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A Little Review and a Big Adjustment

Friday Morning, May 6, 2016 Marin Valley, California

Well, it was a great Bible study yesterday. I need to pursue the fact of spiritual beings inhabiting the physical and etheric bodies, while the Ego/I and astral bodies go into the realms of their origin during sleep. That is why saying prayers and remembering one's angel and Christ is a good idea before drifting off to sleep.

I did my meditations carefully, intentionally, and consciously and went up to the team sans Edgar. I think that moving up to the New Jerusalem* is a good idea, but there seem to be reasons to stay closer to the earth at this time. The inspiration is more loud and clear from closer to the earth. We are within the Lagrange point* and the atmosphere of the earth. We can see the whole earth but it is very large.

I just caught a glimpse of how we need to 'sculpt' in the astral world with the palpable substance of the new Golden astral love* from Christ's presence in the astral world. It has the consistency of snow but it is warm and golden, or like cotton candy, or something that can be shaped and packed like making snowballs. With it we can also create a new world and a new lifestyle and new astral technology. I am slathering it, the golden love, all over me. It's like nourishment for the body, soul, and spirit. It's like manna. It is Manas* - the transformed spirit self*, the higher octave of the astral body. Through Christ's being in the astral world, the spirit self can be realized and actuated. As Karin* said yesterday, "we can be drenched in the Holy Spirit” – the golden love forces of the twice risen Christ. Drenched in golden love, healed, nourished, fulfilled, protected, loved, and awash in the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Morning, May 8, 2016 – Mother's Day – Mohave Desert, California

So when I finished my meditations, I went up to the usual place where the team is waiting. I asked, "Where are we? What is this place? You know how Siridon* and I met and where we spent time before Edgar and the team came along. Ahh*, Bey*, and Tsey* were on the Galactic Federation ship*and up in the New Jerusalem* also. Shushilla* came from there and we have traveled together. We all spent time in Mount Shasta* for many years before moving up to the New Jerusalem. With the Caddy*, we traveled all over the etheric and astral bodies of earth and out to other star systems and into different time frames. (That is a brief history of our locations in time and space.)

Mount Shasta is in the ethereal body of the earth and the New Jerusalem is in the astral sphere of the moon. The doughnut_ is the viewing station in the Lagrange point between the two. Astral travel to other star systems and other times, past and future, can be readings or experiences from the Akashic Records* – one of the etheric planes – which is also a portal to other dimensions of time/space. We journey out beyond our solar system into other dimensions of other star systems in the galaxy, through the agency of higher spiritual beings.

I always felt I was in the company of such highly evolved beings on my journeys and explorations, though I was not sure exactly who they were. I trust my relationship to Christ as my security and safety in such situations. I used the tools of conscious awareness and the ability to perceive visually, auditorially, and kinesthetically/intuitively, and to formulate questions and cognize the responses in relation to each unique situation.”

“So where are we now?” I asked again. Siridon answered, “This is part of a military installation – lower than the Lagrange point and in the most tenuous upper layer of the atmosphere. Through information from the ET's – mostly the Greys* with whom the US military and secret programs have had most direct contact and exchange – they have learned how to cordon off areas and create specific environments similar to how the dark side of religions and organizations create what you, Kienda, have called corrals. I, Gregor* Arihimsa, and Garth-Majid*, we, who are Edgar's friends, have always met here. We are accepted by the humans that Edgar worked for and was involved with, although none of us are of the 'deal – cutting' variety. Some others of our races are in cahoots in a not good way – but we individuals who respect the evolutionary need for individual freedom are tolerated here because some of the humans also became aware of our benign presence and wanted to communicate.”

“We are not part of any military, government, corporate, or organizational agreements. We are simply here to offer assistance to awakening consciousness, when we are asked. Edgar was one of those. His epiphany alerted him to new expansive thoughts and feelings which led him eventually here to communication with us and others of like mind. At first this happened only in his sleeping journeys. Then more and more in his last years, we were all fully present with him. Then as you know since you joined the party since he died, we have all worked together for almost 3 months. Now he has moved up to the moon sphere to kamaloca*”

“I know that you have suggested that we meet in the New Jerusalem. For some of us that may be a stretch – the reason being: we are beings from other star systems not from the evolutionary pattern of earth. The energies of the ethereal worlds stream from the sun and from the heart of the Creator God at the center of the galaxy. They are the universal energies that bridge between the lower fields of matter and the higher dimensions of finer vibrations. By the time beings in any particular star system have left the physical realms behind, they have specialized and individualized beyond the universal potential of the etheric realms. In short, my astral body is differently constructed then yours Kienda, and so is Arihimsa's and Garth Majid's. We can and could adjust to Earth's astral forces, but we are more readily comfortable here in the ethers. Being so high, we are only delicately influenced by human forces and we are still in space sufficiently to receive universal etheric energy. We can be more effective from here.”

