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Humans Need to Understand Themselves and the Hows and Whys of Evil, Otherwise They are Just Pawns in

Friday afternoon, April 8, 2016

Edgar was on a roll from this morning still. “Let's just get to it this afternoon – Kienda's with it already. What do people need to know? What can we help put together by inspiring living folk to take on? What has been helpful for the other races and discarnate humans when they were alive? What did they wish to know? For me, I think that understanding extraterrestrial and human history would have been helpful earlier in my life. After my epiphany, it was clear that I experienced that under extraordinary circumstances. Most folks do not have such opportunities. Living with some of the cosmic truths about ancient aliens, would heal some of the schisms between logical thinking and intuitive feeling. Almost everyone has a disjunct in this area. In not having truths validated, it corrodes our ability to accurately discern. We need transparency in these matters."

We were all quiet for a while and then Siridon* spoke. “Humanity, like we did, needs to understand the how's and why's of the workings of the opposition to evolution. We were very naïve and gullible and found out the hard way that there are other games in full swing in the cosmos. It's a costume party and you can't tell by the color of their hats. One needs to know one's adversary in order to overcome him. So a break-down of who the players are on the dark side, what is their goal and vision, what realms do they exist in, and how can we not only protect ourselves and not be fools in the game, but in time, understand how to redeem them. “

Gregor*added, "If the dark side had information about the path of evolution throughout the galaxy, they, also, might make more informed choices. Now, most of the minions just follow orders. There is a little leeway about how pernicious they can be, but it's not much. They have almost no freedom at all. Humans also need to know where they came from and where they are headed in order to discern and choose wisely. What is the goal of true evolution? What is the ultimate goal of the dark side?”

Arihimsa* stood to speak. "If humans understood themselves and their various dimensions or vibratory levels of functioning, they would have keys to heal many illnesses and wounds, and bring balance back into the dimensions – both individual and collective. They would know how to create a future they could be happy in. Another positive result of knowing themselves deeply and intimately, is that they could hone their abilities and develop organs of perception for the various realms. They could become consciously active in the evolution of themselves, their race, their planet, and their solar system. That is where they are headed, as all 3-D sentient beings before and behind them in all star system have done, are doing, and will do. Earthlings are at that choice point now. Some are awakening to the gravity of their choices and some are still adamantly asleep. Some of those will awaken in time but others will not and remain trapped on a dark, dead earth when Gaia’s soul and the souls of all awakened humanity step up the ladder to leave the material world behind and exist like my race and many others – like the angels and higher hierarchies – in higher vibratory realms."

“Okay," interjected Edgar, "let's recap these need-to-know issues:"

  1. The rightful path of evolution

  2. Humans understanding themselves, their constitution etc.

  3. Extraterrestrial and human history

  4. The hows and whys of evil

"So, after putting this in order, the conceptual matrix will be a step clearer. There are subcategories in each. We shall continue later."

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