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The Elemental Tale Continues: Ondene’ the Water Undine, Sylvie the Air Sylph, and Snap the Fire Sal

Thursday Morning, April 14, 2016 – San Francisco, California

This morning when awakening at five, I brought the memory of my sleep work into waking consciousness. I was observing how the positive experiences and gains in consciousness – the inner work that we do, and the mere strivings to fulfill our good intentions, as well as our successes – are received almost as a palpable substance by our Angels and other spiritual beings. They are transmuted into stronger forces, more energy, and expanded capacities for the coming day and the future. Evolution is accomplished through a day-to-day process.

In my preliminary meditations, calling on my spiritual family, I asked Halo*, "Are you dead?" She said, "Yes mother, I am." I continued my meditations and then at the social time she and I got together to speak again. I asked her about the afterlife for the hybrids. She replied, "Because my standard issue Grey* soul, my nominal ego/I, has as its angel a formerly human entelechy who has chosen a hybrid incarnation to care for, I have joined a new stream. The afterlife is being created by Christ. I do not know what it is. Formerly, the Grey souls were simply recycled to the next cloned Grey, or were eaten by the devourers. The Grakow* are the rapacious vultures of the universe – the Eagles of the dark side – necessary, but dark.

In time when you, my loving mother, die, and may it be a long way off, I may travel with you, with Christ's approval, and of course yours, through your, kamaloca and learn more human lessons. When I reincarnate then, providing that my hybrid race can procreate, I will be a blessing to my budding race, my motley little crew, created for a menial destiny, not by the creator gods, but by lower vibratory beings with egotistical motives for their own benefit. Our creation was not a gift from the gods, but the ulterior motives of technologically advanced races lower on the vibratory ladder – Ahriman's pawns.”

“However, as we were created here in the solar system, we have Christ's protection and love, but it must express through normal human channels because we are an interim step between humans and Greys who mostly have no regard for Christ and the hierarchies of the solar system.”

“Anyway, I am beyond thoughts or words, happy to be here – to know you, my spiritual mother, and to be able to be with you in kamaloka down the line. Thank you, beloved mother." We hugged and rejoiced in our hearts together for a moment before the meeting began.

“Welcome back," Edgar said to us as we left our embrace and looked around the circle. "Time here, as I am learning, is flexible. “A few earth minutes there need not affect time here. That exchange between Halo and Kienda was of immense meaning and value. I would not change it one jot, which is an actual unit of time. Now let's move seamlessly and gracefully on. Thank you. What shall we do this morning? Where shall we go?"

Rudolf Steiner* and the Elementals* stood up. Rugadump* spoke. "I have brought my story to the time and place where interaction with my brothers and sisters of the other ethers comes in." Rudolf Steiner then said, "Perhaps we should hear from the others now, to understand creation from their points of view and how the etheric world shapes the physical, and how they interact. Then we can go on to the effects of certain meditative practices on them and the con-commitant effects in the physical material world." Everyone nodded in agreement.

Ondene’* floated forward. "I am water. I speak for all flow. The stability of brother Rugadump alone, would lead to inert, contracted matter, without the moving, changing, flexibility necessary for the expressions of life. His foundation is exalted, yet must be moderated. I and my sisters of water accomplish that. Water breaks down matter – the ocean crashing on rocks and shores, the ice cracking the rocks. We, my sisters and I, can be as huge as an ocean, or molecule wide, seep into infinitesimally tiny cracks and widen them – opening the heart of minerals and stones to light and air.”

