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Changes: In Venue, Format and Intention

Wednesday Morning, May 4, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

So it is different. I feel Edgar's presence like it was with Robbert*. We send love back and forth but there is distance between us. Edgar is watching from above. I did my meditations and when it came to the Caddy*, I was very careful and precise in balancing the rotations. I went up to the New Jerusalem* like I had done for years, but it is not time yet for the others to come. We need to finish up a few things here in the earth's etheric sphere before we are all ready to ascend up to the astral world. While I was up there for a short time, I looked in on the room where Lucifer's body* is lying in state and saw that the bridge of rainbow light from the 24 beings* is almost complete and the whole room is exceedingly bright.

Then I returned earthward and we all met where we have been for the last two months. Today I will describe the Caddy, then we will get extraterrestrial input and understanding, and then we will see what and how to get the necessary permissions for the extraterrestrials to ascend to the New Jerusalem or not and go from there.

I went back to where we were yesterday. I could see the curve of the horizon from very high up – somewhere in the upper altitudes of our atmosphere. We have been in a military or space-ship like enclosed etheric space, but as of yesterday, it has opened out to space and become boundless. From here I can see a sea of grayish human souls of the dead – some newly coming up and some coming down but not for reincarnation. They are coming from above to work at inspiring positive change on earth. I see them like one sees trees from an airplane – they are fluffy green blobs, though I know there are thousands of individual leaves on each tree. The souls of the dead are individuals who have joined together in teams or communities of like-mind and interest, who will inspire living humans with the same interests. This organizational pattern is becoming global and much more active. The possibility has existed in the past but it is only becoming activated now since living human beings have been prepared to more consciously receive by the second Pentecost*. Edgar is jumping in agreement. He will be able to continue with us and also "whip through his kamaloca*" at the same time. There is too much new information available which he did not have access to in life, but that effects so much of what he did and why, and he needs the information to better process his life. That can be done.

It seems we humans need to be conscious on all levels of our existence – in life and in death. Alrighty then, let's get to the Caddy. But we didn't. I got on the Dragon Speak* and did a test run which became a blessing. The following is the transcripts of the spontaneous Dragon Speak.

“This is a trial run. I am speaking directly into the microphone, not reading notes as previously. When doing this kind of scribing/scrying, I would like to see if this is going to work. I will be describing what I see in the spiritual worlds, including my questions for greater understanding. If long verbal dissertations are being presented I may have to go back to paper and pen. We shall just have to see how it goes.

I understand that I am using a tool of Ahriman* – this Toshiba. I am grateful to have the use of this technology. I choose to use it in the name of Christ. I choose to dedicate my work to the evolution of humanity and to the plan of Christ, our Solar Logos*. As a prayer for speaking, I say, quoting from The Act of Consecration of Man*, "Before my mouth the threshold be guarded. A wall hinder my error from streaming ‘round me. All evil be taken from my words and goodwill pour into them. So live thy words worthily upon my lips, oh, Christ, and borne by thy Spirit, reach unto those to whom it shall be proclaimed."

I also offer this prayer for today's work directly on the computer. In company with Rugadump the Gnome king*, Ondene’ the Undine*, Sylvie the Sylph*, and Snap the Salamander*, I dedicate this work to the benefit of all sentient beings. I ask the Elementals* to bless this work, that we may enjoy collaboration in creating blessings for the world. I ask my angels, Christalina* and Regalis*, Archangel Michael*, and all higher spiritual beings to bless this computer and to bless all that comes from it.

I respect and honour the ahrimanic beings that reside in the workings of this technological wonder, the computer, and ask their cooperation. What I write here is for your edification and enjoyment as well as for mine and those humans and others who will read what we here create. I offer you new experiences which I trust we will all enjoy and I intend sincerely to learn to master this technology and use it in the most positive, efficient, and effective way for all concerned and in the light of Christ.

I, Kienda, thank all beings involved in this process. May we be a multi-dimensional community that exemplifies the positive working together of beings in many realms. May Christ's light shine upon all we do.” So ended my spontaneous computer/technology prayer/blessing.

Wednesday Afternoon, May 4, 2016

We shall see how this works. We are gathering, the team and I. We miss Edgar a bit, it’s good to see what it is that we really want to do together. It has been a great learning experience for me, this following directions and scribing for the group. I definitely learned a new aspect of discipline, which I appreciate. So now, we will go forward and I will describe the Caddy*.

After all the careful preparations of triangulation*, the chakras*, and it could include the balancing prayer*, another sacred geometrical form is to be created. When I began this exercise it was with a simple interlacing of two 3- sided pyramids. It was indeed a very, very brief description.

Thursday Morning, May 5, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Today I slept late by design, because I went to the ballet last night with Rosie*. In the triangulation, already thoughts/memories were intruding. I asked Arihimsa* what I could do to help this which happens all the time. He said, "You did not set your intention at the beginning. Nothing here should be taken for granted. All possibilities exist and unless you have set a firm intention which creates thought patterns which entrain the etheric energies into regular, preconceived, and intended flow pattern; then anything can float through.”

“Even in a short meditative time, the individual, must decide, choose, and intend the flow of etheric forces in specific patterns. Different sections of the meditation require or deserve specific intentions and cohesive sustained thought. To begin with, say to yourself your intended behavior (I shall breathe three times and center in my heart.) (Triangulation – with my breath and thinking I am creating triangular forms through the chakras and uniting myself as the bridge between heaven and earth.) That thought process before each different part of your meditations is important. In the beginning, you can include: ‘I am impenetrable to extraneous thoughts, memories, feelings, or images; and remain constantly focused on accomplishing my intended goal.’ Try that, Kienda.”

I created my intention for the chakras. (I am opening and cleansing my chakras so the white light of Christ may enter and energize, clarify, and heal my vital physical, etheric, and astral centers.)

So I spoke the intentions and it was easier. The obstructing thoughts were sent off to the perimeter and the golden hands of my will* put them back into their natural places healed and resolved. I slept sitting up for an hour and then finished the meditation. I am better now.

I thanked Arihimsa, who said, "That's good. Do not wait for a miracle. Create a miracle yourself by doing. To be able to meditate is a miracle. To intend and do is a miracle. Make miracles in all aspects of your life. Intend in complete agreement with the cosmic laws and it will occur. You just must know the cosmic laws in each dimension. You must understand the forces and beings at work in the realms and create in concert with them. And what is your personal karma and destiny? What tasks need doing? Intending in clarity, perceiving destiny tasks, and observing what life brings to you, leads to the fulfillment of karmic duties and expanded freedom of choice.”

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