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Editing the Akashic Records

Sunday Morning, June 25, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have to work on myself. The world has the same imperative. Everyone must work on themselves. My feelings of empathy are fine if it is a source of support for clarity and transformation, however, if I just roll around in sympathy or antipathy that does no one any good.

When these thoughts and memories come up that are not mine but come from other’s stories or movies etc., I can take the time to drench the images in love and roses so that the actual participants in the image have new and lovingly powerful resources to heal themselves. I am not responsible for others. I am responsible for giving and sharing love and better ways, but I am not responsible for their acceptance or response or transformation. Then, it is for me to let the image or memory go, wrapped in love and roses.

For my family and friends, I can continue to pour love and roses to them for a long time – years even – and that is acceptable. I will write out everyone’s name and then do a sending periodically.

Intruding images from books or movies, I will wash away in a flood of love and roses. They can be resolved in their own time and etheric space. Perhaps the Elementals will assist in transforming my memories of movies, books, and imposed pictures from others and the media. Those memories are etheric imprints from media but they are not my living memories.

“Am I responsible for their redemption and transformation?” I ask the team. Arihimsa* said, “If you would transform the images, it would be a gift to everyone else who is captive to them also. You can simply take a few minutes when such intruding memories arise, and heal the issues the people are dealing with, then, cover the scene in love and roses. Call upon the angels of the people in the scene, and if they are fiction, that includes spiritual beings for helping them, and the angels of their authors. These are all under the guidance of the Elementals in the etheric world and Christ and higher beings who work for the positive transformation of life.”

That’s it. I am not responsible for the resolution of others’ lives. I can stop the movie, book plot, or images, when I am caught and obsessed by them, by filling the scenes with love and roses. Then move backward and continue with the love and roses until it is all filled and the places reached where a decision has been made that led to the difficult scenes. The people then have enough support to make a better choice themselves and can heal and transform themselves and their lives and live a better scenario in the future.

The old images then just crumbled to dust as they are no longer lived and ensouled. The Elementals take the etheric dust as compost for more roses. When there are no more sad stories that need resolution and transformation, and no more dust of crumbled mistakes, then we won’t need so many roses and we will be ready to move higher where only the attar of roses is used.

Now, I will impact the etheric world of memories in love and roses. Rugadump*, Ondene’*, Sylvie*, and Snap* all say, “Thank you, thank you. We have wanted something to ease the images of which you speak. We could not do it on our own. We are just the keepers of what is done and imprinted in our world. The love and roses have flowed through our worlds, but without intention, guidance, and a purpose and plan for application, it just moves through and is not used effectively. With your thought and understanding, Kienda, and with your intention, not only to heal, but to give strength and support to the participants in the images to make better choices; we, the Elementals*, the keepers of all memory and the Akashic Records* of all experience, can assist in the transformation of the images and edit the Akashic recordings appropriately.” So say the Elementals.

\s [endif]--Arihimsa added, “The Akasha of each planet can be cleansed, healed, and rewritten. It will need to be so transformed before the final ascension out of the physical world. Each entelechy is responsible for all their past lives. When the individual, re-incarnating Ego/I can take full responsibility to relive and rewrite all their past lives to the present, which will assure a positive and fruitful future, then, that Ego/I is ready to ascend into higher, creative realms.”![endif]--

“All in good time, dear present-day Humans. There is much to do on earth yet, before you are ready. This work of healing the past, and the lovely tools of love and roses, make this a powerful time, pregnant with impending glory.”

“I am so happy for you, people of Earth. Soon you will be freed from so much that weighs you down, and you will accomplish this breakthrough by your own work, which confers new abilities and powers in itself. And these new tools of love and roses, and focused thought and intention, are solar system wide, because ‘we all go together when we go.’ Solar systems are organs in the body of the Galaxy. We are all part of the great living web of existence.”

Sunday Morning, June 26, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ignacio*was brilliant this morning: “’Psychic space’ is inhabited by human thought and feelings, as well as Angels, ghosts, higher spiritual beings , and even Extraterrestrials, and UFOs.” My question then is – what are the dimensions and realms in those un-seen worlds? It is not just a homogenized whole – there are different areas or vibratory dimensions with different laws that apply to each one.