“Water cleans and purifies. We scrub mother Earth's body with our seas, lakes, and rivers. We clean the air in the vapor cycle with spongy wet clouds. We loosen and free minerals from the stones and soil, that the plants may take them in and up and grow. Without water, the seeds do not sprout. Without water, plants wither and die. Without water, the blood dries in the vessels and life ceases. We, the Undines of water, move the immobile minerals of the physical world, making life possible. Because we penetrate into the secret recesses of all matter, and participate in all movement on earth, we hold the memory of all existence. The Akashic Chronicle* is written in liquid form. Every thought, every breath, every heart beat, is bathed in us – water. And we imprint and remember every moment of our existence. It flows seamlessly from experience to recorded image of all the senses. There are massive numbers of spiritual beings who process this stream of perfectly impressed images. The images are noted and archived by human lifetimes, cultural ages, dynasties, etc., and especially marked with cosmic post-its for deeds that effect all existence on earth – ice ages, cataclysms, the deeds of Christ the reigning solar Logos and Regent of this phase of physical earth evolution."

“And as we move, we sound. The music of the spheres is the sound of the interplay of atoms and molecules in the dance of life. We sing and we dance and the whole world sings and dances with us." said Ondene’, as she gracefully receded. Edgar thanked her and continued. "Till next time then, thank you all."

Thursday afternoon, April 14, 2016

“So, here we are again," and Edgar began the meeting. Sylvie* was eager to communicate. Rudolf Steiner and the five Elementals rose together and she began. "Ondene’ and her sisters begin the sound, but they are only vibrations until an ear responds and resonates, and then it becomes truly sound. It takes movement of waves or vibrations through the air, to stimulate the receptive ear. Of course, within the water element itself, there is a different quality of hearing. Air is a further and finer dispersion of the simple primary molecules of oxygen and hydrogen and a few other elements that are not subject to gravity in the same way as the compacted minerals are. That is our task – the task of the Sylphs* – to attenuate and disperse various elements which release aspects unavailable in the denser forms of matter.

And now movement increases and the dance intensifies. Not only are sound waves borne on the air, but thought is also. Thought forms which are from the realms above, first take shape in the air ether as patterns of flow and interaction. The art of Eurythmy* is a physical bodily expression of the etheric forms created in the air ether by the sounds uttered in the physical world, after being conceived in the higher astral and spiritual, mental worlds. We sylphs are always reaching up, we carry emotion over distances from one human to another. We live in the realm of telepathy – shared thought forms. There is a flow and progression through the three etheric planes. As the image of reflector, we sylphs, of the air element, received the template of the forms of life to become physically manifest. We craft the Christ received imprint into ourselves – creating the patterns, shapes, and colours etc. Then the image is passed down to the Undines of the vital etheric plane of water. Movement, function, and life are incorporated into the archetypical form. When the Undine's release the product of their work to the Gnomes, it becomes physically manifest in discrete individual forms."

“Depending on the evolutionary state of the individual entity, they are ensouled, or the resulting vehicle is taken possession of by different beings. The human entelechy (the reincarnating spark of God) follows the development of its individual vehicles from the higher realms of Christ down into incarnation. The animal’s group soul resides in the astral world and sends down individual aspects of itself, into life. The plant’s group souls reside in the fire ether and move down to the others to spark life in each seed. The descent of life and sentience into living physical form – thus it has been." And Sylvia diaphanously glided away, disappearing into the group.

Friday Morning, April 15, 2016 – San Francisco, California

“Thank you, Edgar, for allowing this time of perceiving and clarifying my friend’s suicide." I said. "It is important for me, my friend, and the Anthroposophical Society.*” Rudolf Steiner* spoke up. "Yes, thanks to the whole circle for your attentive listening and support for this process. This is a crucial piece of spiritual work we can do for those crossing the threshold in difficult and unusual circumstances. Shall we take a moment to send energy and love to our Friend and his family, the Christian Community* and the Anthroposophical Society, who are all profoundly affected by his deed."

We all cleared our minds and opened our hearts in silence and poured out supporting love to all, as Rudolf Steiner had suggested. I could see a calm acceptance of our friend's deed, and even the dreadful aftermath and results in the spiritual world. The people most impacted, experienced a resignation to the faithful karmic consequences of an irrevocable action. A song for peace pervaded many hearts and minds and finally sleep brought blessings to many.

