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Inner Earth People from Telos in Mt. Shasta

September 28, 2016 – Mount Shasta, California

I am sitting at the foot of the snowy cap of Mount Shasta, down from the road in the shade, and many Beings are coming up to meet me. “So, the hollow earth theory?” I asked them. “Come with me,” one man said, “I am Sokatos.” The beings wore light blue and white robes that were knee length. They are not in physical form, but etheric and astral. Sokatos asked me what I know and think about the inner earth theories, so I thought about the growing earth, what I had heard from Corey Goode*, and what I had experienced in Shasta and other sacred mountains before. I thought about the time traveler story by HG Wells, the tales of the Titans and what Rudolf Steiner* has said about the inner earth. I expressed to Sokatos my conclusions, “I don’t know if the whole earth is hollow, but I do know that there are great caverns physically and that there are etheric spaces which are inhabited by highly evolved humans – the Ascended Masters* and the White Brotherhood* – as well as extraterrestrials who work in alignment with Christ* and the proper evolution of the earth and humankind. This I know from my own experiences over years.”

“Sokatos replied, “What you know is indeed fact. Telos, where I reside, is in the crust of the earth. It is at a deeper level than the etheric spaces for spiritual gatherings, but it is not in the interior of the earth. It is at the root of the mountain, accessible from the forested area, unlike your former meeting place near the top of the mountain.”

“We have often spoken with human beings throughout time. However, we have not impacted many and are not really working together very well – for many reasons.”

I asked, “Where did you come from?”

“We have been here for thousands of years.” He answered. “We left the Andromeda system when the Draco* Empire wars began in our cosmic neighborhood. A small fleet of ships set out to find a safe place. We happened upon the earth. She was young and mobile, lush and new. Her etheric* forces were intense and vitalizing. We have loved being here for a long time. The last 200 years, however, is another story. The etheric forces are sequestering within the earth to avoid damage by pollution and radiation. Hence the plants are struggling all over the globe. And without strong readily available etheric forces, animals and humans are suffering also. Unfortunately, most are in denial of the degradation of nature – mother earth – and are embracing a contracted, limited existence which is being reduced to technology as life. Almost no one we communicate with is immune to the global effects of disease – physical, etheric, astral, and mental. You, Kienda, did not walk here yourself. You brought pollution up here with you.”

“What shall humanity do to alleviate or mitigate the effects of our disharmony with mother earth and nature?” I asked.

“From what we see in the future, what is calling to the earth, is that the infrastructure is too vast and embedded in her body. It may be too far gone for human beings to change the whole disastrous construction. It will take the released forces of nature to swallow and digest the debris and rubble of the cultures now pocking earth like cankers.”

“A change of attitude is necessary and the taking on of tasks consciously. Now that seems impossible to most people who entertained the thought, for most just want to win the lottery and get to the top of the heap. I simply advise you to continue to evolve by whatever life brings to you. Stand tall, speak your version of the truth, do whatever you can do to make the world a better, cleaner, safer, happier, more beautiful place. Love and respect nature your physical origin and mother. Pretty simple in design, but the doing of all this calls for creativity, initiative, and perseverance. We in Telos, wish you well and continue to support the conscious awakening of humanity to the situation they and actually ‘we’ are all in.”

“The cultures and societies need new technology that will in time replace the anti-human, anti-life, oil, electric and computer, negative frequency technology that is destroying this planet. The human mind must be stimulated into the functioning of new brain and spiritual aspects. Everything your technology does for you, you should, and in time will, be able to do for yourselves. Now you are as a race, dumping obstacles in your own path of enlightenment. And you yourselves must realize this, and choose to change and choose to awaken to new possibilities.”

“We would gladly share technology with you and offer tips and hints for new thoughts, but not enough people come up this mountain who are open to this. We are here. We want to help, to offer, to give.”

I asked him, “Would you join the interstellar team? We are working together to awaken humanity.” He replied, “I will have to meet the team and they must approve, as will my people here, as well.” “You would only be joining as an individual, not as a representative of your race or group.” I interjected. “We are all only individuals on the team.”

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