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Spiritual State of Affairs: Human Politics, Inner Earth, and the Dracos

Saturday Morning, June 18, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Going up to the donut* to look back on earth, there seems to be a lot of activity in the ethers and lower astral. It feels thick. We can hardly see the surface of the earth. Perhaps it is smoke and volcanic ash, or something that has long lain dormant is awakening and moving. Are the Inner Earth* folk wanting to leave because some great change and earth movements are coming? Is the fact of Trump’s* involvement on the world stage a sign and message that humanity and the American people, the hope for the far distant future, are going down the tubes? It is of utmost importance that we stand strong and make it happen – the human revolution of the Bern*.

Then we went up to the New Jerusalem. Edgar and the team are waiting – I need to get back on the correct time track! Edgar is almost shouting, “Oh my God – there is an exodus. The rats are fleeing the sinking ship. The interlopers are abandoning earth. Those in Inner Earth have not helped earth’s evolution. They pretty much just hid out down there. It’s time for them to move and act, but the human scene is too volatile now, so they are walking away. They are obeying the decree of 2012 that they must leave. Humanity, in taking the next step of ascension into spiritual perception and awakening the faculty of spiritual imagination or clairvoyance, would be able to see them and relate to them in ways they are not happy about. By being able to perceive them and their motives, we humans would not appreciate their hindering, obstructive presence on our planet. They know this and realize that the time for their departure is nigh.

Of course, there are the reactionary forces that want to intervene and obfuscate any change. The ICC* (the ICC is the human/extraterrestrial component of the cabal*, which itself consists of hybrids possessed by ET overlords. They don’t want their cozy arrangement with extraterrestrial commerce and mega-big dealings in earth’s resources, location and human energy sources, to be disturbed.) The cabal and the ICC do not want them to leave.

Solar Warden* does not want them to leave either because they know that the powerful negative Inner Earth races will return with a vengeance in the future. They would like to destroy them now or keep them trapped underground and destroy them by starvation and isolation. Perhaps with things like a pole shift and crustal drift, their habitat will be completely destroyed.

The takeover of the etheric spaces in the sacred mountains was a move by the dark side of inner earth to come up closer to the surface and remove those spiritually evolved beings from observational proximity. They thought they were clearing the decks for their own purposes, but the movements have only cost them further difficulties – especially when earth changes occur.

The polarization of humanity could not be clearer now. There is no manipulating idealism, cloaking the doings of Trump. Hitler spoke to a defeated population and held up ideals of positivity, beauty, nobility, and Aryan perfection. Trump is talking to 21st-century privileged people about hate and separation, fear and anger. Hitler’s original appeal was a luciferic* ideal. Trump’s is an ahrimanic* call to hatred and isolation, enforced by violence. Humanity is separating and polarizing into two distinctly different groups. Bernie and Trump are the spokespersons in America.

Monday Morning, June 20, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

We still meet at 5:30 AM and the actual meeting takes place at 5:45AM, even if it is only to circle and send love and roses to earth, the galaxy, and the universe. It is a steady stream of rose petal love that flows down around the earth and out into the cosmos. I watched from the donut as the energy poured down to earth, swirled around and began to pulse outward all around, sending streams and ripples – two kinds of movements – out into space. The streams are reaching Galactic Center and bringing messages, and opening portals of love for positive energy to more easily come to earth.

When we arrived in the New Jerusalem*, the circle was in full power. Christ was above the centre of the circle and a huge portal was open in the centre with Earth squarely in the middle. Love was pouring down – pink, like roses. It was also spilling out into the whole solar system. Christ, as Solar Logos, is responsible for the evolution of all within his jurisdiction. The love created a threshold and protecting layer at the edge of the solar system. We have added to the protecting shield from the evolution-assisting Extraterrestrials. We have joined forces consciously with them.

All of the free human dead are standing in circle upon circle upon circle as far as I can see. The outer circles are entelechies* from the far distant past. This powerful new dispensation of love from Christ is moving into time as well as space. Love and healing are available to every aspect of the solar system now – near and far; past, present, and future. We, in the solar system, are ramping up for something significant. Above Christ are the hierarchies*, working together to increase and empower the light and love. It is magnificent.

The team has stayed true to our findings and our plan. I have been so busy doing the scribing that I haven’t been in sync with this. Now I am, and I am grateful, and will come again at 5:30 after my meditations and join this portal of love. Everyone in the outer circles, as well as the team, and all supporting beings, then send love consciously to everyone they personally know and love all over the galaxy, as well as to and from all the human dead – past and present. They send love and forgiveness to everyone they have ever been karmically connected to, both positive and difficult. There is such a healing going on and available to every human and all others in the solar system.

This is the real reason the dark, Reptilian Dracos* wanted to leave. They knew that they would be affected by this energy of love and transformation, and they don’t want to change. In fact, they have worked tirelessly for millennia not to move up, but to remain as they are and have been. However, this incredible influx of love and consciousness has overcome them. They are experiencing things they have avoided for way too long. They are being flooded with roses of love. It makes them uncomfortable and they can’t get away. Garth-Majid* is helping them to receive, accept and forgive themselves – but it is not easy, they have chosen the negative path for so long. They do not have free choice here. They are under the aegis of Christ and His energy is of love and karma. The Dracos and inner world races will be working off a lot of their karma here for a while, whatever plane they are on – dead or alive.

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