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Gregor and Siridon Tell the Story of the Evolution of Sirius B

Monday Morning, April 18, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“So let's make our plan for a bit." said Edgar. "Kienda will be travelling and can read and correct past journals and augment as necessary. We shall continue as well. Does anyone have any comments or clarifications they would like to offer?"

Gregor* indicated he would like to speak. "First, there are the ubiquitous thanks to all for contributing to the interstellar scope of these gatherings. It is a great joy and perfectly wonderful model for other such meetings and collaborations. We are such a diverse group representing so many steps on the vibratory ladder. Arihimsa* is far above most of us. And of course there are variations within each race and star system. I am an elder of my race though my lifespan opens before me for centuries yet – earth time, that is. All times are variable, depending on conditions in the star system. I would like to offer my point of view as to what humanity needs at this time and in the near future.”

“As has been said before, this quadrant of the galaxy is in a time of major metamorphosis. All creation in this little corner of the cosmos is moving up from a critical mass of consciousness to the next functional step in their respective evolutions. There needs to be mastery of certain aspects in each stage. Since humans are still in mandatory physical form, and that is the lowest level of vibrations, humans must begin to understand the physical relationships to the other aspects – etheric, astral, and spiritual Ego/I. There are tools and experiences needed to do that – to master the physical world. The tools themselves are not physical, they are astral and etheric states of consciousness that result in equilibrium in emotion and the development of spiritual sense organs to perceive, balance, and activate the energies in the various subtle planes. We in this circle would like to help humanity achieve these goals, which in return will assist the whole solar system and all connected star systems to evolve.”

“On our planet, we have schools devoted to learning such skills and facilitating the process of evolution. On earth, life itself is the great awakener. But it is time, in the scheme of things, that humanity begin to take a hand in its own development. There are so many choices in this free will world and humanity must learn to choose wisely. The capacities of thinking, feeling, and willing into action, must be orchestrated by the individual’s consciousness in their own personal life.”

“Humanity needs relief from the intense, all pervading influence of the opposition to human evolution. It has become turgid on earth, gridlocked. The power elite are all possessed by minions and demons aligned with the coalition to possess earth, her resources, inhabitants, and future evolution. This cannot be accomplished because it would leave a broken or missing rung in the ladder of vibration. All creation must move along somewhat together and in harmony. Earth is lagging behind in the development of individual skills and abilities which are the basis for a rise in dimension. 'Oh humankind – awake, awake, for pity's sake.' Because of the nature of the opposition, the technology used to hinder consciousness and emotional states, is now damaging the etheric and physical bodies, as well. This awakening will not be easy.”

This morning’s session came to a close at this exciting point.

Tuesday Morning, April 19, 2016 – Seattle, Washington

“Good morning friends," Edgar began. "Well things in the world are heating up again. The unholy alliance between the dark side of the hierarchies and extraterrestrials who desire to dominate and control not only daily life, but the whole of evolution in the many star systems they conquer, is tightening the screws of control over the affairs of this planet. Through their manipulation of money, whereby they have bought and now possess all the means of production, the media, medicine, pharmaceuticals, education, and all forms of government – from the city to national venues – they are intensifying their manipulation. Blatant lies, bigotry, and hateful propaganda is on the rise. The total disregard for human values is off the chart, and duplicity, betrayal, theft, cheating, and actual war against humanity is accelerating. Earth's future is already bought, sold, and perverted."

“It is time not only to wake up, but the time for action has come! In the political arena, both parties have thrown up Mavericks. They are championing certain of the same values: i.e. individualism, the voice and will of the people, and such. They both decry the excesses of the twisted systems and the destructive, illegal, immoral, and anti-human agenda which is being forced on humanity now. It is time for action before the control becomes complete and the population is reduced and enslaved. That is the dark trajectory and would mean the end of human civilization and the imposition of laws and practices that would abort human evolution and make it impossible for us to take the next step up the vibratory ladder, leaving a hole in the hierarchies. We need to be taking that step NOW. Humanity needs to see into the unseen worlds behind manifested existence, and hear the music of the spheres to know what song to sing into future manifestation."

“I, Edgar, have seen this clearly from my new point of view. On earth, I lived on hope. Now, with the help of my friends and the team, I see many sides, and I see the workings of Christ in all things. It is only in the consciousness of the solar Logos that we are all one – other than that, we are individuals working on our own bits of matter and whatever parts of the spiritual worlds we can become conscious of.”

“So, does anyone have suggestions from their own experiences in their own race's and star system's evolution?" Siridon* and Gregor were deep in thought together. They easily and naturally could live into and experience one another's thoughts. Their race has developed to the point that they do not lose their identity – their individuality – when merging with others and sharing telepathically. It is only when the individual is truly secure in themselves that it is possible to safely mind-meld with others. A weaker sense of self that has not been healed and purified of personal wounds and the influence of the collective unconscious of the race, nation, tribe, and family is in danger of losing its centre and integrity of self to the possible manipulations of others.”

