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Edgar Meets His Dragon and Kienda’s Introduction to Meditation

Friday afternoon, April 22, 2016 – Seattle, Washington

Shushilla began as soon as we all entered. "Siridon* and the Redemption Lucifer Project* have taken a major step in the direction of emotional transformation possible for humankind. The lower reptilian agenda which had been anatomically grafted into the reptilian brain stem, the medulla oblongata and the adrenaline cycle, which created fear and aggression as the dominant responses to external sensory stimulus; has been superseded by the implantation of the dragon's egg, which must be incubated by each individual human being. Each individual must create the ambience and environment for either a positive, well loved outcome, or negative, unhappy pattern of responses. The reptilian influence can be transformed to the dragon of higher consciousness by the emotional state of the host. There will be a sympathetic vibratory bond between human and dragon consciousness.”

“Kienda and I have succeeded in this adventure consciously from the beginning. We work together in empathetic vibration. 95% of the population of Earth had been so gifted, until the takeover by the dark forces in the Galactic Federation* betrayal and rebellion. Many normal humans are incubating their Dragons* unconsciously but positively with the love and respect they show to other humans. It is not necessarily information or specific ways that this is to be done, but each human must observe and monitor their own emotional responses, to stimulate the positive growth and development of their own higher faculty of feeling response to the world. This is our contribution to emotional balance in humanity. The opportunity for transubstantiation that the Dragon's egg offers, is an atonement and mitigation of the primal reptilian intervention of the Fall. Many of our race have evolved far beyond that primitive and detrimental intervention. As this quadrant of the galaxy is all evolving together, we higher Reptilians, chose this deed to help humanity overcome the negative effects of long ago actions of our forebears, and facilitate the present step of evolution."

Edgar spoke up, "I don't believe I had that experience. I don't have a Dragon companion." "Oh, yes, you do." said a large blue and green dragon who stepped from the outer circle into the centre. "I am your Dragon, incubated in your conscious love of truth, freedom, equality, love, and beauty. The experiences of the earth and of the moon that you had, called me to you and bonded us before I was even planted or hatched in your medulla oblongata. My name is Winistra*, and there are precious few of us – earth and water combination Dragons – who come from cosmic heights to inspire and guide special people. Though you were not aware of me, I have been with you and energized your projects. It might be time to work consciously together." The magnificent Dragon winked at Edgar with a smile, “indeed – it might be time.”

“Yes," added Siridon, "it is absolutely time. Action is needed on all fronts. It is no longer acceptable, simply to be aware of the larger web of life and who the players are. It is time to act in many dimensions. This I know because of the Galactic Federation project*. It was a last chance, fifth quarter over-time, last ditch effort to equip humans for the needed changes. Mercifully, it is working. The crazy political arena has thrown diverse groups together and galvanized action among young and old alike. People are standing tall and speaking up, demanding the truth and disclosure of all the fetid secrets and shameful dark activities of those who have dominated and controlled the world at the expense of the masses of sleepy, ignorant, innocent people. More will come – much more needs to be done. The great awakening has begun. Kienda and Shushila need to work more consciously together now and model how it can best be done. And Edgar and Winestra will also synergize well together. On either side of the threshold, Dragons and humans can cooperate in like-minded community along with all the other angels, spiritual beings of the higher hierarchies, the Elementals, and the leaders and guides of humanity – all under the love of Christ – the Solar Logos.*"

“And by the way, Edgar and Winestra did not go through my project. Special people with unique experiences and circumstances were paired with highly evolved Dragons, and that happened in an elite vessel with Christ's supervision. There are those who lead their planets into the future in a good way, and Edgar is one of these. The clarity with which he elucidated the issue of consciousness, set the stage for its fulfillment. The discipline and refined, powerful will were forces that moved people and encouraged creative emulation in many. The beautiful courageous expression of his epiphany, inspired millions – opening hearts and minds to a new view of life on earth. Such people with such gift and such potential, need and deserve special tests, tasks, and guidance – which Edgar received. In response, he gave much to many.”

“Now it is time to buckle on the sword and shield, hoist up the boot straps, and get down and dirty on the fields of Earth once again – this time from a higher, wider perspective and with increased etheric energy and palpable astral love. By simply flooding Earth and all upon her with inspiration, courage, and love – the people can receive what they each need to go forward strongly and clearly in the right direction. These writings will inform and inspire those who want and can utilize them in the near future – to comprehend the larger picture."

“Thank you Siridon and Shushila." said Edgar. "I am humbled by your descriptions and will do my best to actualize your faith in me. I would like to recap today's work. Arihimsa began describing the imminent change in the astral body and gave a meditation to be practiced during life. Then Shushila and Siridon spoke of the harmonizing effect of Project Redemption Lucifer on the instinctive emotional reaction system in the human being. And I met my Dragon consciously for the first time. We need to work from the astral realm – humans and Dragons flooding the earth with clarity, love, courage, and inspiration. That, we can do."

“Right now, let us as a whole group, all three circles, spend the last few minutes doing just that – sending all good things to earth and to all upon her." So we did. We raised our left hands to the heights and directed the energy through the right hand to the centre of the circle and downward. A hole opened in the floor and I could see the earth far below in the velvet midnight blue, star-studded sky. A whirling vortex of multi-colored sparkling energy flowed around and down to earth. It focused on the four political front runners in America – Bernie was affirmed, Hillary shamed into goodness, Trump moderated toward truth, and Cruse infused with Christ's love. Everyone in America was drenched in the thought and feeling, "I deserve what is good and fair and so does everyone else as well."

