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Edgar, the So-Called-Dead, and Their Cosmic Overview

Tuesday Morning, May 3, 2016 Marin Valley, California

In the social time I asked Arihimsa* if we could work together to understand the extraterrestrial/human conundrum. He said, “Yes, later. Today is for Edgar.” I rose upward with him and saw that millions of the so-called-dead were circled around our little team.

Edgar stepped forward and began to speak, “Welcome everyone. We, who are assembled here and look at Earth from space where I had my epiphany, can all look down at the totality – the united totality of our beloved planet. Now, we who have spirit eyes to see can observe the beings in our mother's aura – both the good and the others. We can also see the many ships out here just beyond the atmosphere/aura that circle around her, and dock on the moon and in the Lagrange points* which are always changing and have their own orbits. Earth and her environs is a mighty busy place.”

“We, the human dead, here at this crucial time, must become active in the destiny tasks of earth. To a certain degree, individual karma has been suspended. The greater tasks of the collective human entity, the physical body of Christ, and the meaning of the dying earth’s existence, is now superseding individual tasks and personal work. It is time to move beyond the personal in full Ego/I consciousness and in full clarity of heart and mind, to take up the human collective, sub- and unconscious, and bring it to the light of Christed intelligence. We have stayed too long at the faire, dallied in our own little affairs, indulging our weaknesses and dulling our strengths. This is a true confession of my personal self as well. I also became complacent and resigned myself to the easiest way of passive acceptance, fooling myself into believing that everything would work out fine. I see from here that is not so and that we must all apply our wills to deeds and action on earth – thoughts, words, and consciously chosen activities of truth, strength, and power. Every action must be impelled by clear compassionate thought and intention, warmed by intelligently schooled and applied emotions, into actual time and space activities that impact not only the physical world for a moment or two, but are imbued with sustaining etheric forces directed and guided by intelligent, wise human beings.”

“All of us in the world of dead spirits, who I can see encircling our Mother, can come clear in our thoughts and feelings even here – especially here as we are in the company of angels and higher, and we have a larger and cosmic view of earth and all life upon her. We, the so-called dead, are the first vibrational step between heaven and earth and we have the ability to influence those on earth from this point. We are being asked to learn our lessons here quickly, yet to remain in these realms to assist those on earth in this evolutionary transformation. Christ in the astral world is shining more brilliantly on human kamaloca so that the lessons are learned and the wisdom gained more quickly than in the past. For those who have been conscious in life, much of the hard work – of perceiving one's poor choices and wrongdoings, making better, forgiving and being forgiven, and then going on in a more consciously balanced way, not repeating negative behaviors and instead taking it on oneself to clear and heal oneself actively and to fulfill one's destiny tasks in life – has already been done.

At this point in time, when the final call of awakening to cosmic realities is sounding, we, the dead, can assist those alive on earth in heeding the call. Any and all people we have connections with – whether personal or through similar interests, through name or any slender thread of conscious continuity – can and will feel our intentional support. The living must recognize the dead. The psychic discernment of the nature of supersensible beings is imperative. The acceptance of this fact is the first prerequisite. This is where adamant, materialistic science is at a disadvantage and loss. Technological proof or mere statistics mean nothing. Inner experiences and personal comprehension are the field and the proof – not external abstractions. It is the content, the message, the information, the extrapolated wisdom, the impulses for action; that are of value and really improve the world.

Now it is time for us, the dead, to work together to impact the living into a realistic, non-fear-based, productive awakening which will inspire compassionate activity within the human community. People need to feel secure in themselves. They need to know that they are not abandoned or alone. We are all part of greater humanity. We are not isolated motes living only insular lives. We are all part of the family of humankind – living and dead – and we need to know that and feel that. We are not separate and isolated. We are inextricably woven into the fabric of life – created existence – and we had better begin acting as such.”

“The human race is unique as all races are unique. We need to appreciate our unique capabilities and live them strongly and with integrity. Anything on earth that is not noble and true must be perceived and raised up. Human values are just that – values – valuable – noble, beautiful, true, and good. We can be these. We can live these ideals. We can help one another achieve these goals. We dead must send down inspiration to look beyond the immediate material appearances to the soul and spirit entities behind every aspect of existence. Let us work to create communication lines and links to the whole human family. Christ is the head of the family. When we are all connected in Christ, we will know and take the correct and needed action at the right time. When billions of us speak the same objective Christ-conscious truth, and raise our voices in the same objective Christ-conscious song, and walk, run, and dance to the same objective Christ-conscious beat; then we will ascend consciously, bring peace to earth, and create heaven there below. That's a tall order and a heavy task, but we are equal to it. Nothing is more important. It is the only valuable future worth living.”

“The further descent into war and chaos, pain, suffering, degradation, domination, control, and soul annihilation – although already long in process – is NOT an option. Soul death is possible, but NOT a viable choice. We are a needed rung in the vibratory ladder. We have a part to play in the cosmic drama. The forces of darkness would like to take our place on the Galactic stage but we cannot capitulate so easily. We must not sleep through our entrance and our scene. We must awaken and play our part.”

“Waking up to the cosmic component of existence, both macrocosmic and microcosmic, is the first order of business. Then comes sharing information and gathering in like-minded communities. Finally comes taking action to create a truly human lifestyle – sustainable, human scale, earth-friendly, in harmony with the laws of nature, remedial to our mistakes such as pesticides, plastic, GMOs, and garbage etc. We must utilize all aspects of ourselves: not only the physical, but our powerful etheric forces, purified astral forces and clear thinking in a wider spiritual way.”

“I, Edgar, could continue forever or until we humans unite on this little swirling marble hung in space, whichever comes first. But it is time to conclude and go. We, the dead, are forming up into teams. We must learn to work together here to impress and inspire there. Receive, oh humankind, the energy of love and support for becoming truly human on earth in spite of all opposition, intervention, domination, and control. We, the dead, send inspiration, love, and energy to be used by each and every living human being to the best of their abilities – heal, grow, evolve, rise, and we rise with you. Thank you all.”And Edgar bowed in all directions.

A cheer went up from all assembled. It rolled around the earth and rumbled into the souls of every living thing – mass awakening, mass uprising – it is taking place all over the globe. Edgar's eyes are blazing; he is on fire with apocalyptic zeal and love for humankind. We will make it!

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