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A Bunch of Interesting Bits and the Bed Rock of Altered States Put In Place

Saturday afternoon April 9 , 2016– Marin Valley, California

“Welcome back, all," said Edgar. "Social time for a few minutes and then Dr. Steiner* will continue with his exposition on the effects of human meditation."

I ran over to Siridon* to thank him for helping me get my shoes together. He said, "Oh, it was only my offer that has helped. You needed the support but/and you are doing it yourself. I can give feedback and offer opinions and suggestions when asked, but you are the one doing the discipline, doing the organizing, taking care of yourself, etc. I am just happy to be a part of it." “Thanks," I replied, “for whatever it is you are doing. I am grateful for all the help I can get. Is there anything I can do for you?” Siridon thought for a moment and then said, "Invite me to listen when you read. I am not aware of you all the time, but would come and listen when you read something you think I might like. I would appreciate being more informed about all aspects of the human condition – if that is not too much trouble."

“Oh, it's perfect. I will become aware and invite you and any others who might like to join as well. My reading is quite varied and you may go or stay at your will. And I would welcome comments, absolutely." "Great," Siridon rejoined, "We've got a plan." We shook hands then embraced then turned to the circle as Edgar was getting ready to speak. We held hands for a few minutes, Siridon and I, feeling one another's supporting energy. I don't know how my hand feels to him, but his has a strong pulsing purr that resonates in my whole body.

“Okay," said Edgar, "Let's get to it." Rudolph Steiner arose and began. "As you will recall, this morning I characterized the physical and etheric bodies. The sentient Ego/I is the beholder of these bodies and ultimately is their master and co-creator – or at least will be in the future. The stages of evolution of human consciousness are the history and future trajectory of the mastery – complete correct knowledge of, discipline of, and co-created activities – in successive rounds of incarnation; individual, planetary and cosmic. The different bodies have developed in sequence also, much like a macrocosmic replay of the stages of development that each individual child goes through to become a healthy, fully functioning adult.”

“There is one more aspect we have not addressed yet – the astral body between the etheric plane and the Ego/I/divine spark. The astral world is the realm of feelings and emotion, and the world of colours. The aura of each individual is the colour emanations of the mood and feelings of the astral body. The astral world is a swirling sea of changing colour which humans sculpt with their emotional states. The earth herself has an astral body most beautifully seen in the rainbow, and sunrise and sunset. Seen from the spiritual world, the layer of the astral realm that is closest to the earth is swarming in violent red and black anger and hatred, bilious green of greed, envy, and jealousy, as well as large swatches of pale fear and grey misery.”

“Since the second Pentecost* and the powerful new influx of Christ’s love and inspiration from the higher astral levels, the rosy glow of compassion is brightening, and here and there, a golden shaft of positive mental energy shoots heavenward. The colors in Gaia’s* aura are very diverse and seem to be polarizing. Like is gathering with like, which for the positive forces moving in the astral world, is beneficent and beautifully synergistic. In the dark and negative gatherings, there seems to be a fomenting and fermenting, as many black entities are attracted to such emotions."

“One last aspect must be considered – the mental. Thinking can be divided into two general categories – the first being the logical, sequential, every day, sense-based thinking. This is the list writing, fact collecting, weigh and measure thinking that has conquered the world, as humans are fond of saying. It depends upon duality for its organizing principle, and judgment is its last word. This thinking lives in the etheric body. The senses all feed their information (which can be weighed and measured and categorized) into the etheric body which begins the recognition process, as all memory is stored in the ethereal body. This is the nuts and bolts of thinking – the content of which is sense oriented.”

“Then, there is the higher aspect of thought, which has only been possible for humanity for a few hundred years – that is, conceptual thought. No longer is the content bound to the sense-perceptible, physical world. Guiding principles, relationships, extrapolated essence, cosmic meaning and future realities, are a few of the kinds of conceptual thought. This aspect of thinking is akin to the mind of God. This kind of thinking leads to the cosmic laws underpinning the physical universe. These thoughts are not about weight and measure – they are concerned with the laws of creation and are the thought expressions of highly evolved spiritual beings. With this as a background, we can now move to meditation itself, because various forms of meditation affect different aspects, different bodies of the meditator, and have different affects and results."

The rain outside began to fall more heavily – becoming loud on my roof. Edgar said, "Thank you Dr. Steiner. It is so clear and comprehensible now and an excellent basic understanding of the human being's constitution. I think this is a foundation for working effectively from these realms we all meet in, down onto the earth and inspiring living humankind. We will continue tomorrow as these concepts hold the keys to the successful accomplishment of our intentions, ideals, and goals, blessed by the Christ*."

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