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An IONS Interlude with Michaelina

Sunday morning, April 10, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Snap, the Fire Salamander*, says to me, “Don't do too many hot – too hot baths – more tepid or just warm.” I realized that I can banish intruding thoughts and images by imagining a clear tone. I shall try singing out loud or humming also.

I went around the circle and greeted everyone before the meeting began. I asked if we could have a report from Michaelina* who was there as a delicate transparent/translucent presence. Edgar opened the meeting. "Welcome all. Yes, thank you, Kienda. Before we resume with Dr. Steiner, it would be good to hear from Michaelina." Turning to her he asked, "what was your reception by the Noetics*?”Michaelina replied, "As a preface, it must be understood that everyone on earth is terribly busy. Time is telescoping so everyone feels the pinch of time, as an under-current of ill-defined pressure. Also, they are mostly scientists and think largely in what Rudolph Steiner* described as etheric thinking, applying it to their lives and feelings, and most everything. Marilyn*is more open as she is going through her own awakening. But it does not come easily to expand beyond known comfortable boundaries of habitual thought. She welcomed me, unconscious of who I am, but willing to experience the love and support from you, Edgar, not yet really knowing and acknowledging the reality of the team."

“Dean*received my inspiration and immediately and meticulously categorized it within his framework of statistical information. He did not quite receive the content, just the fact of content, again, because this is the habitual pattern of his thought. The others received in like manner, each according to their ability to go beyond their carefully and intellectually conceived borders of possibility. My wish would be that they could receive the continuing journals of these meetings. It would help to open them to new ways, to be more receptive, and in time, to collaborate. That is one of the goals, though not specifically stated. I believe it is Edgar's secret heart's desire – secret even from himself – that the Institute of Noetic Sciences* would be the earthly ground crew for his work in these worlds, as it was in the beginning. He realizes (and forgive me for speaking for you, Edgar) that his view has expanded so wildly that it will be a stretch for living people to accept at least certain aspects of his new direction. However, Kienda, a living human, is able to remain conscious in these realms and function within this paradigm. The Noetics are intelligent, privileged people who should be able to expand this far also."

Michaelina continued, “I shall continue to anoint them with the balm of your love and your noble intentions, drenched in the blessings of Christ, the solar Logos*, Lord of Karma*. All karmic debts are being called in. The Noetics will come to understand and embrace working together and bringing new information, practices, and impulses into manifestation for the upliftment of many. The dissemination of this information will make possible the distillation of wisdom in the hearts of all who will receive it. What the world needs now is love and wisdom and the will to change – to live lives of love and wisdom in every moment."

“So, thank you, I have given my report and continue in my duties down on earth. The being like myself, who was embodied in the organization has grown old and sclerotic. He has been in constant wearying battle against the excessive ahrimanic influence to exclude any reference or even allusions to spiritual reality. He was unacknowledged and plainly ignored, overlooked, and unhappy. We are a good pair. We work together well now. Edgar, your inspiration will live in the Institute and its influence will become viable again. I, with Christ's blessing, go to see to that." And Michaelina smiled around the circle.

Edgar joyfully thanked her saying, "What can we do here to help you specifically in your task?" She answered, "Include me in your minds and hearts in these meetings and session, bringing me, my tasks, and the people and situations I am engaged in, consciously to mind which sends fresh vital energy to me and the earthly situation. It will saturate the spiritual environment and make it easier for the people to receive my presence, blessing, and inspiration. That is how we can work together and you can support me down there. Thank you." And she gradually disappeared, smiling and radiant.

Edgar himself was radiant and encouraged. “Thank you, Michaelina," he said as she disappeared. “So, Kienda, please make contact again with at least Marilyn and Dean. Nothing in particular yet, just a little touching in, and perhaps add Helena*. You have time now. All is well.”

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