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Edgar’s Manifesto and Goodbye to the First Phase of the Team’s Work

Sunday Morning, May 1, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Things are changing in the spiritual worlds. Edgar Mitchell who has remained close to earth in the etheric planes, after three months, a very long time for such a feat, has decided to move on. He will continue to relate and share, but not in the same way. He has other tasks with other beings and will inspire us below in life, through inner guidance. We will continue to work together as a team of the so-called-dead, Edgar included, myself, Kienda, the only living human in the party, and a few Extra-Terrestrials of five different races from five different star systems, an amalgam of my contacts and Edgar's. His agenda for human awakening is powerful – and doable, as he is so fond of saying.

The key is finding the balance between self-discipline and personally derived intentions; and openness and surrender to inspiration and guidance from higher spiritual beings whom we know and trust. It is the exercise of our free will to align with the cosmic community's goals and evolutionary thrust. It is the discovery of our part in life's drama and playing it well. This is where becoming truly ourselves and finding, refining, and expressing our clearest innermost desires is not only appropriate but absolutely necessary. Each of us have a role to fulfill, a mark to make, and contribution to the whole human show. By fulfilling our mission and actualizing our destiny, we each contribute to the collective consciousness and evolution of all humankind and the planet. We are all pieces of the universal puzzle – building blocks in the façade of earth existence. When we do our part, others who come after, can step up on our accomplishments, do better, and expand the view. Each of our parts and contributions is important so that the others that follow us have a firm steppingstone to the manifestation of their own destinies, and on and on, raising the bar higher and higher, preparing the collective human consciousness for our own re-incarnations. The accumulation of our courageously-lived lives expands the scope for the next generations – ourselves included.

The deeds of Edgar Mitchell have inspired generations of young people. Their view of the “possible” has expanded from the isolated world view and nationalistic thinking and feeling of past ages. Edgar played his part well. He lived a courageous life which uplifted many. What he has done and said and felt was shared with the whole world, making it a better place and a more sensitive, spiritually aware, compassionate family of humankind living in one global community.

Now he wants to expand those horizons from our planet to this quadrant of the galaxy. We are not the only inhabited planet in our cosmic neighbourhood. He came in contact with extra-terrestrials and is working with a few representatives now from beyond the threshold, between death and reincarnation. Just as we humans could only have a wholistic world view after Edgar shared his personal epiphany of seeing the whole Earth from space, and inspired us all; we now need a wholistic solar system and cosmic view of the interconnectedness of all creation – suns, planets, moons, stars, and more.

The gift Edgar gave was a tremendous expansion of reasonable human conceptual thought infused with noble, inclusive, harmonious emotions. Those attributes must now be applied to expanding our comprehension of life after death, learning to resonate and communicate with individuals on the other side, and working together with the so-called-dead in the higher dimensions which we share in feeling and thinking. The second application of these qualities of thought and emotion, is to the reality of interstellar communication with individual entities, cultures, and technological planetary societies far beyond our present abilities, but with whom we can intelligently relate.

With all of that as an introduction, Edgar Mitchell stepped forward and began to speak, “That is my hope and dream for humanity now – that we humans on planet Earth may become a force for good and unity in our quadrant of the galaxy. That is what is needed. Just as there are many diverse and warring factions still operating on earth, fuelled by opposing values, misguided negative inspiration, and agendas in flagrant disregard for human destiny and evolution, so too is the galaxy in similar conflict. Humanity must come together in sufficient numbers of compassionate individuals from both sides of life and death and 'clean up' the human act. Then we must ally ourselves with the positive evolutionary forces in our solar system and the galaxy. That is the long term trajectory across the universe. We are taking the first conscious steps now on the path into the future. Without information, knowledge, and a map, how can we know what is possible or where we want to go? Without wisdom how can we discern the best way? Without tools, skills, and disciplined abilities, how can we navigate and maneuver? Without an inner desire to align with the universal mind of creation, where can we find the motivation and will to persevere? How can we fulfill our destiny?”

“The keys to finding the answers are an open, nonjudgmental, yet discerning mind and a dispassionate, unconditionally loving heart – all steeped in commitment to the will of the Cosmic Christ, our Solar Logos and the divine archetype of humanity. So, my friends, let's get to it. Let's work together. Let us open our hearts and minds to expand reason and reality. I took a huge step for humanity on the moon, out into untrammeled, un-trod upon, external space. Now I encourage you to explore inner space – the supersensible dimensions of your being and home to higher spiritual entities; as well as being the resident vibratory realms of deceased humanity (for a time before reincarnation on a higher spiral of manifested existence); and a portal to cosmic realities. See you here, my friends. Thank you and love forever.”

