of Ahriman* will continue for a time yet. People should be preparing now for the return of the redeemed and beautifully transformed Lucifer, which will occur in a short time to come.”

“People’s imps* must be transformed. Changes in the reptilian brain stem must be accomplished. Humankind must be prepared to receive the influx of more and more Christed* energy. ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ In this star system, I am the catalyst, disseminator, and transformer of the energy from Galactic Centre* to all the planets. Earth, because of her stage of development, is first on my list. She is, and all upon her are, still in the stage of ultimate possibilities. However, that window will close soon and the results of planetary karmic choices will become dominant. Right now, that would mean disaster of the direst variety.”

“Earth stands at the tipping point of the abyss. By mere thought, attitude, and feelings, will the choice be made. Action is needed also, but by intelligent, loving, kindness in the hearts and minds of many, the world can be righted. I pour my love down upon you all and the world. May it be received abundantly into the hearts and minds of all who are willing to work, change, and evolve.” As He finished, Christ smiled at everyone. Then, all we who sat there, were showered with pink rose petals which brought an indescribably profound sense of calm joy and love to the whole assembly.

Then Archangel Michael* stepped forward. “Greetings, Beloveds from many spheres. I, Michael, the Countenance of our Christ, have a gift for each of you that will augment your individual works in the world at this crucial time. For each of you – according to your talents and abilities – it is the gift of increased precision, focus, accuracy, and efficiency. My sword of light is available to each of you to refine your abilities and impel your soul to your specific needed actions. I am the Motivator. I ignite the flame of action in your heart’s and mind’s truest desires. Prepare for action. The time has come. Follow the true calling of your hearts, minds, and souls. Put caution and restraint behind you, and act in accordance with your destiny – as appropriate.”

“Humanity has the nascent knowledge and skills to accomplish their evolutionary deeds of self-actualization and enlightenment. Use my sword of light to cut through the negative, manipulated bullshit, and rise above the mire. There is clarity, light, and love, only one thought away. Think the loving thought. Create the balanced emotion within yourself. Rise and join us here in the fields of the soul and spirit.” And Michael sat down after a slight bow.

I could feel a flickering light in my throat and on my tongue. I will use Michael’s Sword of Light in my speaking – in my words.

Dear Friend, (and anyone caught up in negative emotions) do not abandon your body, soul, and spirit, your mind and your emotions to the forces of darkness. No one will save you. Not anyone. There are numbers of people who do good work and facilitate their clients self-healing. But they cannot make the actual realizations that you yourself must make to heal and change. Only you, with Christ and St. Michael, can help yourself out of the funky mire you have slipped down into. Rouse yourself. Think your own chosen thoughts, and it is wise to make them positive. Ignore the rampant idiocy of the world. Do not join the lemmings rush over the edge of the abyss. Step aside. Chose to look to Christ and St. Michael. Re-think your childhood, and at each hurt, call upon Christ, your angel, and your Dragon*, whose wings have been unstuck many times; but you come right back and stick them together with self-defeating, miring thoughts of – I don’t – I can’t – I won’t – etc. – etc. – nauseatingly untrue etc. You keep repeating the shadow’s lies. You fondle them in your mind and heart. You could choose to repudiate them or ignore them, and choose truths. That is what is hard – taking a stand for yourself as a human being with integrity. Lying around, moaning and wallowing in how hard everything is – is not. That is easy. That way you can just slide down into irresponsible railing at God and all existence. That’s easy – no responsibility – nothing to do – just tantrum and whine a lot.

But that is not what life is about. Life is about happiness. Life is about doing something about what bothers us. Life is about making changes. We have the responsibility of making changes in our own favor. We do not have to suffer situations. Humanity as a whole, has evolved to the point of taking responsibility for our individual lives.

To that end, I politely suggest that you do some inner child work with R. (or whoever is working with clients in the depths of their souls.)

She comes recommended by good people – active, creative, kind, and nurturing people. Re-parent your 2 ½ year-old, and get over the tantrums and onto something a little more effective. Time is moving on. You are getting older. Don’t waste any more time. Grow yourself up, if your parents couldn’t – and they didn’t. It’s up to you now. You are so gifted and talented and extraordinary – it’s a shame to waste it all.

We, – you and I – stand on the brink of amazing things. Pull it together with the help of R and friends, Christ and St. Michael, your angel and Blue Bill*. Let’s do a little slice of life, well and gladly, and with energy, enthusiasm, and joy. All those things come from Christ. All you have to do is make internal space to receive them. Say no to your Shadow. Reject negativity and sweep it out of your inner being. Say yes to Christ and love and re-fill your inner spaces.

When you feel sad and heavy, call R and do some inner work on healing that little issue. Start and do one at a time. When your inner self is strong, through accumulated healings, then things can leap forward. When you get obsessed with negativity, put on some music and sing and dance or call me and we can sing on the phone. My girls and I do that fairly regularly. I’ll learn some jokes and we can laugh.

I am your friend and compatriot – a fellow soldier in the fields of the soul. We can be most effective and efficient, and avoid all kinds of illusions and delusions by rejecting any other images than true friends, compassionate human friendship, and karmic ties that need to be delicately untangled – leaving us both free individuals who may choose to work together in the light of Christ.

‘So, let’s get to it.’ as Edgar is so fond of saying.

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