Etheric*: 5 very different levels.

Astral*: 7, 9, or 12 areas (basic colors) and all the many permutations.

Mental*: at least 2 opposing poles of every single concept.

Higher realms of the Ego/I*: unknown at this time.

“Thank you, Ignacio, for that brilliant insight.”

Monday morning, June 27, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Ah, Kienda, welcome. The love and roses is to bring everyone and everything to a still, quiet, serene place, where they can tune into their higher vibratory selves. So, safe and protected, enveloped in pink love and rose petals, all the people of the world are sitting in blissful meditation – listening to the music of the spheres, their higher selves, Christ, their peaceful angels, and mother Gaia.

That is what the Dracos* feared and hated. They stomped and thrashed, but are calming down now. If they have died in battle, as Corey Goode* and others have perceived, then their souls are here within Christ’s jurisdiction and he has a plan for them. Their etheric and astral bodies will be resolved here because they are here now; though the memories in their etheric bodies are somewhat differently constructed.

There are higher beings from the Galaxy who have come to earth to assist in stabilizing earth as she and all her inhabitants go through their changes. Christ’s second deed and ascension* has been a momentous and powerful time, and beings are flocking to help. Some of the higher beings are archangels who are not the time spirits now, but have come to assist

St. Michael* in keeping firmly his energetic forces on the earth. They have gathered and held the etheric, astral, and whatever state of the Ego/I the Dracos, Greys*, others ET’s, and Inner Earth beings*; state is. The souls have also been under quarantine and as they died, they are no longer allowed to expand into and through the etheric and astral bodies of the earth.

The physical bodies are dealt with by the Elementals*, who so appreciate the higher beings helping and guiding them in the correct disposal of the Dracos physical matter. Most of their physical bodies were ‘accreted’ here on earth after the time travel to get here, so most of the physical matter of their bodies is readily decomposed by the Elementals. However, the etheric residues of the Draco and Grey memories, intentions, and manipulations, must be expunged from the physical matter.

The gnomes are busy cleansing and reclaiming the molecules. The roses and love, the fifth ether, is isolating and purifying the etheric and astral components. The etheric, astral, Ego/I s are packed in rose petals and placed in glass coffins. The etheric bodies are contained within the glass coffins, and their astral bodies are seated in meditation in a sphere of rose petals. They are alone with themselves for the first time in eons.

Usually, when the Dracos conquer a planet, they destroy the spiritual functioning of the Star Regent* and obliterate the evolutionary processes that have been instituted for the fulfilling of karma and reincarnation. They did not succeed in doing this on earth. They are now, as the dead, subject to our earthly pattern of afterlife resolution. Christ has developed a plan for them and it is being supported by many higher beings of the second hierarchy*, as well is the third.

Many of the planets that have been conquered by the Dracos, no longer have an appropriate afterlife leading the indigenous souls on an upward evolution. There is the ‘black door*’ for everyone. Earth has withstood that fate, although there are many corrals and difficulties here as well.

Now the dead Draco souls experienced – each their own kamaloca – their life lived backwards from death to birth, experiencing what they did to others. Without the balance of the roses and love of Christ, it would have overcome the Draco souls and consciousness, since their lives have been unrelentingly violent and evil. The roses include the images and feeling of how it could have been, if the life was lived with kindness, love, and nurturing. They will have new experiences to choose from. In dying on planet earth, they have entered a spiritual world of free choice – although, usually the spiritual world is just a resolution of the old life – but in the case of extraterrestrials and hybrids who expire here, these are new experiences for them and they have wider and more choices than on their home planet.

There will be no bargaining for the souls of the dead Dracos and Greys, and other ET’s of their alliance. There is another planet that has evolved further than earth, that can take them in the coffins of roses. This planet can accommodate the Draco and Grey souls. They can join the upward spiral of positive evolution on their new home planet. They will all have déjà vu’s of warm, pink, nurturing as their basic inner state. They really did not want this to happen – but it has.

“What will happen to the captured alive ones?” I asked. When I returned to the team, Edgar said, “That is all good and fascinating, and true from what I see up here. This kamaloca business is serious stuff. Thanks, and see you all tomorrow. I’m sure members of the team have something to say about all this.”


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