Monday Morning, May 2, 2016 – My Birthday – Marin Valley

I am tired after the theater last night and wept in apology to Edgar. He said, “You are no worse than many, and better than most mediums who do this work. All is well.”

Today is my birthday and they, the team, are singing, 'Today is your birthday and you're going to have a good time.' All day yesterday and this morning also I feel energized. I have already received a great gift in that. The exposition of the chakras got my energy moving and I received a powerful boost. Edgar is the source of it. He is preparing to move up to higher realms to begin working on his kamaloca with other higher beings. We, the rest of the team, will continue to work and he will still join us – but things are changing. It is been three months since Edgar died and a very long time to stay so close to earth and so active in the the etheric worlds.

I asked, “Edgar my dear, what does this mean?” And he answered and now, I am weeping, again, ”I have given you my etheric forces. It is my birthday gift to you. The work we have done and will gladly continue in these higher realms MUST be manifest on earth. That takes a living person to gather forces, cooperation, and consent, and galvanized action. I pass the mantel on to you, Kienda. I know you and trust you now, infinitely human though you are.” (This last bit took place accompanied by the racket of the garbage trucks banging and grinding their way down the block.) Silence has returned – peace is again established. I have dried my tears. There is work to do. A lone mourning Dove calls and Christian* soothes my heart. Even here in the spiritual worlds there is change, death and rebirth, metamorphosis, transition and transformation, loss and gain. I have so much appreciated our times together.

Everyone in the team is gathering around me holding me and saying, “we will still work together, there is so much more to be accomplished. Edgar is not totally leaving us, he will continue to inspire from above now. He is ascending into the presence of Christ in the astral world. When we finish with the meditative practices and have the Caddy* up and running in the new edition which awaits, we will all meet in the New Jerusalem*. This has been an important time of etheric bonding so that you will have the forces necessary to fulfill your mission and the agenda of Edgar and this team. You may be able to skip this 'writing' step in the next phase of our work together and just speak.”

“Edgar's Interstellar Odyssey will begin with his past lives on earth and on other planets and his journeys through the stars after death and between lives*. He visited many other star systems during his journey to Galactic Centre – hence his qualifications to be an astronaut. Those stories will inform and inspire many people.”

Edgar spoke up, “so today, Kienda, Dragon Speak it on yesterday's manifesto. Finish up in a day or two the final meditations – the Caddy – and get the input from a extraterrestrial friends for greater understanding of its options and uses. As Christ is in you and Christ is in me – we are one in Christ and will be together in Him in all cycles of time to come. Do not grieve my leaving this plane. Rejoice in my ascension. I go toward the meaning of existence. You will follow in time. God is love. You know that. We are one in the substance of all created matter and all realms. We are one in love. We will be together soon in the New Jerusalem. Persevere. I love you. I will stand behind you. I've got your back, as they say. So, go strongly into the worlds. Speak truth. Set up introductory gambits. Don't plow into content too soon – it's overwhelming and impossible to do justice to it. Polish up a few gambits and toss them abroad. Remain your gracious self under all circumstances: rejection, ignorance, hostility, stupidity, adoration, blind acceptance, denial – none of it matters. Scatter the introductory gambits like seed in the field with a sweet smile and a graceful gesture. That is your part in the matter. I, and we on the other side will water with inspiration and encourage sprouting of the seeds of interest and inquiry. Let's hear it for the Noetics* being able to support the opening/beginning and supply the next steps – the chapters of the interstellar Odyssey as articles in the magazine, or YouTube videos of Kienda, you, my darling, reading the stories with expanded visuals added. Perhaps it is a blog with videos in some way to connect to many people and continue the download of spiritual information in a progressive way, leading to personal experiences and 'ahas.' So go get 'em, Tigress. Dry your tears, wipe your nose, and let's get to it. I love you and thank you. I didn't know how my hopes and dreams could possibly be realized after I died. And then, one day you were simply standing there watching. The rest is the history of the team and the foundation for future good. Thank you.”

“Oh, Edgar, I love you and am so grateful for all we have shared. I look forward to continuing and to the reality of peace on a unified earth in the best of all possible, intelligent, loving ways; and that Earth be nestled in the solar system and evolving into a star, a bright benign star in the loving, all-embracing galaxy.”

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