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Extra Terrestrial Comments on the Chakras

Wednesday Afternoon, April 27, 2016

"Hello, again. A brief look is all we get this afternoon." said Edgar. "Are there any additions etc. to Kienda's descriptions of the chakra exercise?"

Arihimsa* rose to speak. "This description is a lovely rendition of the energy enhancements of my people. We also use a similar visualization – which has become a permanently functioning capacity in our many dimensional bodies – to create portals between the different realms. As we evolve and the bodies or vehicles of interaction in the various planes, ascend up to – at first only in the meditative state, and then as a constant awareness of multiple realms simultaneously – energetic pathways are formed and then stabilized over time – until they are the new highways of energy movement, inner sensory perception, and finally creative application toward issues in lower vibratory fields for awakening, healing, health, and expanded creativity. When we had physical bodies, the expanded capacities became part of our physiology and anatomy until we finally had transformed every bit of matter to its higher next step and left the physical world behind us as the next evolutionary stage of the entities below us on the vibratory ladder."

“We continue with similar patterns of energy, movement, colour, and sound even now – long after having left physically manifested existence. The chakras as energy nodes of the conjunction of etheric and astral forces, is a rich field for exploration and practice. There are many keys to the Ministry of health and healing in the chakras. You, Kienda, would be wise to discover and use those keys."

Thursday Morning, April 28, 2016 – Seattle Washington

“So again we gather." welcomed Edgar. "Are there further comments on the chakras – the astral nodes? When I, Edgar, meditated in life, I adhered to the classic number seven. This is a whole new approach – to perceive and work with more qualities and capacities. Has anyone else had similar experiences?"

Garth Majid* rose ponderously and began to speak. “The functioning energy centres – the chakras – go through an evolution of their own. In the earliest of days of my race, which as you recall is one of the oldest races in the galaxy, we only had three functioning chakras one for each dimension of physical space. They were our senses for movement on the mere survival level. The environment was such that we needed sensory information to guide our movement away from danger and towards food and safety. The chakras were the inner compass of the external sensory organs. The other nine were only little buds of potential, awaiting the future.”

“At a later time, when our environment had settled into more solid ground but the atmosphere was still thick with warm fog and clouds, one of the upper chakras bloomed as a super-sensory preceptor of the upward forces of our suns. Then one of our suns cooled and went through an implosion, and our planet was plunged into a much lower temperature range. Most of the moisture precipitated out of the atmosphere and we developed eyes to see the newly revealed external world. There was a complete realignment of the functions of the chakras at that point in time. It took well over a few centuries for the changes to happen.”

“For us,at that time, the internal and external worlds were separated and our physical senses sharpened, stabilized, and hardened. The chakras tuned within, as the senses turned towards the outer world. The chakras became the inner organs of subtle super-sensible perception. They are the interface between the physical world and the higher spiritual realms which we also have as discrete individualized bodies – the etheric, the astral, the ego/I, and for some of us, the higher octave – the metamorphosed astral, etheric, and eventually, the physical. The pattern holds true across the galaxy. Over all the billions of years of my race’s existence, many levels of evolutionary proficiency have been gained.”

“Within the saurian race* are some of the most supremely evolved, and conversely, some have been locked in physical form and remained on the lower rungs of the vibratory ladder. Those of lower realms have developed fewer of the chakras or sometimes due to choice and behaviours, the chakras wither and atrophy. A wide range is possible.”

“I am happy to see a human being willing and able to consciously engage her chakras to greater functionality. If this idea and practice – individual creative interaction with the spiritual beings and forces behind the chakras themselves – could be fostered among more humans, it would be a factor in the transformation necessary for global change towards a healthy lifestyle for humans, the planet, and all living beings upon gracious but abused mother Gaia. This crux of time has come to many planets in this solar system and throughout the galaxy. Some have moved forward and ascended upward. Some have not. We are all here to help and encourage humanity in their kindness, consciousness, and responsibility. They can help themselves by turning within and developing vital conscious relationships through their chakra systems to the guidance of Christ and the higher hierarchies of spiritual realms.”

“Humanity will eventually take its place as an active co-creator in the solar system – hopefully soon and out of love, freedom, and compassionate empathy with all life. If not, the other alternative, along which path the human community has stumbled for a long time, is through a great deal of pain and suffering, death and destruction. The stakes are higher and the individual losses are greater along the way that has been chosen out of collective sins of omission.”

“Dear Humans, awaken and act. This is a time when noble death in the service of conscious evolution individually and collectively, is preferable to a life of ease, ignorance, and unconsciousness which is a slow slide to oblivion. 'Awake, awake, for mercies sake.'” And Garth Majid sang the last lines as I am often want to do, in his deep resonant voice.

Arihimsa raised his voice to sing along also and everyone in all three circles added their voices. I stood and listened and wept, unable to join though my throat vibrated sympathetically and my chakras trembled and glowed. "Thank you all." said Edgar in a hushed voice. “I saw the music rolling out around the earth, uplifting every soul. Thank you Garth Majid and everyone."

