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The Next Few Blog Entries are a Series on Meditation, Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition – Our

Saturday morning, April 9, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

In a fullness of gratitude, I grasped the hand of Rudolph Steiner*, kissed it, and pressed it to my third eye. He was moved and returned the gesture. We appreciate one another. Since it is the social time, everyone is watching and smiling. I feel the question coming from him, "How did you learn to do your meditations?" And I replied, "I was inspired over years." (And according to what I had agreed to do with Dietlind*, I searched for the spiritual being who had so inspired me.) It was Saint Michael*. When I stood in his place, I said, looking at myself sitting on my bed in the barn at Kinder Meadow* those many years ago, "Anyone who perseveres as you did – I will guide. See your heart. It is glowing with compassion in spite of and because of all you have experienced. You almost always made the best of life's situations. That gave me much to work with. So I, Michael, did. So we did. We worked together to develop these meditations." "Thank you, I am exceedingly grateful," I said, bowing my head. "So am I," replied the Archangel Michael.

“Okay – okay," said Edgar, "enough of these spiritual pleasantries of the past, on to the topics of the moment and future." His voice was kind as he turned to me and said, "That wonderful working together was for the future. I also am glad you two could work together and develop practices that led to your joining our party. It is a gift we would like to share with others – a new creative track for meditation that fulfils the needs of the times, and can evolve into the future. This is crucial, so let's get to it.”

“So let's go more deeply into this issue – meditation, imagination, inspiration, and intuition – their relationship to and communication with beings in the spiritual world." Rudolph Steiner stepped forward, "I thank this august assembly for the opportunity to speak. Fortunately, Kienda has some background in Anthroposophy*, and knows others who can help to understand this issue as well as her having the experiences. That said, the ancient wisdom must be recast in contemporary language to stimulate and trigger inner associations in the minds, hearts, and bodies of people now living in the 21st century – quite different from my time on earth." Rudolph Steiner continued, "The Ego/I, the individualized spark of self-aware consciousness, is the pivotal entelechy/entity/personal identity, of beings living at the human level of evolution on the ladder of vibratory rates, or the hierarchy of existential states. It is the first time that the individualized entity is self-aware and conscious of that fact – to varying degrees of incrementally increasing participation in the multiple layers of one's own being, and their relationship to the external/not-me worlds. Each human being has a discreet physical body. Each human entity has also a discreet etheric and astral body as well. The etheric forces that live within and permeate every organ, cell, molecule, and atom, are also connected to the all-permeating, all-embracing web of life – the cosmic ethers. Ether takes different forms in different environments. Ether on and from the sun is different than ether on earth which is different from etheric environments on all the other planets. Physical conditions affect the state of etheric forces and are home to a variety of etheric beings who express their existence through different kinds of forces which manifest as physical matter and its many forms and functions.”

“For example, plants are made of matter, the elements of the periodic table – the same as stones consist of. But they have something more. Some force or design called the inert elements into movement to create new cohesive patterns of living, moving, constantly changing relationships among the basic building blocks of earthly matter. Sprouting, growing, rising sap, increasing complexity of leaf shapes, development of bud, flower, and fruit – all are the results of etheric forces (spiritual beings – the Elementals of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth*) working into, penetrating totally into matter with life, vitality, movement, and a host of other subtle experiences. In the human being, these dimensions also express as the physical body – anatomy – and physiology – the divine complex activities that animate the mere substance of the physical body. Each of these levels, physical and etheric, is a specific range of frequency or vibration. The maximum and minimum are specific and define the limits of particular realm or dimensions.”

Dr. Steiner continued, “So far, in my description and the prelude to meditation, I have defined the physical dimension in which each human entity has a physically material body, and the body of etheric forces which creates the energy to support and animate all functions of a living human body. The consciousness of normal humans at this time does not extend down into the physical or etheric bodies. Varying branches of medical science have and are penetrating those mysteries. Allopathic medicine works with the physical material only, whereas homeopathy, acupuncture, and many other alternative modalities work with the ethereal forces as well." Rudolph Steiner smiled around the circle. "Well, friends, does this hold true on other planets?"

Edgar joined in, "Thank you Dr. Steiner. That was my question as well – does this pattern repeat throughout the galaxies?"

Arihimsa* again spoke. "From my viewpoint, as one whose race has ascended not only out of the physical, but etheric realms as well, I have seen this pattern on 99% of the millions of star systems I have observed over the eons. There are only a few which have veered from the appointed path of this universe. These few have not developed self-aware sentience, and in all probability, never will. It always was an aberration in physical manifestation which precluded the human stage of 3-D and self-consciousness. All the others are on varying steps of the vibrational ladder with individualized consciousness evolving upward through the dimensions, mastering each realm before ascending higher – always with the understanding – the caveat– that although there are some who do not ascend with their group, at the end of time, all will be embraced in unity. As our universe will ascend into undifferentiated matter and energy, and finally dissolve into unformed potential, which, after gestating in the universal pralaya (the sleep of unconsciousness and unformedness) will be taken up again by the next generation of creator Gods – those who have ascended through all stages of the last round of existence and are ready to create a new universe."

“Thank you, Arihimsa.” Edgar said. "That's a grand cosmic overview and a wonderful balance to our lowly state on the wheel of Dharma – the spiraling ladder of vibration."

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