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New Friends and How to Heal

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – San Jacinto, California

We need to know – there is polarity in all realms – fallen Angels, archangels, archai – all the way up. More and more beings have mastered themselves, and polarized to the balance or positive side in the higher realms, although there are fewer and fewer of them in number in the higher realms.

Monday, June 6, 20 16 – Joshua Tree, California – Contact in the Desert

The following is inspired by Danny Sheehan’s* Workshop at Contact in the Desert, an annual conference on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. It is my point of view as to what is necessary to understand about extraterrestrial, UFO relationships with humanity and earth as preparation for the galactic diplomacy necessary when disclosure is accomplished,

“There are many different kinds of extraterrestrials already in contact with many different kinds of people and institutions. The ET’s and their groups, and the humans and their institution, all have different agendas, needs, and wants. I personally am in contact with many different races/individuals/organizations: Sirians*, two kinds of Reptilians*, Dragon*, hybrid*, hammer-headed*, shrimp-like*, octopus-like*, Grey*, Christ, Lucifer*, Michelina*, Christalina*, Regalis*, the Galactic Federation*, and Elementals* of five types. All of them are benevolent towards most humans, individually, and have strong sympathies and consideration for the difficulties due to the intervention and manipulation by other ETs and the cabal in cahoots with them.”

“We could actually have an understanding with the ET’s already in contact. Lots of communication and transparency and many personal agreements and understandings have already been established between extraterrestrials and individual human beings. A carefully considered body of work based on these experiences would be extremely helpful as a preliminary groundwork before attempting official contact. After the information has been gathered and correlated we would have better information and some basis for discernment and decisions as to who to contact and what to share.”

My suggestions led to an affirmation by Danny Sheehan and I accepted the job of gathering such information from at least two or three others that I have confidence in. We need information about the different races that individuals have had contact with, what their agenda is, what they’re evolutionary status is, and what would be advisable from their point of view as well as ours, in terms of contacts, discussions, and agreements.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 – Vista, California

Finally, I had a good and complete meditation after the days of ‘hotter than hell’ Joshua Tree and Contact in the Desert.

Ignacio* and I were meditating after Bill Tompkins* had to cancel our meeting because of a recurring virus. We both looked in to see how he was doing and what could be done. I asked Arihimsa if he could help in this. He said, “Humans are devilishly clever. So when they go bad, it can be very bad. Most humans are retrograde and easily manipulated. It is only a few who have gained consciousness over the millennia. Those few are the spear-head of both good/positive evolutionary advancement; and the negative dark side of either personal aggrandizement at the expense of all others, or the few who have malicious intent towards humanity itself.”

“The programs to subdue the earth now are mostly in human hands, since many – almost all – of the interlopers and manipulating ET’s have gone. There is, however, the implanted technology of inner guidance as well as the mind influence and domination that comes from afar. There is a vibratory shield around the earth and each of the planets, as well as the whole solar system. Only if the receptive channel is opened within the human here on earth, either consciously or unconsciously, can the information bear influence and be effective. Otherwise, if it gets through the shield, it bounces off most sleeping humans.”

“There are some who have been prepared, and of their own free choice in the beginning, to be modified and receive the etheric, astral, and mental portals and receptors for specific vibrations and energy. They are, as it were, hardwired into these individuals through esoteric technology. These are the implants that allow the extraterrestrials and dark side access to the human through the shields.”

“This problem of viruses and pandemic illnesses is created by humans under the influence of spiritual beings and extraterrestrials dedicated to the dark and destructive side. These humans must be confronted in human terms and through human agencies. All beings who are still on earth must be related to in human, earthly terms. Human morality must be returned to all doings, and those who for any reason are not willing to comply, must be encouraged by whatever means necessary for them to become aware, informed, and dedicated to action for their own and all human good.”

“It is time to act, to take to the streets and engage with one another. Do this before it is too late and there is a coupé and breakdown of society. Even though it is flawed and co-opted, twisted and perverted, society could be righted by clear perception, courageous action, and an overriding love for Earth and fellow humans.”

“Now, about Bill. The love of Christ satisfies every atoms deepest desire – to be moving, interrelating, dancing and singing its own song. It is Christ’s love in the astral world that redeems all etheric forces and the physical world below.”

I watched as a battle ensued between the virus/nanoparticles and the gnomes. I had done the Omega symbol* and gathered many prickly little balls out of Bill. The prickles and sharp appendages were loved and caressed to go inside and the balls became like a little tiny BBs. They simply slipped out of Bill’s muscles and fell to the floor around him. I asked Rugadump* to do whatever was necessary to reduce them further to their elements and etheric forces. Many gnomes came to render the BBs into their constituent elements. As the gnomes approached, some of the BBs put out their prickles and appendages and a few gnomes were stabbed and hurt. Then hundreds of thousands of gnomes came running with their little hammers and smashed the BB viruses to smithereens – smashed to atoms and etheric forces.

Christ poured thick pink love over the heap of shattered BBs. The desire of love is to fulfill the true desire of everything it touches. The atoms, when covered in love, began the dance of connection again into molecules with great joy. The etheric forces were freed to expand into Mother Gaia’s etheric body – to be nurtured by her and to be recycled into the flow of life.

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