“This is instructive in another way, also." said Rudolf Steiner. "Snap, the Fire Salamander* can speak to this issue." Snap jumped up and leapt forward. "The work of my tribe is to purify and transform through heat and fire." he began. "The cremation of our friend’s body and everyone's bodies at death, is a cleansing of the material constraints – a near-total release of all the toxins, germs, pathogens, and the metabolic residue of a lifetime in physical matter. It releases the complicated structural patterns of complex molecules into the most basic atomic configurations of carbon, ash, and water/steam. The transformation from complex associations of flesh and bone etc., to the simplest atoms; releases energy as heat and light. These etheric forces were formerly used to bind the mineral atoms into compounds and forms that carry life into mobile expression, and creates the appropriate vehicles for life. They are released as a gift to the world during cremation."

“The same process applies to burning wood, coal or gas. The reduction of the material structures releases etheric heat and light. I and my people accomplish this task. Within the living human being, we also function thusly in the metabolism of food. The complex structures of proteins, carbohydrates, etc. are broken down into molecules of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, etc. which are then used to build and repair the tissues of the body and combine again into complex molecules for that purpose. The process is an internal central heating system which is the source of human and animal's warm blood."

“Normally, after death the ethereal forces are withdrawn from the body and by three days for an elder and proportionately sooner for the young, all physiological processes have ceased and the body is cold. Normally the extracted etheric forces flow out into the earth's etheric body, and the astral body and ego/I move up the next step of the vibratory ladder into the astral world to resolve and dissolve the astral attachments to earthly life, in order to travel unburdened into higher dimensions.”

“In the case of suicides who have been placed on ice in the etheric world, the normal pattern does not apply. That is because the physical body was not prepared for death and its dissolution. Vestiges of the etheric body are trapped in the physical and cannot be resolved until the appointed end would have come. But then it is too late. The memories of the water and air elements will have faded and not be able to be spiritually, consciously resolved in the appropriate phase. This is a problem for the person’s next incarnation. The entelechy does not have a full deck with which to play the game of life next time round.”

“The experiences at the end of life have far-reaching spiritual ramifications. A certain amount of pain and suffering reduces the personality to essentials. Vanity, pride, arrogance, and other sins become known, and void – instead, compassion, forgiveness of self and others, filll the new interior spaces. The more one can resolve such personality defects, heal one's wounds, and find acceptance and peace while still alive, the easier the experiences on the other side. The fever – the heat and intensity of pain, suffering, and sorrow, is the catalytic agent of change. One should not so lightly refuse their gifts. Everything is a gift and an opportunity – even pain – even if it must be aggressively managed."

“I, snap, and my family of fire Elementals are the gatekeepers of the ultimate translation from one state to another – between the physical and etheric, and between the etheric and astral. We are the guardians of the thresholds. Those aspects of each individual that have not been understood, loved, and transformed; that remain unconscious, dark, spurned, and ignored, are the personal double or shadow*. Those aspects cannot journey out into the stars after death, but remain in the lowest astral realms of the moon sphere until the reincarnating individual returns and prepares for the final descent into the new incarnation – whereupon the shadow joins the party again. Better luck this lifetime in bringing one’s sub- and unconscious into the clear light of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, transformation, and integration as an ally and a gift – which is what it is. The shadow, in its unredeemed form, seems more a curse than a gift, but by personal persistence in the good, one’s habitual failings can be polished to mirror brilliance and transparent clarity. So, Humans, carry on to the end – the bitter end if necessary. Gather the pearls and gems in the mud of your unconscious. Don't be afraid of a little hard work to gain your birthright and destiny as a true divine human being."

Snap jumped back among the Elementals and Rudolf Steiner thanked him profusely. Edgar then thanked us all and said, "These immediate experiences are of inestimable value. We express our gratitude to life and destiny. Thank you, friends of all stripes.”

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