Friday Morning, April 29, 2016 – Seattle, Washington

“Since we are all assembled, let's begin," said Edgar this morning. "What with travelling, Kienda may not be with us this afternoon, so, let's get to it now. Is there anyone else who wishes to comment on the chakra system?"

Siridon* again chose to speak. "The chakras are the energy flows of the astral body. As the astral body* of each human being is transformed by inner spiritual consciousness and inner psychological work, it becomes the new higher octave body called the Spirit Self. This is one aspect of earth beginning to shine like a star in the cosmos. The astral energy flows are spherical or radiating from a concentrated centre point. As the radiance expands, it will often move in a torus* or revolving donut shape, or lemniscates– in at least three or more dimensions. There is often a cyclic rhythm involved, since the touch point of the astral body in the physical is the heart and lung with the breathing and steady heartbeat. Expansion and contraction, systole and diastole – the balanced rhythmic cycles enhance the astral forces in the human body to sensitivity and colours."

“The etheric energy* flows along the meridians* of the physical body. The movement is linear although it flows often in a rhythmic pulse. The lymph system is one touch point for the etheric energies. There are etheric aspects in the blood flow as well and the nerves also are influenced by etheric forces. All things linear with the task of carrying messages and physical material from one place to another are part of the etheric body."

“The thinking capacity is linked to the senses via the nervous system, which has a combination of linear and radiant aspects. The nerves are linear and the brain is the radiant centre from which thinking moves out into the cosmos of concepts and the higher octave of sense-free thought, into higher vibratory realms."

“The nadis* or ganglion along the spine, are the physical locations of the connecting points of all four systems of the human being – physical, etheric along the meridians, astral chakras, and Ego/I. The most important chakra for connecting the higher transformative capacities of the Ego/I to the other three vehicles, is at the altar major *– the usually unnamed and unacknowledged chakra at the base of the skull and connection point of the spinal cord to the brain itself. This transitional area – the medulla oblongata – the reptilian brain stem – has for millennia, been home base for in implanted luciferic impulse in each human being.”

“That is why Project Redemption Lucifer* was instituted – to clear the connections so that humanity could have a choice of how the energies of their bodies would function more harmoniously, and not be inhibited by a non-human force. Now humans have greater freedom of choice, though they are not yet able to utilize their new capacities due to an atrophy of their native ability over time. They are also hindered in creative expression by the control over almost all social and cultural institutions by the dark side of extraterrestrial domination and possession, as well as the usual garden varieties of human foibles and weaknesses.”

“The project was a success and the freedom of choice is becoming ever more clear on earth, as the people awaken and learn to exercise their free will. Now it is a matter of education of the populations of the whole world. Each individual must choose their own path – their values, their lifestyle, and the actions that will manifest their choices on earth. The time of passive unconscious acceptance of untenable, unsustainable circumstances is passing – long gone in fact – and the moment of seizing opportunities for the honest self-expression of true human values of love, cooperation, respect, and devotion are upon us all. This portion of the galaxy is ready to begin the movement up the vibratory ladder, yet another rung. All existence is stacked like dominoes – ready to trip into the next higher position. Humans have been the laggards – but due to cooperation on many levels, they are awakening and will soon galvanize into action."

“All that said, the chakras are able to function more smoothly and completely since the successful conclusion of Project: Redemption Lucifer. It is now incumbent on each individual to hone and refine the energy flows of all the bodies and increase the radiance and purity of the astral light of the chakras by dint of their own free choice to do in their work in harmony with all the spiritual beings and forces within themselves – the Elementals of the etheric body, the Angels of the astral body, and Christ consciousness in their spiritual mental body. The time is now to become conscious participants in human evolution and ascension. Awaken, dear humans, to your freedom and love, and learn to apply them to the survival, health, and beautification of your selves and your planet. Thank you." concluded Siridon.

Edgar expressed our thanks in return, to Siridon and suggested, "perhaps this is the place to add the verse Kienda speaks at the end of her morning meditations. It addresses all aspects of a person and puts them in a cooperative working relationship. Perhaps on the plane travelling, you can do that, Kienda. I am grateful that you are aware of the fact that time is of the essence now – worldwide and in our working together in this way. So we will press on this afternoon."

Morning Balancing Verse – Kienda (Betrue) Valbracht

Oh, Christ, my Angel, Archangel Michael, (call in your guides and inspiring spiritual beings) and my Spiritual Family, (name your inspiring dead in the after-life.)

I ask for guidance, clarity and strength,

as today, I warm my thinking with heart's compassion,

as I inform my feeling with clear thinking;

And as I thus,

with living thinking and living feeling;

motivate, activate, integrate and engage my will

to initiate and do the good that is mine to do,

For the health of my body, soul, and spirit,

For the fulfillment of my mission,

For the unfoldment of my destiny;

For the evolution of humankind,

And for the highest good of all concerned.

In the name of Christ, so it is.

In the light of Christ, I am.

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