Saturday Morning, April 23, 2016 – Seattle Washington

“Straggling in, but here. Thank you." Edgar greeted me. "So all right, let's get to the effects of meditation. Kienda, since you are the one doing it, and you are so far the only one maintaining contact and doing your darndest to be here and work with the information, perhaps you are the one to describe the effects of the meditation process in yourself. Others can add their two cents as appropriate. Oh, by the way, yesterday afternoon's energy flow was lovely, magnificent, and effective. I have been watching the progress and that definitely gave many people a positive yet realistic boost in attitude and openness. Thank you. We need to consciously close with, or perhaps include in the midst, such an outpouring to the earthly plane of love and power. So Kienda, will you please carry on with the effects of meditation. Thank you.”

Regalis* and Christalina* came to sit beside me as I spoke. I felt supported and happy to be able to share. “The foundation of the conditions of the various realms – physical, etheric, astral, and spirit /Ego/ I – has been well explained by many of the beings here both from earth and from other star systems. The human being consists of these four bodies – each of which develops in its own time and within the parameters of each specific realm. We reached a nadir of a major cycle of incarnation into the deepest penetration into individualized physicality almost 2000 years ago.”

“At the beginning of time, we left the unity of the higher dimensions and precipitated out of the spiritual worlds into physical manifestation, taking individual bits of the etheric and astral realms within us. These bits of etheric forces and astral energies were divided from their realm in the macrocosm and have been isolated and set to work within the microcosm of the individual physical bodies. Since all existence in whatever realm is sentient – the experience of being confined in a microcosmic physical body is an opportunity for that sentience to learn, expand, and evolve. And, we are all going together when we go."

“Almost 2000 years ago, having hit the bottom of our descent into matter and separation, with the aid of Christ – our Solar Logos – we began the upward climb to unity and to the ultimate return of each of our bodies to their original realms – wiser, more evolved, and transformed into their higher, refined, more powerful aspects. Each human’s bit of etheric, astral, and physical matter, is evolving. At death, the other bodies are released from the physical boundaries of our material form and return to the realms of their origin – bringing new experiences of cooperative living in the distilled essence of their shared adventures in the circumstances and events of the most current time."

“That is the mini-microcosmic path of evolution of the various bodies of the human being. Slowly, over the eons of time and the vastness of space, all created existence in every form and in every place in the universe, is going through some aspect of this cycle. The ultimate goal towards which all are headed, is the return to unity in total consciousness. This universe began at the big bang of mere potential of particles of atoms and unconditioned forces. The complexifying and densifying part of the cycle has been completed. We are now on the return phase of the cycle. But we will not return home as when we left. In the intervening time, we will have added and embellished matter and consciousness with myriad degrees of sentience and raised the vibratory level of everything we have touched on all levels of our human being. The same goes for the angels and the Elementals – for all beings of all hierarchies.”

“Okay, so that was another recapitulation of evolution from yet another perspective. With enough run-throughs of the infinitely many aspects of evolution, we humans can get an inkling of the magnitude and scope of Project Life and Evolution.”

“So now, to us in the 21st century, what in the heck does meditation have to do with all of this? Since we are at the point of cognizing the evolutionary scheme of existence, we are responsible for our part in the matter. Once something is comprehended, a bond is formed and reciprocity is established. This information has been known and available to a few initiated individuals throughout the past – the priests, priestesses, and shamen in each culture at the beginnings of each religion and spiritual cult, before they became degenerate and did not keep up with evolving human abilities.”

“These days, life itself is the initiating force, and these facts and concomitant concepts are available to every human being who has done the inner work of self and other forgiveness; remained open to new thoughts and feelings; and held a steady keel of balance and harmony within reasonably stable emotional and mental states, fostering a healthy physical environment, internally and externally. Meditation facilitates reasonably balanced and harmonious states in all of our bodies. And now in the 21st century there are new things to be added and challenges to be met.”

“It's time to close,” I said. "This is been so much easier to do, and I feel inspired and supported by all of you. Listening to each of you is fabulous, but I have a challenge in putting words to the visuals and other sensory experiences I have at the same time. Perhaps in the editing phase, I can do more justice to those passages as necessary and appropriate. I must say though, I appreciate the expressive freedom that comes with this way of working together. I am not saying anything most of you don't already know. And you have said little I was not already aware of. Am I the limiting factor here? Or perhaps there is really nothing new under the sun – just deeper understanding of the basics of accumulated perseverance and discipline to do something about what we know. That is another place where meditation comes into play. So next, I will get into what my meditations are and then how they work and what aspects they affect. The Elementals* will have things to add, as well as others." I concluded.

“Thank you, Kienda" Edgar said. "You are right in expressing your feelings about our process. In a way, we are all aspects of the collective being of our circle, as is true of any gathering organization. Since the humans, dead and alive, who are participating in this circle and also the extraterrestrials who have joined us, being respectful, honorable, and in accordance with the will of our Solar Logos; we are all devoted and dedicated to the Christ. He is our primary guiding being – assisted by Michael and others, whose allegiance to Him is impeccable. We are all conscious cells in the body of Christ, hence we understand one another and share a similar cosmic view that we have come to, each in our own ways, on our own individual life paths, whichever star system we come from. So we can work together in all ways. We are all involved in this interstellar Odyssey – and we will all return home to Galactic Center – not one will be lost. We are each the Odysseus of our own adventurous lives."

Edgar came to me and held my hand. "I trust you now, Kienda." He said. "I did not know you before, now I do. We are fellow sojourners on a unique path. Forgive me if I have been harsh. Let us go forward in mutual love." With my heart singing, I answered, “Yes, in mutual love!!”

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