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Bits and Pieces as We Adjust to New Time and Space

Tuesday morning, June 28, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Edgar greeted us, “Okay, time to get the mission statement clarified for Project: Awakening Humanity.”

We are an interstellar team of individuals, gathered together with humans, both living and dead, working for positive evolution on Earth, the Solar System, and this quadrant of the Galaxy.

1. Furnish information to help make better informed choices.

2. Offer processes and practices to facilitate inner experience for direct knowledge.

Information: Conceptual Matrix

The conceptual matrix is a mental construct by which all experiences on all levels – physical, etheric, astral, mental, and Ego/I find relational positions.

The methods of imparting knowledge are:

  1. Reading written material. We, on the team, will share in the mental realm offering insights, should the reader choose to reflect on the information, and live into the stories.

  2. Speaking and presentations. Kienda’s voice – as every voice does – produces effect in the etheric and astral bodies enhancing a resonance with inner truth and stimulating personal associations of destiny and karma.

Experiences: Meditation

  1. Individual meditative practices for inner mastery

  2. Group practices for energy enhancement and long-distance cosmic healing.

Thursday Morning, July 7, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Edgar greeted me in the New Jerusalem*. “Okay – let’s get this and let’s get this now – who we are – what we do – and why we are doing it.”

Arihimsa* right away chimed in, “We are a gang of fun – loving interstellar individuals and humans, both living and dead, who gathered together to explore and discuss the ramifications of the earth evolution in a cosmic context. And we are setting a new model and precedent for future communication among diverse interstellar beings, to cooperatively explore universal patterns of existence and their fruitful application to conscious evolution on earth.”

Edgar Mitchell’s goal in life was to understand the evolution of consciousness, and this interstellar team gathers to continue to inform humanity, so that intelligent, conscious choices can be made, and humanity fulfill its destiny to rise into higher realms of conscious awareness, creating a balanced, harmonious life on earth as a stepping stone to conscious inclusion in the galactic neighborhood and eventual participation in universal creation.

Friday Morning, July 8, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Edgar says, “Stay the course. It’s rocky now, but someone – everyone – must simply and calmly go about doing the right thing, which each person must know for themselves. The byline is: patience and perseverance. It is ‘slow and steady wins the race’ – yet meticulously honest and transparent, and taking care of details – just the usual.”

Saturday Morning, July 9, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ignacio awoke with the knowledge of the “Interstellar Civil Summit” in mind. At breakfast, I shot up the white light channel* and arrived at the New Jerusalem* and Edgar and the Team. Edgar wants to shake your hand, Ignacio. The Interstellar Civil Summit is a fabulous idea – individuals from all over this quadrant of the galaxy can come together – citizen diplomacy.

I asked Christ about the ICS, and He said, “I certainly hope that more humans can communicate about this, before hand, and have a good sized support group behind the few individuals that will actually participate.” We shall see. I will communicate, as best I can to that end, with the folk I am in contact with.

Sunday Morning, July 10, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Interstellar Civil Summit – What a fabulous concept, 2020 is the time.

Edgar said "Work without soul means very little. What is done by a human being is best ensouled with human attributes – love, kindness, care, respect, and genuine interest. These are the qualities that humanity can bring to the interstellar table. When like-humanly-minded individuals move out of themselves and into others empathetically, new energy is synergized and new sources are opened.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – San Francisco, California

I ended up doing healing work on my past during my meditation – forgiving, loving, and gratitude for all, and loving everything and everyone with pink roses.

Then moved on to the dead Dracos*whose bodies have been placed in glass coffins filled with roses have their spirit aspect sitting in meditation on the top of the coffin. They will be shipped soon to a planet in another star system were their bodies can be resolved more easily than earth since we are in a crisis emergency. We don’t need them here and now, nor do they need to be caught in our terrible tangle. They will be able to evolve positively to their next step in the place they will be sent to. Those who are doing this sending, from the higher realms, are waiting till they are all assembled or dead and will transport them all at once.

Thursday, July 28, 206 – San Francisco, California

This morning I went up to the team in the New Jerusalem*. The Warriors of the Rainbow Light *choose different ones at them to join the circle. The game of “telephone” is actually accurate in the higher planes. The original message is faithfully reproduced to the end. The whole million of the Warriors of the Rainbow Light can all tune in and receive an accurate debriefing from those who have chosen to participate each time. They are bonding in a beautiful way.

The words that humanity brings up into the spiritual world during sleep, feeds and resonates with values, which in the astral world are spiritual forces – the energetic signature of spiritual beings. Positive words validate the highly evolved beings and give them concepts and ideas to work on, elaborate, and empower. Materialistic thoughts and echoing speech from the day, are glommed onto by ahrimanic beings* of a sympathetically lower vibration, and give them more power and influence.

The positive spiritual beings augment the positive thoughts for the benefit of humanity. The negative beings utilize the lower vibrations for their own purposes and for ensnaring human souls into their agenda. They do not leave the lower vibrational humans free, but co-opt the people’s negative energies for themselves.

I am comforting Edgar about the Noetic’s fiasco. He sees that they are firmly committed to “scientific spiritual materialism” and are working in opposition to all he held dear in life and what he knows now.

Edgar is pulling himself back together. “So, what can we do about the content of thought? That is very important.” Edgar said to the team, when he had shaken his head and straightened up. “The thoughts that come up to the spiritual worlds at night, need to be based on spiritual values with the intention of creating – or really tweaking – the world into a good, humane, nurturing, balanced, positive, supportive, beautiful, planet.” When Edgar took a breath, everyone in the circle chimed in with their best wishes for a healthy, thriving earth and all that lives upon her. Arihimsa* sang; Shushilla* flew danced; the Reptilians* all stomped and clapped; the Leonine’s* leapt, danced, and bounded in joy.

It was another of our group endeavors that flooded the circle with so much love and joy and fun and exuberance and enthusiasm. It is what humanity needs to express also. We so much more need love, joy, and freedom of expression. The interstellar team is modeling this behaviour and setting up vibratory pathways that humans can follow – if they will. We sing with the music of the spheres and join the cosmic dance of life. It is wonderful.

Garth Majid* is turning like a dervish in the centre of the circle. He created a vortex and rose up into higher dimensions. When he came back down he is a beautiful, green-winged Dragon – smooth of scale and radiantly beautiful. He has his twinkly, kind eyes and the same wonderful all-embracing energy. Shushila is delighted. They can fly together now. She has been making flying excursions around the world and will be so happy for company. Perhaps I will fly with them too.

So in that very moment, I did. We flew over to the Middle East. I saw the indoctrination of a young boy to be a suicide bomber. He was promised as much food and candy as he wanted in the afterlife, and because he was hungry and weary and stunted already, he wanted to do it. We have a bag of roses from the spirit world and fluttered rose petals down upon the whole scene. Some of the young soldiers standing by were affected, moved to compassion for this little boy, and took him under their care. The bombing was going to be directed at a school. Now it is not going to happen. The child will live, and no one will die on his account. A couple of the soldiers will place the boy in a safe home and share food when they can. Some of them are beginning to see the fallacies of such a system.

These are the kinds of thoughts that would be helpful – thoughts of loving human support for everyone to fulfill their purpose in life, to express themselves in a good way, and care for others. If we stopped all the wars now, and make it possible for everyone to have a garden who wants one and will do the work, and stop exploiting earth’s resources, but only recycle and reuse; then this world would be able to support us all, and well. Thoughts by each individual about how they could best live in such a new world would help create the possibility and manifestation of a new era on Earth.

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