“That can be seen in humanity all the time," said Edgar. "The human race has been attacked and weakened, both by violence and the struggle to survive, and by comfort, ease, and luxury which has lulled the participants into a conscious somnambulance. It is true what Kienda has said, and paid for saying: 'people are asleep at the wheel of life.' Most folks are on automatic pilot, programmed by others of dubious morals with despicable goals. It is time, not only to awaken to this underlying, unseen, unheard, and unsuspected reality of the forces and spiritual beings manipulating the thinking, emotional responses, and instinctive reactions of humanity; but to realize the imperative for change. The unconscious path we are on will lead to destruction of our way of life, our planet, and ultimately ourselves, and hinder the evolutionary development of our solar system for a long, long time."

“Physical existence is best lived on the surface of healthy, thriving planets. Allowing ours to be plundered and trashed is not wise. Care and stewardship is of the utmost importance now. The extinction of so many species is fraying the web of life. We may just fall through the holes to a totally other condition of living – inside the earth or in enclosed environments of limited sensory stimulus and little variety of options.”

“So how was your evolution, Siridon and Gregor?”Edgar asked the pair of Leonines from Sirius. They responded, moving seamlessly between them. "It is a matter of expansion and contraction in balance, and within time frames. Each is valuable and appropriate. For example, let us consider the evolution of Sirius B which many know and Kienda has described in The Dragon Quintet*. The planet was simple and beautiful, expanding in variety and number, all forms of life – plant, animal, and human – by which we mean a conscious entity with mobility, dexterity, and physical, etheric, and astral bodies embedded within one another, with which to sense, perceive, and relate to an external environment. Almost all life forms in this quadrant of the galaxy are bipedal, upright, having two or more appendages for the manoeuvring and manipulation of matter, and at least five physical sense organs for the external environment and as many and more for the conscious apprehension of inner states and qualities.”

“So with that in mind as the basis of life in the beginning expansion phase, we on our planet loved life and enjoyed the beauty, varieties, and challenges of our thriving planet. When the conquering races came from beyond our trinary star system, they exploited and removed most of the mineral wealth of our world, killed off all the major species of animal life and poisoned the surface of our planet. The external world went into an excessive decline and contraction – almost to the extinction of all life on the surface of the planet. The rest is history written in the Akasha, and faithfully told in The Dragon Quintet."

“In the end of that phase of ultimate contraction, our planet opened the way for us to continue on, by cataclysms, which drove us into the liquid interior of the planet. No more did we see our suns, except for the few shafts of light which penetrated down into our caves and caverns.”

“It is time for us to close for now, but we will continue this afternoon." Then, Edgar in his usual gracious manner thanked them both and nodded to us. "Yes, this afternoon."

Tuesday Afternoon, April 19, 2016

I came late, but they understand and can adjust although I missed the social time and greeting. Siridon and Gregor continued, "We entered an extreme contraction time. Without the etheric forces of our suns working directly on our bodies, the interior of our planet accepted us and sustained us for a while – but in a way we were living a physical death. In time, the physical bodies resolved into their constituent elements with us still alive and conscious. In such manner, we ascended the physical confines and lived on in our etheric and astral bodies. We can mobilize physical matter if needed, however, it is rarely needed."

“When it comes to conscious actions and practices that furthered this evolution we have as a race gone through – it was the planet’s cataclysmic activity that impelled us into greater awareness, due to the widespread, nearly total destruction of all civilized societies. We were challenged to adjust. Many were unprepared and were quite miserable for a time – but in the end of that contraction phase, most of the race were open and aware of many ramifications and chose according. Now, we are on the surface or beneath according to choice and need or preference. Our challenge was similar as is the pattern of evolution in this quadrant of the galaxy.”

“In telling the tale, we see that there is nothing we can suggest or offer, except to be as true as possible to one's own destiny and goals, and to express those to any and all who will listen – especially like-minded and like-hearted people who might join together in times of challenge and difficulty. Thank you, and sorry we cannot be more helpful. Each individual, each race and nation, each planet has its own specific challenges and lessons to learn. We strongly support human beings in standing tall in their wisdom, speaking their truth, and letting go of attachments that will hinder inner and outer progress. From what we have seen so far, dispassionate, clear, logical information is necessary, and desperately needed.”

“The actual suppression of human intelligence has been very effective, and people are not informed, nor are many even interested in true spiritual knowledge. This team should give it the best in cosmic information, and influence and inspire its dissemination and spread. That is a worthy and doable goal. Earthlings must discover or create for themselves the practices which will impel enlightenment. A comprehensive understanding of the functional laws of the solar system is indispensable. In that, we all can help. Creative application must come from each individual entity out of their own free unique experiences of many lives. There are steps along the path that can only be taken one at a time by each person. It is the only way to get from here to there while still in physical form and limitation. It is a magnificent adventure, and those who pull themselves away from the many distractions and pressures of earthly life, will be well rewarded. Thank you and good luck." they said and sat back down.

“Great, thanks,” said Edgar in response to Siridon and Gregor's presentation,“we are on our own, we humans, with inspirational guidance and energetic support from other races and hierarchies. But each planet and each time is specific and needs the creative input of the physically living entities in response to the specific environmental influences. So human companions, we must get together on this, and humanly brainstorm our own salvation and evolution. We are under the love of Christ at all times and that is what we must work with. The information and shared wisdom and experiences are helpful to get an inkling of where we should be headed. How we get there is up to us." "We must get to it. There is still time – though it flies."

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