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Technology and Other Issues

Friday, July 29, 2016 – San Francisco, California

We are getting right down to work these days. We humans need answers to questions. But/and we must use our thinking to apprehend the answers.

So, W.W.* from the San Diego MUFON* chapter, wants to know about a bunch of things. When I put his questions to the team, they said,” First find out what he thinks about the issues and we will validate or refute what he thinks, and if necessary, give information he can apply in his own thought process. In his telling you what he has thought about, he will clarify his understanding, and insights will come to him. W. is a good man and a thinker – he has only applied it in the scientific paradigm and now needs to include the spiritual, supersensory knowledge of other dimensions and extraterrestrial beings. His thinking must expand. His process of thinking can be applied to spiritual realms.”

Then they went on to talk about some of the issues:

“As regards Crop Circles*, they gave a hint – the plant lives in the physical and etheric worlds. The etheric works down into the physical. In order to bend and not to break the stocks of grain, more etheric force must be exerted. Magnetism and electricity are etheric forces, as is plasma.”

“The meanings of the crop circles are another issue. What are the patterns expressing? What are the ratios and relationships to other forms of matter and other physical system sets, from stars and galaxies, to atoms and subatomic particles, to plasma flow, and everything in between?”

“If Will would like our participation, he may call on us. If he brings clarity and astute thinking up to us, we will work with him. Siridon* and especially Gregor*, said they would like to help. Gregor said, “Choose one crop circle to decipher, and I will assist. You must do the work, however. You must bring all your knowledge to bear on the one you choose to understand. Then as necessary, I will help. All your other questions: psychokinesis*, Chi* or qui*, and higher frequencies, will become clear to you as you think clearly and openly about them over time. They all relate. They are just different aspects of the same issue – the modus operandi of the etheric and astral forces* especially as they affect physical matter.”

“The issue of animal mutation is an aberration of the already messy agreements of the Greys*, lower vibratory Nordics*, and Draco Reptilians*, with the cabal* and military/industrial greed. It is also a diversionary tactic and smokescreen by the military/industrial consortium, to obscure the truth about the very negative results of their agreement. It was effective fear mongering and it falls into the Dulce, New Mexico*, category of extraterrestrial evil run amok. Release it and let it go. Evil, given carte blanche by ignorance, is not a good idea, and leads to these things and worse. This is one of the reasons that a careful, conscious, well-thought-out disclosure is necessary. Discernment and discriminating thought must be applied to this complex issue. Open minds, which clearly discern intent and motive, are needed at this time. If Will is willing to do the work in such manner; I, Gregor, Leonine from Sirius, am willing to work with him.”

“Oh, and by the way, the higher dimensional frequencies are in the millions of hertz, because they are in a different dimension and so have different parameters for measurement. It’s like moving from regular earthly time to light years – it’s an issue of magnitude. There is a formula for it which has not been translated yet – the numerical representation of dimensional shift – something else to work on.”

Monday, August 1, 2016 – San Francisco California – A Classic Edgar Rant

I went up to the team and asked, “Edgar, what’s new on the block?” He said, “Finish your G. D. Project and get up here to understand and help. It’s too much. There is so much going on. It needs to be told – you need to be here to write. Finish, already! Come back. We have work to do!! It is such that everyone is missing their cues and destiny appointments. People do not understand about working together, oneness, and unity. The time of the individual must move to individuals coming together in a unity of purpose. People must listen within for inner guidance. The inner work of transforming the shadow must be done so that the guidance is true, and it must be thought about. A clear view of what is needed in our times and what we need to do for a new earth and a good way of life for all, must be the concern of all. This transition is difficult but not impossible. Get to it! People! The thought police are not yet here. Think while you can.”

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 – San Francisco, California

There is a larger gathering in the New Jerusalem of extraterrestrials and their living contacts. It’s been growing for a long while, especially the last couple of months. The ET’s from all benign races that support the free will and positive evolution of all planets, are gathering to help earth and humanity make the transition.

There need to be enough humans awake and making changes within themselves, not to leave a hole in the hierarchies of vibratory rates. A hole would be filled by retarded beings of the rank of the angels who are under the sway of Ahriman*.

So we, Edgar, the team, and I, stepped into a small room down the hall. There is no need for any technology in higher realms. There is only the mind that creates its desires through energy patterns. Technology is for three dimensions – the physical material world – which is a phase or stage that consciousness goes through. It is good and helpful when technology is clean, and materialism does not replace the mental creativity or supplant spiritual abilities with technological ease and comfort. It is the duality and dichotomy of spirit versus science – matter versus consciousness. Earth and humanity are in the crucial place – the crossroads. Will enough of us rise into ever expanding mental and spiritual power, or will more of us remain physically bound to matter and depend on technology for progress? There are ET races far in advance of us on both sides of the scale. There is atomic energy, solar, and antigravity energy. There is intuition and human intelligence warmed by positive emotions of a compassionate heart versus artificial intelligence and a glut of data that may or may not be true in the larger sense of the word – true. Which way will the earth as a whole go? For a long time, we have been teetering on the brink.

I, Kienda, have a concern for humanity being pushed over into deeper materialism by inappropriate disclosure of the reality of Extraterrestrial visitors by the military/industrial complex and governments. They have made alliances with the negative, totally materialistic ET’s – the ones pushing technology. Star wars, CERN, atomic energy, GMOs, are all things that belittled human thinking, feeling, and willing, and open our planet to complete takeover. Through the negative forms of technology, we may be irreparably damaged and unable to continue our evolution.

Friday, August 5, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

This morning’s meditation was for a friend, from Reginald, a Tall White Nordic Extraterrestrial, but it applies to everyone at some point in their evolution. It describes a phase we all go through – falling into negativity. It seems to be a pattern in evolution throughout this quadrant of the galaxy. It is universal good advice.

“Say and intend clearly what you want. When it is clear, the means of accomplishing it will be within the formulation. Accept what you realize. Doubt is of the opposition and works against all you desire. When your desire is clear, so will your fulfillment come to you.”

“For every request, intent, and desire, there is fulfillment – good and bad. All can be fulfilled. Miracles can happen without effort, but then, they have been long in the works – the karmic works. The usual way is: slow and steady wins the race. The soul-developing way on Earth, at this time, is by a personal accomplishment due to meticulous training of the will, guided by a good open heart and mind.”

“What, exactly, do you really want? That is the first real question. Help? In what? For what? Why? We gladly send loving support and energy to you and protection from outside forces and such. Your ‘within’ is yours. Only Christ has a right to work with you there, as He is already within you. Your angel, and other human beings in the same evolutionary stream also can work with you deeply within, should you agree to receive.”

Then the phone rang and the meditation came to an abrupt end. Later in the afternoon I asked Reginald specifically if he could help my friend, and he said, “I, personally, can’t help him. It’s too close to my situation. We are working on a number of similar issues, as you know, Kienda. I, Reginald, do not have a mate. I, Reginald, dither in doubt. I, Reginald, hesitate to follow my bliss, as you say, which means I don’t give enough time and energy to myself to clearly perceive the destiny tasks right in front of my nose, which is a beautiful nose, I might add. (I say that as an example of likeness to your friend in his identification with the physical.)

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