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Rudolf Steiner on Meditation

Friday Afternoon, April 29, 2016 – flying from Seattle to Oakland

“May we call upon Rudolf Steiner to describe the evolution of consciousness that is the basis of my verse?" I asked Edgar. "Why yes, that is absolutely appropriate," he said, looking around for Dr. Steiner, who stepped out from the second circle.” “Thank you Edgar,” he said, "I am honoured to be included. Let us hear her rendering of the verse ,now, before I continue." Dr. Steiner gestured to me and I stepped forward and recited my morning verse, including my invitation to all the beings in my spiritual family. "I always close my practices with this verse and then go on to explore and research questions and issues, or as now, meet up with the team."

"Thank you, Kienda," Dr. Steiner said, and I withdrew to the circle again. "In this verse the three faculties of the individual are brought into a working relationship; influencing, mediating, and balancing them. In the ancient past, each of the faculties of thinking, feeling, and willing were developed one at a time. Whole millennia were devoted to each one with a concommitment cultural tone and emphasis. At first it was the development of a certain degree of physical aptitude that was developed – the senses were refined, eye/hand coordination was increased, speed, skill with tools, and strength were honed. The will was seated firmly in the body, though mostly unconscious unless applied to a particular learned skill. Next, the feeling life was emphasized – at first through laws such as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

This session was rather abruptly ended due to landing at the Oakland airport.

Saturday Morning, April 30, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Each morning in meditation, when coming to the throat chakra*, I recite a part of the Act of Consecration of Man*: " Before my mouth the threshold be guarded. A wall hinder my error from streaming around me. All evil be taken from my words and goodwill pour into them. So live thy words worthily upon my lips, oh Christ, and borne by thy Spirit reach unto those to whom it shall be proclaimed." I am expressing the cosmic Christ's truth and wisdom to the best of my abilities and choose to dedicate my communications each day in this way. It is not simply a blanket approval of the infallibility of what I say – which fundamentally is not appropriate – but an alignment of my intention to share my thoughts and experiences with Christ's impulse for honesty, courage, and the good of humankind. I hear the cosmic sound current as the white light pours through the central channel.'

“So, let's focus in now please." said Edgar, since I have been rambling this morning. "Dr. Steiner was giving a little background to the verse. Shall we continue?” And Rudolf Steiner again stepped forward. "As stated yesterday, the various capacities developed naturally over time. It is been the task of each human being to master by perseverance, practice, and discipline, each of the three abilities of thinking, feeling, and willing, by dint of their own inner work. Many have received the necessary lessons and training through life itself. But/and life has changed. Forces, other than natural earthly energies and spiritual hierarchical beings working for the good of earth in human evolution, have come on planet and are seriously disrupting the flow. Through the influence of Ahriman, materialism has cannibalized the spirit. The clockwork cosmos is still for many – especially those who have wrested power and control from the natural, appropriate sources and people into their own claws/hands – the working model of the world and humanity. This is a perversion and in opposition to the natural, human-based values that are appropriate for earth existence at this time. The present dominating mindset is not humanly based but instead, denigrates true human values and supplants mechanistic, animalistic, and demonic values in their stead.

This verse by Kienda, as so many of mine were, is a call to higher spiritual beings and principles to be reinstated as the energy source and valu-determining-truths applied to human actions and life on earth. It is not appropriate to ignore the hierarchies of creation, or the discerning capacity necessary to choose correctly in a multidimensional, exceedingly complex world."

“At this time and in this space – 21st century Earth – the three inherent abilities of humanity must be further developed, integrated, and brought together as a harmoniously working single force – each facet aware and sensitive to the others, supportive of the thoughts and emotions that galvanize the appropriate and necessary actions in the manifest world, and as spiritual deeds in the supersensible, unseen worlds, as well. This cooperation among all three faculties and the integration of a cooperative, mutually supportive synergy among them all must be orchestrated consciously by the individual Ego/I – by Christ in me. Christ in you – and may he fill your spirit."

“Let us hear the verse one more time and apply these thoughts to it.”

Morning Balancing Verse – Kienda (Betrue) Valbracht

Oh, Christ, my Angel, Archangel Michael, (call in your guides and inspiring spiritual beings) and my Spiritual Family, (name your inspiring dead in the after-life.)

I ask for guidance, clarity and strength,

as today, I warm my thinking with heart's compassion,

as I inform my feeling with clear thinking;

And as I thus,

with living thinking and living feeling;

motivate, activate, integrate and engage my will

to initiate and do the good that is mine to do,

For the health of my body, soul, and spirit,

For the fulfillment of my mission,

For the unfoldment of my destiny;

For the evolution of humankind,

And for the highest good of all concerned.

In the name of Christ, so it is.

In the light of Christ, I am.

“It begins with inviting and petitioning all the spiritual beings and humans, friends and family. The last two lines are the perfect 'book ends' to the whole meditative extravaganza. It mirrors and balances the first two opening lines.” Dr. Steiner concluded, "Thank you all. Another aspect of the human task of this time has come to light. It is the conscious integration of thinking, feeling, and willing, into a whole, balanced and harmonious motivational force, and source of vitality for the correct activities to further human and planetary life through the present transition into the next golden age. This is what we in this team are working for. May we and our task be blessed by Christ." And Christ appeared in the centre of the circle radiating a gently penetrating warm light on us all and our intentions.

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