“There are a few individuals in the military who are aware of us, but not many. One can only perceive us here in this space if one is of a particularly high vibratory rate. Also, we have placed a cloak of invisibility around us in case any dark-siders, notice us, looking, either by accident or design. Now, they are all too busy scrambling because of the hundredth monkey wake up and the dominoes are falling faster and wider. The awakening is in full swing in the hearts and minds of humans. Soon it will reach the will and inspire deeds in a sufficient number to change the world. So we would prefer to remain here and send our inspiration from this place. You can come to us and then bring the information down into written and spoken form.”

“Those humans who have received our inspiration and have experienced meeting in the world's between sleeping and waking, like all humans do with their angels; when they hear you speak or read anything that contains the same information, they will have an 'aha' of recognition within themselves. So, we suggest continuing our morning meetings here at 6 AM. If you wish to check into the New Jerusalem before, after, or any other time; we are happy for you. The Christ and us have an understanding and agreement and are working in complete alignment and mutual support.”

“We, however, like the E.T. friends of Marshall V. Summers and the New Society*, are a small community of individuals. We are not representatives of our race or any organization, company, government, etc. In that regard we are just like you – loners and individuals, rebels and heretics. We live by cosmic law and honor that expression in any star system we enter. Time and space, and interwoven destinies have brought us together here and now. Let's get to it. Let's make the most of it. Finish up some of the writing and let's get talking. June is it."

Monday Morning, May 9, 2016 – San Jacinto, California

“So, friends," I addressed the team, "I will check in every morning but I want to finish the transcripts of the first phase and I can't seem to keep up with things yet. So I trust you are doing exactly what you need and want to do. I would like brief updates, but I will not necessarily be researching new things until I get caught up. I need these next three weeks off for that. I must find a place to work and do so wherever I am - as well as connect with people and take care of business."

“What say you?" I asked. The team answered together. "Definitely – it's understood. We work with many people and beings in many different realms and with varying abilities. Each individual must follow their own path and way and time. We support you in doing what you need to do, when and how you best can do that. We are always here for direct contact whenever you choose. The rest of the time we send energy and support for you doing just what you need to do. You can use the forces for increasing your own focus and concentration until they are entrained more perfectly to your will."

“Every human being needs that help now – after so long a time of the extreme duress you have all been under. Things are changing and will continue to change. You must persevere a while longer before the dark grip is released for a time. If you have persevered through the darkness, when the light comes, you can go further sooner and in clear consciousness. As you, Kienda, have gathered information and extrapolated wisdom from your experiences, you will be so much more effective in the future times."

“Now, get the information ready for those who want and need it. Work your little tail off and get it available. Many will be ready very shortly, when Lucifer* returns as the bearer of light and knowledge once again. He is on a learning expedition with Christ as they ply the galaxy, preparing new connections, and opening portals of communication and research in the higher worlds. People need to be prepared for what is coming of the good and of the light. So get to it, girl. We love you and support you. Remember to bathe each morning and night with Christ's substance of love, and drench everyone in the spiritual family as well as your living friends and family. It'll do you all good."

“Thanks. We, the team, are signing off for a few days. You get up and get going. Finish your job. See you soon.”

Tuesday Morning, May 10, 2016 – San Jacinto, California

Christalina*and Regalis* work in my etheric and astral bodies. Christalina, my original Guardian Angel*, is masculine in her etheric body and feminine in her astral body. Regalis has a feminine etheric, and a masculine astral body. We three make a balance in my etheric and astral bodies – working into the physical from above. My Ego/I receives the many effects and influences of my two angels and balances them as appropriate or uses the energies at will, both consciously and un. I am the sum of my angels. I was originally the polarity of Christalina. Now with Regalis, the opposite polarities have balanced the energies of my bodies and Shushilla is the final expression of a balanced astral body expressed as the spirit self, the harmonious higher octave of a spiritually functioning astral body. Shushilla is the first-born aspect of my Spirit Self. She is a balance and equanimity of both masculine and feminine in the astral world.

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